Blott’s Pension Pot

DoughtySmarmy Blott

As we exclusively revealed in February Wirral Council Super – Duper Director Joe Blott is about to escape. Most appropriately the article featured a ticking clock as we can only imagine that Blott must be counting the seconds until his exit as he knows all too well that the proverbial is about to hit the fan.

Poor Joe’s main role these past few years seemed to be the “council spokesperson” wheeled out to defend the indefensible by successive Chief Executives  – most recently elective mute Stressed Eric Robinson.

So after a highly lucrative career in local government  we asked ourselves what might Joe’s next move be ?. Entirely selfless voluntary work in one of the many foodbanks on Wirral ? – which oddly enough is also the obesity capital of Britain – no , we don’t know how that works either!.

Just teasing !  , of course  not ! –  apparently Joe will be topping up his pension pot and forging a new career in property development!. Like you do. Not only that he will be working closely with Wirral Council’s Chair of the Pensions Committee – Paul “Dance Away” Doughty!.  A Committee on which Joe Blott was coincidentally an Officer of the Fund!.

Click to access rna1415.pdf

Now we think it’s to be commended that councillors and council officers have a good working relationship. But I’m sure we’re all agreed that there should be boundaries and that it doesn’t compromise Wirral Council or Merseyside Pension Fund business. One needs only to recall Matron McLaughlin’s rather desperate and misguided devotion to disgraced former Social Services director Kevin Miller and the trouble that that caused!. We also worry about Executive Policy Officer / Crypto Chief Executive  Martin Liptrotsky’s influence over Council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies.

However we’re sure that all the necessary declarations will be made when this new business venture goes ahead – especially if Blott and Doughty are intending to work on building up the property portfolio on behalf of the Merseyside Pension Fund in the future.

Finally – an invitation  to the annual Leaky Towers Garden Party for the first person to send us a copy of Joe Blott’s Rivergate Ltd business card.



17 thoughts on “Blott’s Pension Pot

  1. Hideous. I’m not reading it. But won’t be surprised if the bulk of pension fund dosh is invested in fags, fossil fuels, fracking and forest felling firms.

  2. Adderley,Kenny and now Blott all the main protagonists in the CCTV control room staff redundancies sham.
    All paid handsomely too walk without any explanation sums up this morally corrupt council.

  3. G’day Leaksville

    I presume you saw “Highbrow’s” email yesterday showing that the lies just continue up the line beyond Wirral when they are caught out.

    But why?

    Why are they still doing it Leaks at an even higher level everybody knows Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off about £2,000,000.00 and they now show another investigator to be either a liar or just throw him under a bus.

    I hope he kicks up a stink and gets a massive pay off his credibility and profession has been irreversibly tarnished. Or, is he just a liar?



    I just feel so sad for their families who must know their highly paid scum bag parents have no decency.

    Just for money, God bless these kids.

    C’mon Ecca is there no GOOD in wirral clowncil you are certainly not showing any?


    Wirral “Funny” Bizz

    Clean them up.


    • When Audit Surcharge was removed from the Audit Act in 2000 as a remedy against Council Abuse of Power, where it had existed for generations, this was a very sad day for Democracy, and Accountability of those trusted with vast public funds
      The Fraud Act 2006 is another matter, but the Police Authorities are often so Politically Biased, or indeed so often allegedly corrupt, that they often fail to do what they are supposed to do.
      This is a fact.
      Wirral clearly is a good example of this Abuse of Power
      This legal description should be called the Offence of Corruption and Misuse of Public Office
      This has a Criminal Legal Remedy
      It is recommended that a Class Action Private Criminal Prosecution should be considered
      This avoids any need to ask the Police to Act, thus taking out the Politics
      This is what Richard Branson did in the ZINGA Case, and it is recommended that this course of action might be considered
      It has the added bonus for the Plaintiffs of their holding Locus Standi
      and therefore would be the recipients of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, rather than the Police
      Branson in ZINGA, actually employed the Metropolitan Police to gather the evidence for his Court Action

      • So, would a similar course of action against WMBC involve?

        a.) the need for Branson type finance to invoke a private prosecution
        b.) the co-operation of an outside police force to avoid political bias/corruption

        If so, I guess WMBC are pretty safe from this threat.

