Marvellously Meddlesome


Mr Meddle 1

And so comes the inevitable U-turn over the Passport for Life debacle as  Cllr  Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies looks less like a leader by the minute and succumbs to a humiliating climbdown after a successful campaign to get the Council long service award reinstated.

Simpering Pip says:

“While I understand the decision to withdraw these passes may have made sense from a purely business perspective, we made a commitment you could use our leisure facilities for life and I believe we should honour that commitment.Therefore it is my view that the council got this one wrong. I am therefore taking the decision to reinstate your passport for life with immediate effect. I have instructed the chief executive to make the necessary arrangements for that to happen.”

Thereby throwing under the bus Chris Meaden, Wirral cabinet member for leisure, sport and culture and Super -Duper Directors Joe Blott and Clare Fish for coming up with and trying to sustain this  mean-spirited and ill-thought out proposal.

As for getting this one wrong  might we suggest that Pip and Co have got more than one thing wrong. Indeed he should have been thinking about throwing some other high ranking public officials under the bus long before now.

However our congratulations must go to Norman Meddle for leading the successful campaign to reinstate the  Passport for Life leisure pass for the 400+ former Council employees.

Once again  it demonstrates the power of public protest particularly via social media. There is now a growing list of such campaigns from car parking charge proposals in New Brighton being scrapped to plans to turn Hamilton Square into a roundabout being halted.

Therefore we implore people of Wirral that if there’s something Wirral Council are doing which you don’t like – organise , protest , complain ,blog  , sue – whatever it takes .

Take  your cue from the Norman conquest – sometimes you have to be Meddle-some to get what you want!



12 thoughts on “Marvellously Meddlesome

  1. What a slimy two faced fella Philly boy is would be interesting to see who is on the list of the 400+ affected that could have swayed this decision??

  2. G’day Lordly

    Well if “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” is backtracking on dubious decisions “Highbrow” and I (my words and thoughts) would be only to glad to come in and accept his apologies over Wirral “Funny” Bizz sordid £2,000,000.00 knock off and discuss the remedial actions necessary.



    Ecca you can arrange this through Wirral Leaks I am sure he won’t mind or just email me directly.

    “The Shyster” will have my email address Mrs Robinson as he sent me a threatening email that was a croc of shit.

    Lordy my love he may as well fix Wirralgate as well as Wirral “Funny” Bizz and “Highbrow” and we can wait a few more days if he fixes Wirralgate first we have been waiting five years already.

    luv you to the moon and back Lordsly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. It makes my blood boil, Well done to the retired council staff for getting this uturn, but spare a thought for the few veterens that were stripped of this passport FIRST on the back of a £500k saving, I recall one veteran who suffered from injuries sustained in Iraq and his daily battle with PTSD fighting to keep his passport, he used his to swim and use the gym as part of his daily recovery and management, I myself contacted the leader of the council and also the globe, but to no avail, most of the veterans I know on the Wirral served this country for over 20 years, and accepted defeat in this unwinable battle against this sterling labour led council, I hope they all sleep soundly in their beds on their 6 figure salaries and their ridiculous expense accounts, Just spare a thought for the lads stripped of this privilege, ensuring these live in this land free, and safe from harm.!

  4. It was a reported theft and fraud to Merseyside Chief Constable, but this time it went outside the ‘Merseyside private member’s club’.

