Perfidious Albion

Perfidious Albion

Attaquons dans ses eaux la perfide Albion.

(Let us attack perfidious Albion in her waters.)

Yes ! believe it or not – the BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods case rumbles on and this is entirely due to the persistence of those who believe in public accountability as opposed to those who just want to fund their holiday homes in sunny climes without having to deal with any “unpleasantness”.

The latest development sees  the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) join in the game – and it is a game and a dirty one at that .

After reading the email below sent to us by indomitable whistleblower Nigel ” Highbrow” Hobro one was led to exclaim :

” What the hell is up with these people”

” Which people do you mean dear? ”  replied Her Ladyship

” Oh those bloody people crawling all over England’s institutions  masquerading as public servants and who claim to be ‘passionate’ about openness and transparency and yet seem to control every public body in the land  by bullying , controlling  ,self serving , power abusing and lying.”

“Oh those  people .Well yes , quite…’s the DODO principle ” sniffed Her Ladyship

” I thought the DODO was dead”

” I wish ! However it would seem that – Delay Obstruction Denial Obfuscation are the guiding principles of modern England”

As  Highbrow  asked us : “I must say do they want people to report wrong-doing?”
No , Nigel it appears they don’t.
Mr Nigel Hobro

By email

Date: 10 May 2016

Dear Mr Hobro

Freedom of Information Act 2000 2297994

Thank you for your request for information concerning the ISUS report on Wirral

Borough Council Spring 2014, which we received on 12 April 2016 and processed

under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I can confirm that the information requested is held by the Department for

Communities and Local Government and we are able to provide you with all this

information. I have detailed below the information that is being released to you.

  1. The date of the report as submitted by A Walker

A Walker submitted the draft report to the Department on 11 December 2014.

PERFIDY! A Walker told me he had submitted his report in April 2014!

  1. The date of the correspondence that first sends the above report to Wirral

Borough Council

The Department first sent a copy of the draft report to Wirral Council on 10 March


  1. The dates of any responses from Wirral Borough Council

Wirral Council sent a holding response acknowledging receipt of the report on 11

March 2015. A response was received on 5 June 2015.

  1. The value of the claw back suggested within the report.

No claw back was suggested within the investigation report.

PERFIDY: A Walker told me in December 2013 he was to recommend a claw back of £400,000 expecting it to be reduced by higher officers to £250,000.

This situation leads us to consider how things work in almost all institutions in England in general and Wirral in particular  (we can’t comment on devolved governments but we suspect they’re very much the same) .

No wonder so many people feel like exiles in their own country as they find themselves trying  to adapt to an unrecognisable landscape of mendacity and treachery and deceit. Perfidious Albion indeed!.



7 thoughts on “Perfidious Albion

  1. And how ironic that certain of those who gave of themselves so generously and magnificently towards Perfidious Albion became suddenly shy, uncharacteristically retiring, and dashed unpatriotic, before swanning off to Permissive Portugal, where smoking combustible herbal refreshment is not frowned upon and where there seems to be ample opportunity in between lying paralytic across sun loungers or crashed in the corner of bodegas, doped up to the eyeballs, to sober up, regather your faculties, trudge homewards, prop yourself up in front of the screen, focus on the keyboard, punch in and feast your bloodshot eyes on the misery you spent years carving out, before the heat quickly rose, your hand was forced and fight very quickly succumbed to flight.

  2. G’day Leaksy

    Just to remind your punters what Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods is all about.

    I went to work at Wirral “Funny” Bizz in February 2011 and it took me about five days to work out that they were a real wrong un.

    That is were I met “Highbrow” and we would walk the park at lunch time and discuss all things rotten that they were about.

    I phoned Paula Basnett to tell her but the witch of a director overhead me asking for her and she burst into tears and sacked me effectively that day. It was coming anyway because she didn’t like me talking to “Highbrow”.

    I phoned Basnett again and she wouldn’t see me till Adderley was available the following week.

    His football shirt must have been out at the cleaners.

    After we discussed Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and companies like Lockwood going kaput and him telling me ad nauseum the people he knew at HMRC and Police etc etc and would fix things he only continued to pay them for eighteen months thousand and thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds.