  4. G’day Lordly

    It seems to me that “Eccles Cake Face”, “Spotty Dog”, The Blinking CEO, Ecca is telling the scum bags and fools that are “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”, “Ankles”, “Sir Git”, “Lewgweak” “The Pretend Friend”, his missus bilong him “Nurse Rat” and of course Phil’s Ugly twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” to keep a low profile and hide under their desks like he, the £200,000.00 man does.

    Don’t come out at any cost kids they might remember Wirral “Funny” Bizz and Wirralgate.

    Don’t argue stay under your desks while I sort out what I was suppose to be doing for the extra dosh at the dodgy election.



    Thanks for the photo of Clowncillor “Crispy Creme Doughnut” the scumiest of scum bags that got rid of Stuart Kelly HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Oh no you didn’t.

    Luv Stuart being back and you of course Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Has Fartin Lobsterpot been sacked or is he past Uncle Joe’s use by date?

  5. I think it depends on the individuals level of failure during their employment i.e., the worse you perform, the more honour you receive. Being made Mayor of Wirral followed by a post on the Merseytravel committee immediately springs to mind for some reason. Ho-hum…call me cynical!

  6. Oh how I wish we could turn the clock back to the year zero and begin again. No longer driven by the mindless, pointless, meaningless communicative words that get tripped out and tipped upon our heads by these operationally lightweight, incompetent bungling idiots who’s grasp upon reality is questionable and who believe that filling our ears with nonsensical bollocks can hide the reality that it’s all buggered up, we’d be able to halt the slide to ruination, cull the ‘suits’, assure the staff at the bottom of the food chain, ‘your minds are now liberated from the bollocks, your service to us the public begins again’.
    Free of the tics that burrow, bite and chew upon the fat of our wretched bodies and our fiscally fucked and knackered predicament that’s seen the notion that them serving us is tipped upon its head and now sees us serving them, these so called great, the good, the holier than thou crud that have infested every single tier of public service would no longer be. Having turned the clock back to zero, we could begin again.
    For a starters, we’d search high and low and in between if we had to and employ ‘the man who knew how to do everything’ . Having found this clever twat who still remembered the days before outsourcing began, he’d be tasked to go about employing folk who’d be suitable for the role to deliver us our services directly without some asset stripping stinker jumping into the pie and gorging themselves on a vast pile of public money that’s become so easy to nibble and take from.
    We’d have a vast building full of local people employed to do this, that and the other and this huge ‘hanger’ would contain all the tools and equipment they’d need to do the job. Then, once we’d taken this radical but ever so sane approach to the delivery of our public services, the new model Council workforce would begin.
    For example, I’d phone up the one and only number in the bastard directory that says, ‘The Council’, and I wouldn’t have to listen to Handels bloody Halleluzah Chorus from the Messiah for twenty minutes of my life. The phone would be answered straight away, they’d say, ‘hello. This is the bloody Council’, and I’d say, ‘ can I speak to the man who fills in the potholes’ and they’d say, ‘you certainly can. Potholes are the very thing we’ve been tasked to fill in’. And I’d tell them where the hole was, how deep the bastard hole had become and then they’d say, ‘thank you for telling us. Now fuck off and let us get the hole filled in’.
    I could easily phone them up and say, ‘can I speak to the man who waters the hanging baskets’, and they’d say, ‘do you mean to tell us the Marigolds are wilting in this broad mid afternoon sunlight. For Gods sake, tell us where and we’ll water the bloody plants.’
    And as for the sewers being blocked, the response would be much the same. They’d say, ‘we will pass the message onto him. If we could stand the stench of his presence he’d be here with us but because he’s covered in human shit for most of the day we choose to keep him holed up in an outbuilding hundreds of yards away from the rest of us.’
    That’s the way forward. Outsourcing has reached its inevitable and natural conclusion and it’s time to cull the beast of burden, the bloody Council, and have and employ a more straightforward and sustainable model of public service delivery thats got nothing to do with those that currently hold power over us and the money we provide that fuels this bureaucratic monstrous juggernaut that’s fully laden with shit, emerging thoughts, passion, partners, robust tripe and unquenchable dreams of transformation and all manner of drivel that currently throws a cloak over all things commonly called public service.

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