  5. Congratulations to the fella who’s won this significant victory. Having had a dreadful week that started with me losing two hundred quid playing three card brag and going all the way with a nine, ten and Jack flush, getting hit in the face by my wife’s frying pan and being made to watch all of the coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, this has been a pleasant read.
    Bloody Eurovsion! I hate it. If Norman now finds he quite enjoys a battle, get him to rid me of this dreadful contest that explains exactly why mainland Europe’s greatest contribution to music was bloody Nanna rotten Miscouri and nothing with a melody and a few chords ever gets transmitted to our ears here in Blighty that was penned by any artiste across the Channel.
    Thinking about it. Thank God for the vast geological forces of the last bloody Ice Age that gifted us twenty odd nautical miles of separation between us and bloody them. As if the dreadful tunes were not bad enough, the bastards deliver it to my ailing ears in bloody English. I’d have sooner preferred it if they’d stuck to their own mother tongue, sang their three chord durge of dross and left me guessing what on earth they were going on about.
    No such bloody luck! Every song was in English and at least eight of the bloody competing nations used lyrics that pretty much told the very same story. The travelling minstrel, who happened to own a herd of goats that produced an ungodly high milk yield comes prancing through a village occupied by a people who were all first cousins. They greet the goats by pursing their lips around the teats of the poor beasts udders and gorge themselves on the milk, at which point, the local buxom strumpet emerges from the village Piss Ditch, falls in love with the minstrel and after watching and excitedly cheering on three or possibly four of the goats being buggered by the Village Elders, the two lovebirds scurry off up the mountain never to be seen again.
    Of course, it’s all shit. Pure undiluted rats excrement, as is the notion and it’s accompanying calculation that by removing this well and hard earned right (Passport for Life) the Council would save themselves a few hundred thousand pounds. Bloody rubbish!
    No such arithmetic equation has ever been produced by man that could be applied to this decision that would calculate out at whatever figure it was they were pretending to save for you. The only area of business this non existent calculation works and becomes a proven theorem is in the mad, deranged, fucked up, imaginary and deluded world of Council Maths. Council Maths is an area of Mathematics that’s made up, lied about and shamelessly shovelled out to fool the people and pour scorn on anyone who still has the ability to think for themselves and ask why is it possible to save a few hundred thousand quid by employing this false method of Council counting and the dreamt up monetary values the Council place on one fella swimming a length at the local pool.

      • Dave, hard. Very hard. She’s been my tormentor for forty one years and she’s armed and equipped with not only her favourite choice weapon the frying pan but a glare and a stare that’d make any man crawl up into a ball and weep for another life.

  6. A fine victory for Norman – but it’s not the first.
    11th Century Britain was invaded by an estimated 10,000 conquering ‘Normans’.
    Imagine them all queuing up for the roll call after landing.

  7. I wonder if there is any chance theyll u-turn on the fact they removed the free access to veterans. For many veterans this was a godsend for them. A chance to meet.other veterans and have a bit of purpose and focus. A veterans pass costs more than an off-peak membership now. Yes it may be the equivalent of a full membership but who uses every single thing included on that membership. As soon as they realised that they could make money off veterans they removed the free acccess. Instead of signing the Armed Forces Covenant and crowing about the fact, as this council did, theu should have just had it turned into toilet paper and placed inbthe council offices because thats what they did tonthe veterans. A joke

    • why dont we get a campaign started again for the veterans this time? i’m up for it and there may be others in the campaign for retired WBC staff who might join in. We had 45 in the group. Might just work. How do we get in touch with them? How many are there?

  8. G’day Lordly

    This lot were always going to get their passes back because after 40 years they must have so much dirt on this current crop of crud at wirral, with a small w.

    “Highbrow” and I caught them out in five minutes so how much filth would this lot have after hundreds and hundreds of years between them?

    Did they threaten them that that the compromise agreements were not going to stop them getting their passes back?

    They only seem to bully people who won’t or can’t fight back they truly are collectively scum, crud and dross.



    Luv ya more Leaks XXXXXXXXXXX

    • James, imagine you were on a bloody, corpse-strewn battlefield, engaged in a fight to the death, with all hope gone, about to be subdued, overpowered, and put to the sword. And in your final moments, as the enemy approached, behind you you heard wailing and sobbing. And when you turned to look, hiding beneath the parapet, were a local MP and a council’s senior officers and senior councillors – these were your brothers-in-arms.

      Would you be crestfallen? Would your heart sink, and would you give up and surrender to the enemy? Or would you think, what the hell, while I’m standing I’ve still got a chance here, close your ears to the crying, the whimpering, the mewling and the puking and stride through, bayonetting them all one by one?

      Then turn away from their ghosts with renewed heart, and take on the marauding enemy yourself, scrapping and battling until you die a hero, with valour, courage and dignity, knowing that you stood firm until you could stand no more and did your utmost. You did everything a man of honour could be expected to do.

      You put the surplus to requirements cowards out of their misery and fought bravely on to the bitter end.

      Because what the hell use would these treacherous, corrupted, greedy, self-serving, broken, squalid, hollow husks have been to courageous fellow humans in a time of desperate need, to real men – men of honour – in a fight to the death?

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