Fury Cross The Mersey


We’ve commented before that the battle for the soul of the local Wirral Labour Party will be down to grass-roots activists throwing off the shackles of the amoral political careerists and the corrupt bullies that have brought the party so low in recent years.

Following the ousting of Jim ” Crabby”Crabtree from the Bidston & St.James ward there are further encouraging signs that the party faithful are not prepared to do as their told by their “betters” (Orwell’s Animal Farm springs to mind).

We say this as news reaches us that Mayor Joe Anderson’s nomination for Metro Mayor isn’t going down too well this side of the Mersey. Indeed we understand that there was a distinct lack of support at a recent meeting of the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party . …and Mayor Joe is not happy as his nomination could now be in jeopardy!.

Local Labour Party members have been in touch to tell us they’re perplexed by Wirral Labour “Leader” Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies’ steadfast support for Mayor Joe’s nomination which you can see here :


Labour party members are telling us that they can only see this support in terms of a political career move and suggest that serial political wannabe Power Boy Pip  – who let’s remember lost the West Wirral seat to Esther McVey in the General Election in 2010 and was only made leader  of the local Labour Party because Steve Foulkes was ousted in a vote of no confidence in 2012 –  is angling to be Mayor Joe’s Deputy Mayor.

It’s just a shame that his local party members are having none of it! – especially as Pip is looking increasingly like a man in need of an exit strategy before the shit hits the fan!.

But then we should thank our lucky stars as Birkenhead MP Frankenfield recently commented on the Metro Mayor post  : ” If I was 20 years younger I’d be after it!” http://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/14528555.Another_Liverpool_politician_joins_race_to_be_our_first__metro_mayor_/

And if that doesn’t give you nightmares we don’t know what would!.



10 thoughts on “Fury Cross The Mersey

  1. Be careful what you wish for! Fat Joe as he know over the river, will eat this lot alive. He is a political big beast who will use anyone to get his own way. I’ve had some dealings with him and he’s ruthless. A deal has definitely been done. The problem is Joe’s not liked in the region so has to bring the likes of Phil into the Liverpool Mafia. Luciano is not liked as seen as an outsider and too posh. That leaves Steve Rotherham who has the vote of the Red (JFT 96) side of the City. Him and Joe don’t get on so let the fun begin. If you vote for Joe it will be the end of Wirral as we know it. They may even merge the Councils. Be warned!

    • Oh we know – we have long predicted that Wirral is lined up to be Liverpool’s golf course.
      Shame golf tourists would have to take their chances and travel through Birkenhead.
      We’ve been sent a tweet Mayor Joe sent in 2015 saying he wanted to bomb Birkenhead.
      Crass and insensitive – but then we’ve all been there.

  2. Hello Wirral Leaks
    I’ve followed your posts with a lot of interest.
    Joe Anderson wouldn’t have needed to bomb Birkenhead, speaking as a Birkonian, sadly it looks like Wirral Council and Frank Field have saved him the trouble.
    After reading Phil Davies’ ringing endorsement of Joe Anderson for Metro Mayor, while at the same time condemning himself by comparison a inadequate (not a clever thing to do), Ste’s comment reminded me of a comment I saw about Joe Anderson’s ‘Giants’ being a Trojan Horse.
    Wirral Council will not have the resources shortly to survive as a Unitary Authority. I think it will become a branch office of Liverpool City Council staffed by contract managers.
    If Wirral Council is not bankrupt already, (morally, ethically and financially) it won’t be long before financially they will not even be able to service their debts, whilst delivering what’s left of the services. Phil Davies individual ‘powers’ (and sheep majority) can liquidate any assets, without opposition, award tenders, and waive covenants.
    Closing Down Sale, Everything Must Go…and it will.
    And then we will all go to Liverpool, but not for shopping this time. L postcode for everyone again, like the good old days?

  3. G’day Leaky

    Tiffany is right My Good Lord

    wirral with a small w is morally bankrupt.

    I went in good faith on 5 July 2011 to tell AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his servant “The Chamber Potty” that Wirral “Funny” Bizz were in the process of knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and all they did was lie to me, ignore me and “Highbrow” and continue to pay the thieves for a further 18 months.

