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In the aftermath of EU Referendum  we try and make sense of the momentous result by making reference to the local political scene.

First of all we note that Wirral as a whole voted to “Remain”…. but as per usual Wirral’s most prominent politician Frank Field got his own way. Let’s face it the 3 other local MPs are a complete irrelevance – and that includes shrill wannabe Angela ” more of a sparrow than an…” Eagle – who we look forward to seeing being  returned to well deserved political obscurity in the wake of Jezza Corbyn’s inevitable downfall .

However we’re intrigued as to which rich political benefactor funded Frank Field’s “Vote Leave” promos on the Wirral Globe website and print edition and  which flew in the face of the local Labour Party’s ” Remain” position on the EU referendum. We suspect it wasn’t “Sir” Philip Green but other suggestions are welcome…….

As we know the full ramifications of the EU referendum are still to be played out but for us at Wirral Leaks the local position is clear and we’re calling  for  W-EXIT.

Basically we’re advocating that our wonderful young Wirralians get the hell out of the insular peninsula as fast as they can.

Unless of course they’re quite happy to cosy up to the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, or kiss the sagging arse of a corrupt local politico, or compromise their personal integrity by being a complete mediocrity in return for being able to pay the mortgage. We need to let them know Wirral is not a meritocracy –  it is run by a mediocracy.


Indeed there is no clearer indication of where things are heading  than with the recent declaration that Wirral Council intended to operate as a “private sector head with a public sector heart”


To which we say Wirral Council is more empty head and a dark heart.

A Labour run Council embracing such a twisted ideology tells you everything you need to know where things are heading locally.

Unfortunately their business plan seems to consist of fines on dog crap, litter and parking. As our butler Eldritch commented the next thing you know we won’t be able to break wind without being fined by Wirral Council . Indeed we fully expect to see a picture of Cllr Bernie Mooney making herself feel important by posing with Kingdom Security and allowing them to use a  Fart-O-Meter to measure methane omissions for monetary gain.

However can we suggest a few pointers to Wirral Council if they want to operate as a private company?.

  • If you were a private company and your Directors run up a toxic debt of £31 million they would be disqualified – not given a six figure golden handshake.
  • If you were a private company and one of your Directors offered a bribe to a group of complainants to shut them up about a secret recording which  smears a business rival they would be jailed – not allowed to continue as a deputy head of the business
  • If you were a private company you would have to register all of your interests and dealings with Companies House – and members of the public could discover what you’d been up to without having to resort to Freedom of Information requests

There’s a reason that Wirral has a declining population  and it’s not as Cllr Steve  Foulkesy believes  ” a good thing” it’s because the bright, the beautiful and the talented of Wirral have seen the future and it’s not about foodbanks, false promises or fellatio.

W- EXIT is the way to go!


10 thoughts on “Wexit

  1. Can I suggest that Rupert Murdoch may have provided some loose change for Frank Field’s successful Brexit caper?

    After all, knowing full well that The S*n ‘newspaper’ is despised locally, Frank, in a deeply insensitive insult to the Hillsborough families, and despite losing 7 Birkenhead constituents at Hillsborough, went ahead and clambered into bed with the Dirty Digger at the start of the 2nd Hillsborough Inquest – in April 2014.


  2. Just how long would old tomato head philly boy davies last in charge of a private company,,not fucking long is the answer.
    Wirral Community Patrol Ltd how did that little bit of privitization slip through the council net without a sideways glance at Wirral Chamber of Commerce member Atlas fire and security?, well as previous posts on Wirral leaks have shown Kevin Adderley attended and opened their new building a few weeks after they had registered WPC as a limited company.
    Dont think that one ever got of the ground but the newly formed Atlas security patrol certainly took off with direct access to WPC’s contracted customer base, Its not what you know its who you know.

    • ‘Old Tomato Head’! Good Lord! This got me giggling. Old Tomato Head!
      Makes you think doesn’t it. Firstly that it’s come to this stage in our ever evolving national democratic society that good men and women, both sexes are equally capable of hurling insults, feel compelled to transmit ‘Old Tomato Head’ out there, and secondly the fella concerned has generated enough anger and upset to have earned and received the fruit related label Old Tomato Head by one of the great Wirral people who’ve got the democratic right to say what’s on their mind.
      I mean, I’ve been called a few names in my Ale House after supping twenty pints and making a nuisance of myself. Fatso, Fatman, Twat, Pissed Up Wanker, Ten Bellies, Baldy Fat Fucking Gimp, but never has anyone walked up to me and called me Old Tomato Head. Quite frankly I’d rather have the burden of my insulting names, terrible as they are, and they are extremely hurtful, than ever be called Old Tomato Head.
      What’s the fella think when he pops on the mighty, legendary, history making, earth shaking Wirral Leaks and he reads that he is now known as Old Tomato Head? I wouldn’t like it. You’d be an odd sort of fish if you did. Chances are,after reading it he’s likely to address the label and say to his loved ones, ‘is my head in anyway similar to that of a large tomato’, or more is likely, his reaction would be, ‘Old Tomato Head. Good fuckng grief. From hereon I’m wearing a balaclava to hide my red face from public scrutiny’.

      • Think 61 has held back a bit Phil Davies or Tomato head as he will be known from now on makes My blood boil every time I see his smarmy grin and as for his faithfull flock of subservient cabinet sheep has there ever been a group of people so unqualified and so out of touch with the people that they serve

  3. G’day Lordly

    So now we have voted out can Ecca crawl from under his desk and fess up and apologise about all the “not our money anyway” that Wirral “Funny” Bizz stole, about £2,000,000.00 and the five year farce.

    AdderleyDadderleyDooLally could at least throw a beano down at the “Chamber Pot” with all that dosh that they got, abused, dolled out to any Lockwood, Harbac, Spotty Blue Teapot et al and got away with it and a massive pay off.



    Can’t wait Leaky to see the rest of the list of Big fund recipients to see how many failed and had assets stripped.

    If there aren’t any other “failures or cronyism” I will dance around the clown hall flagpole naked.


    • Hi John
      Point taken.But that’s how we roll sometimes.
      As you made your point clearly we’ve changed it just for you although we’re not sure if it has the same affect.

      • G’day Leaks

        Probably the only language a couple might understand


        I went to John “Tarrantino” Braces tribunal last week over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters that would have cost the taxpayer about £10,000.00 for a morning and they handed over most of the request before the hearing and looks like the only bit they wouldn’t give was a few lines from the wirral “POTTY MOUTH”.

        Or so it seemed.



        Ten thousand pounds for fucks sake Lordly

        Luv ya more XXXXXXXXXX

        Point taken.But that’s how we roll sometimes.

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