Bird of Prey

Trump eagle

And they said I was unelectable!. If Our Ange is their new  leader the Labour Party will be like this eagle on my desk – stuffed!

We don’t mind admitting when we call things wrong and our prediction that  Wallasey MP Angela Eagle would return to well deserved political obscurity following the slow and agonising demise of poor Jezza Corbyn was way out. Little did we know that Our Ange was living up to her surname – going in for the kill like a carrion bird (not to be confused with Barbara Windsor) in the hope of feeding off the rotting cadaver of a once great party brought low by poisonous legacy of Blairism . We can almost hear  Jezza  whisper as another backstabber sticks the knife in – ” Et tu , Ange?”.

However in post-Brexit Britain the old certainties are no longer there – as Our Ange sheds the crocodile tears in a Radio 4 interview ( because as everyone knows being a soggy-faced whingebag is the main attribute of a natural born  “leader” ) the local Wallasey Constituency Labour Party (CLP) were reminding her that they put her where she is and they are quite happy with Jezza thank you very much. You’d think a  CLP would be delighted to have their MP as the next Labour leader wouldn’t you?. But not the Wallasey lot – they’re a feisty bunch by the sounds of it (see also their “No to Mayor Joe” stance on the Metro Mayor nominations). No doubt there’ll be the predictable cries of entryism! bullying! miltants! as the Labour old guard don’t like it when the proles don’t do as they’re told and suddenly realise the old certainties are no longer there.

Talking of old certainties ( he’s older and wiser than God and he has the one of the largest majorities in the country) Frankenfield – despite undermining Corbyn’s leadership since he was elected – must be feeling quite smug  in the knowledge he won’t be  facing any such challenge from the servile  Birkenhead CLP . After his brush with Labour militants in the 1980’s  we suspect that Frankenfield will have ensured that local meetings are very much a Corbynista free zone. Maybe Our Ange needs to take heed from a wily old bird like Field when it comes to gathering the flock!.



4 thoughts on “Bird of Prey

  1. Readers have until 7pm tonight to see a strong performance here against Angela Eagle’s career move – from Paul Davies, Vice Chair of the Wallasey CLP:

    There’s some history between Paul Davies and Mr Field. Way back in 1979, London-born Field was parachuted into the Birkenhead Constituency as prospective MP, against the wishes of the local CLP. I believe the same happened with Angela Eagle in Wallasey when Lol Duffy was making his 2nd attempt to become Wallasey MP. But unluckily for him, he was the people’s candidate – not the party’s. So Eagle was shoe-horned in.

    I stand to be corrected but this kind of anti-democratic power play has been wreaking havoc historically and has now come to a head nationally, but also locally – a big, festering, poisonous boil with Frank Field’s head on top – that needs to be lanced.

    • Very interesting to get your take. A lot of people think like you that we need to have local people who hail from and are representative of the areas. I left the Labour party disillusioned with Blair being completely anti the Iraq war and tried The Greens. I have not been happy with the ‘et tu Brute’ nature of the #Chickencoup against Jeremy Corbyn. As an outsider it offends my sense of fair play and looks cruel and mean for one man to have the whole of the political establishment against him along with the mainstream media who have collectively undermined and bullied him from day one. he is not the flashy type of leader but he is steadfast, with a good set of core values, can give impassioned speeches from the heart and is straight, doesn’t go in for the gossip, backstabbing and abuse.

  2. And I watched Angela weep on television begging me and the watching world to understand why she’d stuck the knife into Jeremy Corbyn that’d deprive me and so many others from being represented by a thoroughly good and decent lad who placed our needs before his own.
    Bloody crying! We’ve become a nation of hysterical fools who believe that holding a candlelit vigil, wailing and howling and bemoaning the loss of someone we didn’t know, had never spoken to and unlikely to ever have met, in some way makes us seem to the watching world ‘we are all ever so nice and bloody good’.
    Bloody crying! I’d much prefer it if these politicians, and these bloody celebrities, they’re even worse, would simply say, ‘an opportunity has arisen to promote me and my personal ambitions and so I’ve taken the opportunity to stab the bastard in the back’. Better that than weeping!
    There’s nothing happening in national politics today that bloody justifies this hysterical behaviour and outpouring of grief and tears other than they, the bloody politicians and those bastard celebrities, believe that this is what we want. Bloody crying! If I happened to take Angela by the hand, lead her into my backyard and introduce her to Zoltan my nine stone Alsation dog and tell her that Zoltan was a beast from hell and he was going to rip her apart c’os he was starving, then, by all means howl, wail and cry your eyes out. That I can understand. I wouldn’t blame her and quite frankly knowing how hard this bastard dog can bite Id probably join in and weep myself.’
    Course, this bloody decline in once accepted behaviour and public standards toward the electorate began when the liar and that tap dancing, oily, holier than thou stinker Tony bloody Blair emerged with his Far Away Eyes that were forever close to tears and implied Y’all Know The Lord Is Always By Y’er Side. He’s the one I blame. The bastard!
    This is the legacy of the Liar Blair. To cry, to tweet ‘RIP Prince’ to shovel out a pile of bollocks I’d be proud of, to get an endorsement from some pointless celebrity who’d baked, skated, danced and spent a few weeks in a jungle preparing themselves to cry when eviction arrived as they wait for the advertising money to roll in and then get ready to celebrate the emergence of the latest back stabbing, back sliding, you can trust me politician who’s decided to prostitute themselves and their personal pride in pursuit of personal glory.
    What do I think? I think Labour are drifting further away from the working classes and they are doomed to destroy themselves. Perhaps that will be something worth crying about!

  3. G’day Leaks

    As it is a quiet time early in the week before the public service has got into gear.

    A missive I sent to John “Tarrantino” Brace.

    G’day John

    For yours and Eric Robinson’s information.

    You said in an earlier reply to me

    I challenged Kevin Adderley on the cover ups over the FOIs once (the ones over the BIG/ISUS reports). I’ll leave you to guess what his response was…

    Just to show what evil evil barstards this shower are John.

    “Highbrow” was interviewed by Beverley Edwards as you are aware and in her report she talked of the Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping.

    At his second interview Beverley Edwards wasn’t there and Dave Garry took control and “Highbrow” was told she had left.

    Her report was dated the day after “Highbrow’s” second interview.

    They are liars liars pants on fire.

    Then we know Dave Garry superseded Beverley’s report with a croc of shit and was paid off with £46,000.00.

    So AdderleyDadderleyDooLally knew of the evil works took his mega pay off and new job, “The Chamber Potty knew of the crimes and kept her gob shut and Dave Garry filled his boots with £46,000.00.

    So also “The Pretend Friend” knew what went on, “Ankles” knew also and “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” has hidden that much criminal paper work and reports that obviously “The Shyster” must be fully aware not to mention “Legweak” the acting acting acting acting CEO.

    So John will Eric tolerate this kind of behaviour by this scum, crud and dross?



    Vile vile specimens of human excrement.

    65 Clowncillors stood up for and behind this dung heap all of them except STUART KELLY.



    Luv ya Lordsville as much as AdderleyDadderleyDooLally luvs his football shirt with his name on the back “L I A R”.


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