You’re The Only One, Joe

Hands across the Mersey

So Mayor Joe and Power Boy Pip kiss and make up as the gruesome twosome appear in another  Liptrotsky – controlled Liverpool Echo  PR stunt.

The momentous occasion is Pip’s endorsement of Mayor Joe’s Metro Mayor campaign. In the accompanying video for the pisspoor puff piece Mayor Joe helpfully confirms for us that another mayoral candidate , Liverpool Wavertree MP Luciana Berger , is in fact a woman. Thanks for that Joe.  Could it be his riposte to our comment that this picture of the Liverpool City Region “leaders ” was hardly a model of diversity ?.

Northern Outhouse

We just wonder whether Mayor Joe realises that an endorsement from Pip is the kiss of death.

Who can forget his ringing endorsement of Tranmere Rovers  FC as  Ambassadors  for Wirral just before they almost immediately lost their manager and then sadly slipped into non-league obscurity ?.

We warn you all now that there will be much more of this PR BS  before the Metro Mayor election in 2017 – not that we’re complaining as it gives us the opportunity to run our famous caption  competitions.

Readers are invited to send in their captions for the above picture . The winner gets a LUCIANA BERGER FOR METRO MAYOR t-shirt.

10 thoughts on “You’re The Only One, Joe

  1. G’day Lordly

    Uncle Joe has obviously listened to “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” about the possibility of building the new stadium to hang AdderleydadderleyDooLally’s “Footbal Shit” and allow their team to play on the banks of the royal red mersey at Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters until they get relegated.

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” has obviously convinced Uncle Joe that Adderley DadderleyDooLally the ex-super duper duper director of stagnation is the man with his Chinese connections to oversee the project.

    He promises that all the contracts will be signed in advance for a change.

    He also promises to keep “The Shyster” and his ill legal department away altogether and will arrange a ground share when they play in the second division with the local Tranmeirdre.

    Free football tickets all round.





  2. Cllr Phil Davies, in the last 44 seconds of the Liverpool Echo (3min 18sec) interview, confirms what everyone really knows. That, as a politician and local councillor, he has none of the qualities or ‘track record’ of achievement, that Joe Anderson claims.

    Phil Davies’ fawning endorsement actually says, ‘I couldn’t compete’, loud and clear. So why is he, the self-confessed super-under achieving Leader of Wirral Council, speaking as if it will all be handed over to someone who can – “Joe…will achieve great things for Wirral” – quote from Wirral’s Cllr Phil Davies?

    I have a number of ideas…

  3. Phil Davies:

    “Er, Joe… I’m not familiar with this building. If I click my fingers will a little female scurry in pushing a trolley? Our hard VIP graft warrants refreshment and we deserve to be waited on hand and foot.”

  4. Will any one who saw the accident or who can give any information-keep quiet or they will hound you for years!

  5. Human relationships are interesting aren’t they. These two for example who’ll I’ll call The Two, The Desperately Ambitious, Visionary, Passionate, Delivery is guaranteed, I’m Driven to Serve, Tranmere Two, have between themselves and through their own hard work, succeeded in resolving who’s got the stronger personality, who’s the giver, who’s the taker, who’s the bull and who’s the sycophantic subservient bitch in this partnership that’ll no doubt deliver the people their expected helping of bugger all.
    These harsh comments authored after I watched the Echo film clip are not meant to be critical of either of The Two, The Tranmere Two. It’s simply an observation of how Mother Nature works out who gets to feast upon the ratepayers teat first, who gets to suck the longest and who becomes the passive runt and waits to feed second.
    Between The Two, through normal natural selection, one has become the Bull and the other his Bitch and that’s why one does all the talking and the other, the thinner of The Two, does all the nodding and is accepting of the role, ‘I am The Bitch in this political relationship.’
    Course, The Runt and Bitch in this relationship could be playing a fine hand. Prepared to prostitute all dignity, he could simply be waiting for The Bull’s cholesterol to hit ‘thirty’, the Statins no longer work, the arteries explode, the heart attack ensues and the Bitch suddenly gets fast tracked into pole position ready and able to become The Metro Mayor because the Bull could no longer reach the teat any longer and consequently was in no position to control and restrain the unbridled ambition of the sycophant in the political alliance.

    • Ste, I’m so glad you’ve dared to raise this issue. In the United States if you pursue a career in public service you are required to submit yourself and your personal health to public scrutiny and so, given that we are beginning to adopt many characteristics from across The Pond, I believe it’s perfectly reasonable for us in Blighty to now know whether or not candidates are about to keel over, drop down dead and begin the spiritual flight to the light to meet the sweet loving Jesus.
      If either has high blood pressure and or their cholesterol levels imply they’ve become more swine than human, I say let’s be told about it and allow us to decide who’s likely to live longer and complete their tenure as Metro Mayor. I think it’s very reasonable to summon Joe and any of the other candidates to the local health and fitness centre and have them prove that they are capable of doing a thousand press ups, hit a six, sing the Town Hall song and still be capable of completing an expenses form without the hand shaking because of the physical ordeal they’ve undertaken just to sate their naked and unbridled ambition to be given their own scissors used to cut ribbon over and over and over again.

  6. The fact of the matter is the strangely omnipotent spin doctor known to all as Trotsky is on the public payroll – generously funded by Wirral and Liverpool council tax payers – to represent both Davis and Anderson.

    Sadly for Wirral Uncle Joe holds the whip hand.

    The game is afoot and it’s pretty obvious that Trotsky expects a top job once Anderson is elected as our “metro mayor” and Davis’s influence is reduced still further to being his grovelling side kick.

    How did it come to this?

  7. Bye-bye Wirral Greenbelt, Uncle Joe or his successor could end up with the power to overide local planning decisions under the new City Regions. It has yet to be tested out, but it’s something CPRE are very aware of and worried about. I must say, the above photo-call images don’t leave me feeling very confident that our best interests will be served anytime in the near or distant future.

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