Gross Is The Word

Strong Leader face

“If I pull this face do I look more like a strong leader?”

As the controversy over the candidacy of Wirral Councillor David  Burgess -Joyce to be Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner continues we understand that Council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies has now chimed in to raise “some important questions” with Jeff Green – leader of  Wirral Council’s Tory group.

There are indeed some important questions that need to be answered about Cllr B -J , not least whether indeed he was or was not sacked for gross misconduct when he worked for the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) ,  but it’s just that we’re not sure that Power Boy Pip is the right person to be asking them !.

In his letter Pip opens up with the truly astonishing line:

I am sure you will agree it’s essential for elected members to uphold the highest ethical standards.


This from a man who listened to the Wirralgate tape in July 2013 which exposed the misconduct of senior Labour councillors and stated ” I can’t defend that”  and yet has spent approaching nearly three years and untold amounts of council taxpayers money doing exactly that!!

Moreover we’ve also been given an insight into how allegations of misconduct are dealt with from a Labour insider :

“It’s prob worth noting that if I did as I was told over this case Labour would not of took it any further and I would not of been suspended. I was given an ultimatum and they were willing to brush over the accusation. I knew 100% I had done nothing so refused the offer with no hesitation.” 
Indeed the so called man with the “strong leader powers” seems averse to the notion of dealing with misconduct altogether. We need to remember he chaired the “disciplinary” hearing that allowed 2 senior social services managers to return to their posts with an unblemished record. Subsequent events showed that this was a grave error of judgement when the same two managers  were  heavily implicated in a series of damning reports exposing bullying, dishonesty , incompetence and financial mismanagement on an industrial scale . This is without the subsequent consideration of the circumstances of how exactly one of them managed to wangle their son a job at the council which was worthy of a gross misconduct charge on its own.
What’s worse ?-  being sacked for misconduct or rewarding people who should have been sacked for misconduct with a cheque for £100,000+ of public money?
Our advice to Power Boy Pip is if he wants to start asking questions about potential misconduct issues “in the interests of openness and transparency ” it’s always best to consider whether you have the moral authority to do so otherwise it looks like gross hypocrisy.


2 thoughts on “Gross Is The Word

  1. Ethical standards what a joke this coming from a council that installed former vote of no confidence council leader Foulksey as Mayor, paid of the sandwich of Adderley,Degg and Burgess,closed a highly valued children’s special needs school against the wishes of 10,000 + Wirral public,made half its staff redundant whilst cuddling up to its former colleagues in the private sector,Wirral gate, Martin Morton, Wirral biz,CCTV control room,Girtrell court respite,£40,000 rise for invisible chief exec,Liptrott job.

  2. G’day Lordly

    Looks like he’s just swallowed……………………

    Humble pie, or, the combined authority decision to get shot with his two or three golf courses at this time of “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” arseterity measures.

    Anybody who votes for a current incumbent will get exactly what they deserve….

    Crud, dross and cowardice.



    Wish you “Tarrantino” and Cardin were sitting L.

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