As You Were

As You Were

Now that we’ve had to time to reflect on yesterday’s local election our first comment has to be that with a 35% turnout the big winner on the night was voter apathy.

The ever deluded Wirral Council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies somehow sees the results as a “vote of confidence” and a “mandate” and we fear that we’ll be hearing these words quite regularly over the coming months along with “leadership” “pledges” and “moving forward”.

However taking our lead from Power Boy Pip (which is a first – it’s usually him belatedly responding to what we publish) we thought we’d adopt his Pollyanna approach and be illogically optimistic about Wirral’s political status quo.

Firstly – we note the return of Tories Ian “Hokey Cokey” Lewis  and Chris “Bulldog” Blakeley and Lib Dems Phil “Persistent” Gilchrist and Stuart “Give It Some Welly” Kelly who whatever your political outlook have historically seemed to be some of the few councillors willing to effectively challenge the Wirral Council cabal (including both officers and councillors). We think that now is the time for Tory leader Jeff “Who?” Green to decide whether he actually wants to mount some effective opposition or he’s just content to sit back and be “kindred” (©Cllr  Steve Foulkes ) and watch the allowances and expenses roll in.

Secondly – we noticed that building on their success in Birkenhead & Tranmere with the previous election of Pat Cleary the Green Party  came very close to toppling Labour veteran Jean Stapleton . Ironically it seems the UKIP vote may have saved her this time. So clearly the Greens are having some impact in Labour heartlands (which means the Greens must be giving Birkenhead MP Frankenfield the palpitations again!).

Thirdly  – we noticed a few more references to “Wirralgate” in the mainstream media in the election run up . How long before the whispers turn to screams and the truth will out and voters will finally find out exactly what kind of councillors they’ve voted for ?.

Fourthly  – we were most amused by the triumph of Labour’s teen sensation Warren Ward in the Bromborough ward mainly because he defeated into second place former Lib Dem/Labour/Independent/Whatever Steve “Catweazle” Niblock .

We dug out this pic from a couple of years ago when Niblock was a Labour councillor and Warren was a budding politician and we’re minded to recall the film “All About Eve”  where the ambitious understudy plots to oust the leading lady.

Niblock and Ward

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY  – Dear Warren , Don’t let them turn you into the picture on the left.

If the film is anything to go by Cllr  Ward is destined for high office , awards and accolades. Now all he has to do is decide whether he does it on his own terms or falls in with the corrupt cabal currently running the show. Fasten your seatbelt Warren it’s going to be a bumpy ride !.

Finally , and although only indirectly related to the local elections it seems that following our story about the unseemly public spat between “Sir” Philip Green and Birkenhead MP (and de facto Wirral Council leader) Frank Field that things have got even uglier – which is probably inevitable considering the protagonists. Frankenfield has continued his “prejudiced” public criticism about Green’s role in the collapse of BHS and  Green has now hit back and called for him to resign from the Work and Pensions Committee which is tasked with getting to the bottom of the business dealings which led to the demise of the high street store. Frankenfield has since called Green a “bully” (!) and appointed two of Green’s bitterest rivals to the House of Commons Committee because as we well know -for better ,though usually worse – that’s how  Frank rolls!

As for calls for resignations we feel that the only thing that would shake up the moribund local political scene on Wirral would be for Frankenfield to go . Until such time we fear it’s always going to be a case of as you were………………………


Same old

3 thoughts on “As You Were

  1. Great News Lordly

    As you were.

    All the villains of Wirral “Funny” Bizz abetting AdderleyDadderleyDooLally et al and the approximate £2,000,000.00 knock off of tax monies and asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac and whatever the vile shit about Wirralgate is are still in situ apart from the thicker than the chair Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee “Crapapple”.

    The ones that the £200,000.00 man “Eccles Cake Face” The Blinking CEO doesn’t sort out can stand down.

    “Crapapple” might even write to you Leaky and let you know how the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee DOESN’T work in the interest of the public.



    Luv ya Leaky more than the 30 odd percent of voters that could be arsed.


    I can’t wait to see the football hooligans on their golf course playing kill the trees with foot golf.

  2. The poor buggers in Seacombe on got 2 choices:

    Labour & Tory.

    So what if they wanted to make a protest vote about the Labour council playing at big-business corporate games with our council tax money? With the Tories the only alternative, it was hardly a call to rush to the polling station.

    According to the excellent John Brace, the Seacombe turnout was only 27%. I wonder what that figure might have been if there were more candidates to choose from, allowing people to make a more ‘ethical’ protest vote with?

  3. The leader treats these ‘elections’ in precisely the same way he treats his pet projects.

    i.e. the way a spin doctor would. Essentially, pluck a turd (35% ‘election’ turnout / 18% ‘What Really Matters’ response) roll it in glitter, then hold it up before the masses as your public endorsement for…

    •wielding the axe against the nearest respite centre

    •approving a spanking new housing development pretending to be a golf course down the road from your own gaff, where people live 12 years longer than the unlucky residents of the ward you misrepresent so tirelessly and effectively

    •granting another stonking payrise to the huddled form cowering beneath its desk in the refurbished Town Hall offices

    etc. etc. The Wirral’s your oyster when you can flourish a bogus mandate.

    p.s. The word ‘election’ inhabits quotes here because to omit them would be to wave through the preposterous impression that people who do turn out in good faith to vote will not have their ability to choose interfered with by others, allegedly well-practised at outrageous money grubbing, election expenses fiddling and vote rigging.

    I’m no ST, but those entrusted with power do pretend to be.

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