    Basnett was told to keep her gob shut, her words to “Highbrow”, and I could see in her face she knew what went on.

    Beverley Edwards was their auditor that interviewed me and “Highbrow” and I had many conversations with her and she wanted me to get the list of Big companies that they gave dosh too which are still five years later a secret.

    Oh Lordy there will be much more sordid shit around those recipients like you favourite award winning Spotty Blue Teapot.

    Beverley reported to her boss and the ill legal department about the asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac and that was ignored.

    Criminal criminal criminal. (Get that Ecca criminal, criminal, criminal!)

    Her report was hidden for many months and she went missing whilst Dave Garry superseded her report with a croc of shit and was then paid off with about £40,000.00.

    I am bored now Leaky but that is the gist of the start of it all and even now the DCLG have joined the conspiracy or Andrew Walker is just a liar in the name of the DCLG, ask “Highbrow”.



    C’mon you Blinking CEO clean it up.

    Who ignores whistle blowers and lets criminals away with £2,000,000.00 and then defends the the kind clowncil people who allowed it by spending about £200,000.00 defending them.

    You get about £200,000.00 a year Ecca…..earn it…….

    Honestly, openly and transparently……..

    or, just be another weasel!

    I couldn’t do it to the people of wirral for £500,000.00 per year Lordsville.

    Luv you and your work Leaks, is there no decency at wirral???????????????

  3. Impressive Cardin. I see that like me you’ve deliberately chosen to ignore the rules of punctuation, completely ignored the full stop and made full and better use of the comma so as to give the reader a clear and unambiguous feel that you are bloody angry and tilting slightly toward becoming extremely violent with those that holidayed in Portugal. For my part your piece is all the better for it and a great illustration why the full stop can often interrupt and disrupt the ebb and flow and rhythmic movements of a mighty rant that once read made me feel better.

    • Just one Portuguese hit on my site today Bob. I still have a small measure of ‘survivor guilt’ because I got a £500 grant from WirralBiz back around 2010 and my organisation, whose lack of scruples sometimes has it transcribing interviews conducted at Wirral Council … is still thriving.

      Whereas The Spotty Blue Teapot, Hoylake, for example, quickly went off the boil before folding completely, despite landing £20,000 in dubious circumstances.

      • G’day Wirral In It Together

        How ya goin?

        You talk of dubious circumstances.

        The interview I remember most as a business advisor for Wirral “Funny” Bizz was the two young blokes, one of whom’s wives worked for the clowncil, that got a £500.00 grant to set up a video company.

        They qualified for the grant by doing the “Mickey Mouse Course” led by Paul Davies and suggested in their first year their income would be £1,000,000.00 they told me.

        Wirral “Funny” Bizz got about three thousand pounds or more for monitoring them.

        I did the 18 month review and they said they had earned ZILCH.

        They said recently they had done a couple of wedding videos for nothing to get their name out there and were busy claiming Jobseekers.

        I went straight back to the office and laughed my bits off with “Highbrow” and surprise surprise their file could not be found.



        Just one of hundreds and hundreds of files with false figures, forged signatures etc etc etc

        Oh Lordy get yourself down there when the clowncil is in throwing money around like a man with no arms mode.

        Ecca fess up you overpaid buffoon and let them face the shame.


  4. Just catching up with this. The Blue Spotty Teapot closed abruptly. I popped in for a tea and the apprentice chef and the chef cum waiter said they’d just been told it had shut for good with no warning, and they hadn’t been paid. Well I hope they got paid, now knowing the council had forked out 20K! Sounds like Nigel got stitched up, shame, I did his accountancy course with quickbooks at WB!

    • I think it may have been much more Christina than the £20k which was instead the Big fund amount given to several fraudulent or undeserving companies.

      What was interesting ‘re the Teapot was its owner…the former manager of Everton House afore Paula Basnett and the Wirral Chamber of Commerce were given the building. Now you might think that Tourist Awards in the gift of WBC and large grants might well be a sweetener together with redundancy, to move over darling..and you might be right.

      Btw Christina I was not the short bearded one who pushed Kwikbooks and who was Paul Davies. Although he might have come over as nice and pie he was in fact behind the preparation of the Big fund files so heavily criticised by Grant Thornton

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