Public Interest

Public Interest


You may have noticed we’ve been keeping our powder dry as we  await the denouement of the the biggest scandal in Wirral Council history (yes , just think about that statement for a moment!).

Meanwhile we’ve had several of our loyal readers congratulate us on crashing through the 500,000 hits barrier on this site which surely demonstrates – that if nothing else – that there is huge public interest in what we publish. We’d normally make a song and dance about it but all we’re interested in finding out at the moment is , as a point of comparison, whether Power Boy Pip’s “Leader’s” Blog is still going?. Perhaps local Labour Party  Communications Czar, sorry, Wirral Council’s Executive Policy Officer Martin Liptrotsky could tell  us (in the public interest of course).  Well we do pay your bloody wages Marty-baby!.

Needless to say the scandal to which we refer is due to be discussed soon at a much delayed Wirral Council Standards Panel meeting . Details of which are , of course  ,entirely absent from Wirral Council’s website.

All His Lordship intends to do at the moment is sit back in his wingback chair , take a sip on the cognac, light the blue touch paper and await the BANG! . Although this being Wirral it is more likely to be a whimper!.

In the meantime we are indebted to Wirral Globe photographer Geoff Davies for this revealing portrait of Birkenhead MP Frankenfield in his summer lightweights . Judging by the  perfectly placed horns it’s a case of “The Devil Wears Primark”!.

Although we  know all too well that Frankenfield is the political hypocrite behind the biggest scandal in Wirral Council history – you’re not allowed to know that.

Unless of course you keep tuning in to Wirral Leaks!.

Frank Field MP after opening the 'parket park' in Birkenhead today. Picture: Geoff Davies



4 thoughts on “Public Interest

  1. From today –
    Leader’s blog; Thoughts from Cllr Phil Davies, Leader of Wirral Council
    Most recent post – November 17, 2015
    Obviously no thoughts since November 18, 2015
    All is well though, we could – “Join 29 other followers”
    Self-adoration factor – “BLOGS I FOLLOW ” – Leader’s blog
    16,219 hits in 36 months.
    No public comments on blog allowed.
    No direct responses to emailed comments.
    except they’ve been busy elsewhere…!

  2. G’day Lordly

    In the public interest.

    Maybe “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” could save them money from FOI’s etc by publishing the names of the other Big fund recipients he has been hiding for the past five years.

    The fact they stay hidden is probably due to there being more shenanigans and probably criminality.

    They say it is not in the public interest.

    Be fucked it is.

    Everything Wirral “Funny” Bizz was involved in was crooked.

    If they are giving lumps of up to £20,000.00 of public monies to applicants you would have to be as stupid as AdderleyDadderleyDooLally to think the public aren’t interested.

    And, if you are taking up to £20,000.00 of public money and say you don’t want the owners of that money to know you were getting it you shouldn’t take it.

    They couldn’t advertise any flukey success quickly enough if there was one.

    AdderleyDadderleyDooLally told the world the money they weren’t controlling was not their money anyway so if there isn’t more serious events like the Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping I will run around Leaky Towers naked.

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” might also explain in his blog why “The Shyster’s” ill legal department didn’t report the Lockwood/Harbac whistle blowing.

    Surely criminal.



    Oh Leaky they must have spent over £250,000.00 by now and the meter is still ticking on them led by “The Pretend Friend” the thicker than the chair Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee defending the actions of AdderleydadderleyDooLally and his Invest (in thyself) Wirral.

    The poor old “Pretend Friend” thought his best buddy “Highbrow” would just go away and take his little pseudo Aussie with him ha ha ha ha ha ha


    You won’t be seeing me running round Leaky Towers naked anytime soon they are not hiding the names of Big fund recipients to protect anyone other than themselves and the 65 silent muppet clowncillors. he he he he he

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