Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities

Following the local elections Wirral Council “leader” Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies has had a Cabinet reshuffle. But let’s face it judged by his awkward public performances he’s always fiddling with his drawers.

However – out goes Welsh windbag Cllr Adrian Jones having mainly served his purpose of pretending to support whistleblowers and giving his former Cabinet colleagues the heads up about where the next bombshell might be  coming. He must be so proud.

Also tossed aside is Cllr Chris Meaden , who as we commented this week seems to have been thrown under the bus by Power Boy Pip over the Passport for Life leisure pass fiasco . Her (personal) involvement in the Control Room debacle probably didn’t help either….

So what are we left with when it comes to the big decision makers affecting the quality of life for people on Wirral ?.

Read this and weep:

“Leader” , Strategic Economic Development , Finance & Devolution – Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies

You know what they say about a man with a big portfolio don’t you?. Yes! –  that’s right he’s hiding behind important titles to make him sound “bigger” than he is.

Deputy Leader of the Labour Group , Transformation , Leisure & Culture – Ann McLachlan

Talk about one trick pony. If this woman says “moving forward” one more time she’s going to blow the turret off Leaky Towers (and no that isn’t a euphemism). As for “culture” – somebody needs to tell her that doesn’t mean drinking a pro-biotic yoghurt every morning.

Deputy Leader of The Council, Housing & Community Safety – George Davies 

Well,well ,well. No Cabinet would be complete without Georgie-boy would it?. Old faithful. The runaround. The go-between.The fixer.

We look forward to the day when Power Boy Pip  is indisposed and Gorgeous George has to command the authority of the Council chamber without putting on his glasses and reading from his notes (written in crayon).

Adult Social Care – Chris Jones

Sadly as her husband has been ousted from the cabinet Welsh Windbag-ess Chris Jones will no longer be able to regale us with her rendition of Amy Winehouse’s classic ” Me & Mr.Jones”.

However her continuing appointment as a cabinet member after the Girtrell Court still has us singing “what kind of fuckery is this?”.

Children & Family Services – Tony Smith

Love the Irish lilt. Hate his role in the closure of Lyndale School. He probably does too. But he’s still in the cabinet. These are the choices people make in life. Again , he must be so proud.

Highways & Infrastructure – Stuart Whittingham 

The big question is whether Stuart “Witless” Whittingham knows what “infrastructure” means. Remember this is guy who spawned a jokes about streetlights and how many people does it take a change a lightbulb on Wirral.

Answer : lots of them and and great cost and only after being highlighted (pun intended) on this blog and elsewhere.

Environment – Bernie Mooney 

Bernie sees it as her personal duty to be publicly affronted by absolutely everything from the Tory government to fly-tipping to litter to dog crap.

But mainly dog crap. Because that’s where the votes are.

Public Health – Janette Williamson

Congrats to Janette “Milly Tant” Williamson at getting a cabinet seat for being gushingly enthusiastic about absolutely everything Wirral Council does.

There is the added advantage she can advise on matters related to the elderly – such as euthanising members of the royal family and in the case of money owed to the council Jan would have no trouble recommending sending in the bailiffs mainly because that’s who she used to “work” for. So much for being a champion of the poor and oppressed!.

Community Engagement & Communications  – Matthew Patrick    Martin Liptrot

Enough said.


6 thoughts on “Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. G’day Leaks

    Just watched AdderleyDadderlyDooLally’s favourite football team go down to seviila .

    He might have to dye that shirt blue and change his name on the back to “cantellthetruth”.

    Doubt it!

    Lets start from the bottom feeders first in the new “Kitchen Cabinet”.

    She who thinks they named an art gallery after her,I bet she thinks she got it because she is cleverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    “Nurse Rat” a disgrace to her vocation (Girtrell Court) and her husband bilong her not surviving, how much wirral, with a tiny dosh, can go to one family for being vile, crude, and crass ?



    C’mon Ecca do something about Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00.

    Luv ya Leaky bits Lordsville

    • The bigger the gene pool the better the species.
      The pool for councillors perforce contains just party members. The probability for an independent DNA to flourish is a fraction of a per cent. Thereby the pool is populated by entities prepared to sit through dreary party meetings and prepared to do the same once a councillor. Not a lot of citizens will do that nor join a back biting “club” where you are not going to play bowls, bridge or snooker. Why ever would you do that!!

      The result of the DNA combinations is as if a writer possessed only the lexicon of the Ladybird dreary.

  2. I used to chat with Janette on Twitter a few years ago before she became a councillor. Back then she was a firebrand and would tell me how she was planning to shake the place up and get it working for the people again.

    I said, “No you won’t, it doesn’t work like that. They’ll have you voting in favour of the most outrageous Tory policies… and before you know it, you’ll be voting to impose cuts, to slash jobs, to gag abusers, to wave through whopping pay offs, and to close down vulnerable people’s facilities.”

    She said, “No way.” I said, “Yes way.”

    When she became a councillor, she quickly blocked me. I remain blocked to this day.

    I know she’ll be reading this and I don’t want to gloat and say to her, “I told you so,” but very sadly, it’s true. Moreover, she’s now gone one worse, and has been recognised as worthy of a cabinet post, poised to continue hacking and slashing like a goodun…………. the erstwhile Marxist reformer has morphed into a fully-fledged Tory – à la Frank Field – and history has proved me correct.


  3. I worked with ann maclachlan on the fiasco that was the duke st residents project…..she was about as much use as tits on a fish and between her, the chair of the residents assoc and various members of adult social scvs the whole thing turned into a complete shambles inside a year

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