Send In The Clowns

Foulkes Clown 2

So much money, so much time , so much energy  defending this clown. Can somebody please explain?

Ladies and gentleman we present you with the Wirral Council Circus. Witness amazing feats of escapology performed before your very eyes!.

Recorded for posterity by the indomitable John Brace – who seems to have recovered from being barred from last week’s Standards Panel meeting to bring us the thrills and spills from this week’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee.


Watch  as chief town hall juggler  Surjit  Tour squirms as he walks the tightrope of truth and demonstrates a complete inability to give a straight answer by using the word ‘rationale’ as many times as he can as though he’s being sponsored for Comic Relief!

Watch Cllr Matron McLaughlin  change the subject  when awkward questions are being asked about the conduct of councillors by using the magic words  “Working Party”. We’d like to ask an awkward question using the word “Anna” and whether a declaration of interest should have been required at the Standards Panel.

Watch ineffectual and callow opposition councillors  (minus one honourable exception) “play nice”

Watch human potato Cllr Paul Stuart make the unfortunate mistake of asking about “recording devices” ( the new councillor obviously didn’t get the memo from Labour HQ!)

Watch as Surjit puts his head down to conceal his wry smirk as Cllr Stuart  mentions “recording devices” – for as we know no one as benefited as much from this technological device than he has!. The Complainants must be so proud!- their pursuit of  £48,000 each has gifted Tour a job for life ( Frank Field’s words)

Watch as an old dog learns new tricks – kudos to Cllr Gerry Ellis as he asks the obvious questions about what’s the point of protocols,policies and procedures if nobody on the Committee is allowed to know what complaints about councillors are about and what the outcome of the complaint is?. There is no point Gerry , none at all. Accept that councillors are beyond accountability and move on.

Watch as words like “due process” and concerns about length of time it takes to deal with complaints are raised and laugh out loud that those assembled can somehow manage keep a straight face whilst asking the question

Watch as Councillor Denise Roberts drags a quickfire meeting out as long as she can despite the fact that Committee members can’t seem to wait to get the hell out of there. As Her Ladyship  cried : “Somebody pass the cattle prod”

Watch as  it is revealed that the people you voted for have relinquished their responsibility for making decisions about Code of Conduct complaints to Tour and an “independent person”. This might explain why Joe Blott and his posse whisked so called “independent person” Brian Cummings off after last week’s Standards Panel to tell him what  decision he should make. It doesn’t explain why Tour deftly tries to pretend that the Committee are the ones making decisions – as once again the ringmaster has the whip hand and helps facilitate the placement of political and personal interests above the public interest! .



4 thoughts on “Send In The Clowns

  1. That was the third public meeting I’d been to on the 6th July 2016.

    In fact there were two meetings of Wirral Council’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee that evening. Here is a link to video of the first meeting when the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee met as trustees of the Callister Youth Club.

    However, in relation to the meeting that your blog post is about, it makes more sense when read in conjunction with the reports and agenda for the meeting on Wirral Council’s website.

    I’m still cheesed off by what happened at the Standards Panel last week.

    Cllr Paul Stuart was only elected as a councillor for Seacombe ward in May 2016, so he has less experience of being a councillor than the other councillors on the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee.

    • G’day “Tarrantino”

      When you say “he has less experience”

      Do you mean he hasn’t been bullied, harangued, brain washed, lobotomised and told how it works?

      Like when despite criminality “Lockwood/Harbac” you are told to keep your gob shut.

      It is not criminal if you all stick together and no one steps out of line.

      By out of line I mean being honest, open and transparent.



      You two kids keep up the great work luv you both

  2. G’day Leaky

    The ill legal department at wirral is still wasting your money and keeping themselves in jobs.

    The openness, honesty and transparent transformation hasn’t quite got to “The Shyster’s” in box yet.

    They are playing their snide, sly games with “Highbrow’s” FOI on the names of Big Fund recipients.

    I doubt whether many of them are still about for it to be a blot on their confidentiality.

    At least Leaksville we will probably get to see “The Shyster” in that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters with his neck bursting out of his size 19 shirt, I do worry about the strain on his ticker, his shiny arsed suit in con flab with his expensive barista from London.

    Actually Lordy I hope he has the same bloke from London that makes him look like a dim wit he is good to watch and listen too and obviously tells “The Shyster” when to shut up.

    As he takes his whopping cheque of your money The Lord of wirral.



    They must be getting up to £300,000.00 defending the indefensible.

    Luv ya Lordy, when does the summer start?

  3. And so the secrecy gets compounded and its inhabitants protected to do what the hell they like from now on, protected by our cash. Following this successful, cobbled together trial run, Council seniors will now be free to e.g. fiddle their election expenses, knowing full well that a blanket CAN descend, faux independent persons will line up and bend to their will, and that bloggers and filmers CANNOT get at them, particularly now that the newspapers are stitched up nice and tight with their advertising money threatened by the appearance of a monthly Council propaganda sheet.

    Having just had an informative Facebook discussion with what seemed an ‘intelligent’ Wirral school governor, it’s depressingly obvious that the slow, deliberate, toxic drip drip drip of poison since 1979 has converted some of Birkenhead’s brightest and best into believing that Frank Field is an unfortunate angel fallen from heaven … down into the heart of ‘Beirut’, and chosen due to his unstinting dedication and big heart, to undertake a range of saintly deeds, all done to help save the poor people from themselves.

    I even provided my correspondent with links to the reality of #Wirralgate and also to factual, publicly available information about how St. Frank was slotted into position when Neil Kinnock tore up the rulebook, suspending or deselecting Field’s more popular rivals in the early 80s. And how in 1987 St. Frank advised Wallasey voters to put their ‘x’ against Tory Lynda Chalker to keep out the Labour candidate – without censure from Kinnock. More recently, Field was not beneath utilising the pages of the Wirral Globe, along with references to a bogus ‘investigation’ to pursue 4 x £48,000 in public money for a group of aggressive, demanding complainants armed with covertly-recorded audio tapes that could have made their guardian angel and his (des)election agent’s life difficult (the subject of this Wirral Leaks post). But my sadly duped Facebook correspondent was having none of it.

    All because she’d been led willingly along an elaborate path of deceit and glorious misrepresentation, in return for rewards in personal prestige. I don’t doubt that she’s possibly done a great job for schools and children. But to her closed off cul-de-sac of a mind, my blogging appears to have been a complex tissue of baseless opinion and possibly an exaggerated reaction to not having my bins emptied on a stormy Friday afternoon some time in 2010.

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