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What was that phrase that Wirral Council bandied about to absolve themselves of any responsibility when the much heralded Stella Shiu/ Peel Group  Wirral Waters International Trade Centre  sank without trace ?  – Ah! yes , they’d undertaken “due diligence” .

“That’s a first” trilled Her Ladyship.

Based on subsequent events we can only presume “due diligence” didn’t include Googling Shiu to get some useful background information!.

Consequently we’ve been asked whether we have any info about Wirral Council’s “preferred development partner” for the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort – Nicklaus Joint Venture Group Limited  – and exactly what is Jack Nicklaus’ role in the scheme.

From what we’ve discovered so far it seems to us that Nicklaus has licensed his name and Skyped a message over from the States praising  Hoylake’s famous micro-climate . Hoylake has a micro-climate – who knew? . Judging by this week’s weather we can only presume he means golf ball size hailstones in late April.


So we thought we’d  find out about the big hitters who Wirral Council are investing so much hope in and check out the Nicklaus Joint Venture Group Limited  (NJVG) at Companies House.

It was less than reassuring to see that the big hitters behind the venture have invested an underwhelming  £1,000 in the company. Of the 1000 shares -a mere 50 quids worth are owned by  Nicklaus Design LLC.

However this is an entirely sensible approach as potential investors obviously need reassuring that the not inconsiderable obstacles of planning and conservation regulations in general and those relating to the Green Belt in particular can be overcome.

At least the people behind NJVG seem to have a track record of undertaking such a project  when they set up the Pentre Nicklaus Village over a decade ago.

What is also apparent is that the Hoylake Golf Resort proposals seem to very much follow the pattern of  Pentre Nicklaus Village  project which incorporated a housing development alongside a golf course.

Indeed it seems that the only way of making the  Hoylake Golf Resort project viable is by building 150+ luxury homes on Green Belt land. With Wirral Council having already spent an estimated £275,000 on consultants trying to make this scheme stack up it would seem that they think this is a sacrifice worth making. This all begs the question as to whether the real aim (and moneyspinner) here is the housing development and whether the golf resort is the means of achieving that aim.


5 thoughts on “Big Hitters

  1. ‘What is also apparent that the Hoylake Golf Resort proposals seem to very much follow the pattern of Pentre Nicklaus Village ‘

    Except the Welsh housing development, to be fair, appears to have been built on a formerly derelict industrial area.

  2. G’day Lordsly

    Before you vote this week please consider.

    “Highbrow” and I as gullible civilians went to AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, “The Chamber Potty” , “The Pretend Friend” and missus bilong him “Nurse Rat” a disgrace to her vocation.

    Ask the people of Girtrell Court?

    As ordinary citizens we went to them because Wirral “Funny” Bizz had knocked off about £2,000,000.00 of YOUR money.

    Between them they conspired with senior officers, “The Shyster’s” ill legal department and 65 clowncillors, Stuart Kelly excluded, to continue to pay these criminals for eighteen months after the whistle blowing on 5 July 2011.



    Lordly why let half wits like Wirral “Funny” Bizz away to Portugal with the loot that AdderleyDadderleyDooLally thinks and says publicly it is not our money anyway.

    Not one of those people standing that has been there through this farce, Wirralgate, Lyndale and Girtrell Court should get your vote.

    Wish you were standing with John “Tarrantino” Brace My Lovely.

  3. They’re not going to get this one through lightly, believe me. If they think they can backdoor a luxury housing complex on falsely labelled ‘low grade’ agricultural land in one of the UK’s 14 areas (yes that’s only 14 folks) of Greenbelt, in the words of Chas & Dave, “you’ve got anuvver fing comin’, I’ll tell you that fer nuffin!”

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