    When their chief internal auditor Beverley Edwards told them there had been criminality in allowing asset stripping to go unreported what did “Sir Gits” ill legal department do?

    You tell me Lordy other than get Dave Garry to write a croc of shit report to replace Beverley’s and pay him off £46,000.00.

    5 years on still no apology or justice.

    Their families must be so proud.

    As for the 65 muppet clowncillors who sat back and said nothing (Stuart Kelly Excluded) should throw in their collective towels they are not even fit to wear AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s ridiculous “football” shirt.



    The weasel that is “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” will do anything Uncle Joe or his sponsor “Frankenstein” tells them…right, wrong or evil.

    Luv ya Leaks and learning to luv Tiffany XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • There is a Cabinet document showing that Wirral Council’s assets exceed £450 million but that it earns only £1.6 m in rents, etc, has a maintenance and repair bill of £3.5 m and utilities bill of £7.5 m. Makes sense to sell it all and rent premises.

      • JohnHH. The Council’s assets may exceed £450 million, but as things stand they owe private (mostly international) banks just short of £500 million in capital (£137m) and interest (around £8m pa) repayments for ‘LOBO’ loans agreed between 2001 and 2008, (final repayment in 2078). All other borrowing is in addition to that amount. (WBC provided the figures)

  4. Well if I lived in the region and sadly I don’t, I’d follow the advice of the legendary, history making, earth shaking, noise making, objection generating, leaking stories authoring mighty Wirral Leaks and vote for Luciana.
    That’s right I’d vote for Luciana a woman I’ve never met, know absolutely nothing about and unlikely to ever speak to unless she visits my Ale House, props me up on my barstool demanding that I give her a handful of my freshly harvested Clams and what’s left of my custard slice rather than vote for Joe and rob the BootleTouring Theatrical Company (BTTC) of their regular Pontius Pilate in their highly acclaimed stage version of The Passion.
    What’s more, Luciana could have three sixes tattooed on her forehead, two horns on her skull and the Far Away Eyes of the liar Blair and still, cognisant that I was voting for Satans handmaiden, I’d happily trot into the polling booth and offer my vote to Luciana rather than subject Councillor Davies years and years of grovelling servitude to his new political master.

  5. And before anyone starts loading my In Box with messages of objection howling, ‘you’ve never met Joe’, well I bloody have down at my local Ale House.
    Every Easter me and the lads gather in the backyard of our beloved boozer and together we recreate the Crucifixtion scene of our sweet loving Jesus in celebration of the Ressurection.
    Only last Easter, after telling the lads, ‘lads, last year I took a dreadful beating and so this year we’re going to skip the scourging’, they tethered me to the horizontal bar, hoisted me up and tethered me to the upright. Then, and just before the lads and three ugly old gap toothed clips normally found plying their disgusting trade around by the local bogs began their howling and a wailing, bloody Joe walks in doesn’t he handing out food parcels for the poor, the deluded, the possessed and the dispossessed demented gamblers.
    From my ten foot high elevated position I shouted down, ‘pal you’ve just interrupted the Crucifixtion of the Son of Man. Check your bloody scriptures, read the Gospels and any other Coptic account you can find that relates to this enormously significant hstorical event and you’ll find Pilate never attended Golgotha, he never watched the Crucifixtion and nobody ever recounted details of Pilate handing out bloody gifts to the weeping throng gathered below at the foot of the Cross. Now piss off’.
    Course, he wasn’t happy was he. Kept screaming, ‘I’m not bloody Pontius Pilate. I’m the Mayor. The Mayor or Liverpool and I have power over you’. I told him, ‘what bloody power you have down there in the yard of my bloody local Ale House was given to you by my father in heaven and as soon as we’ve finished singing, ‘There Was A Green Hill Far Away’, Ive given up the ghost after saying, ‘it is accomplished’, I’m going to leave this Cross, climb down and settle our differences in a fist fight.’
    And I told him. He doesn’t scare me. Never has and never will and unless he tips up at my abode with the rest of his Centurians who also tour with the BTTC, they’re equipped with big sticks, the key to my front door and an intent to beat me senseless, I’ll not be found wanting in the courage department.

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