Newspaper Fun

Newspaper Fun

News reaches us about Wirral Council’s newspaper ,sorry ‘informative publication’ known as The Liptrotsky Chronic(le), sorry, Pond Life , oops! -no ,  Wirral Life .

So determined are they to implement communications tsar Martin Liptrotsky’s vanity project and ensure that no bad news stories are ever allowed the sully the impressionable minds of the good people of Wirral that the Council have just spent £1,065 (exclusive of VAT) on counsel’s opinion, that’s legal advice from a highly paid lawyer, on whether their proposed Pravda -style  newspaper could be produced.

So it would appear that public money has been spent trying to find a way round the rules about local government sponsored publications. And what are the odds that the legal advice was :”This is a non-starter”. Very slim we suspect – especially when external lawyers can sniff a lucrative killing to be made from legal wrangling.

Of course -although YOU paid for this legal advice the Council has declined to publish it .Well when we say the Council we mean “That Man Tour” as the obligingly malleable Head of Law is using the time worn ruse of claiming that the advice is subject to legal privilege. Which means he’s legally qualified and unjustifiably privileged and you’re just there to pay his wages and his legal bills – so suck it up!.

As we already know the poor sap fronting the The Liptrotsky Chronicle is someone with a long and very important sounding job title by the name of Kevin McCallum  who once was lost but now is found and has found his voice and not lost for words as he tells the Wirral Globe :

“Residents told us they wanted to be better informed; they told us they wanted more information about the services which are in place to support them. We have a duty to respond to this feedback, and make sure every resident – regardless of where they live – has access to up to date, current and helpful information about the public services which are available to them.”

Duty  Kev ???  – among many other things the Council have a legal duty to protect vulnerable people, to empty the bins and maintain the roads. There is NO duty to produce a rival newspaper intending to obliterate any justified criticism with a facsimile of the embarrassingly obsequious and unquestioning Wirral News . Talking of which did anyone read that complete non-story in this week’s edition about Wirral Evolutions ‘Managing Director’ Chris Beyga finding some tacky daubs on the walls of their new offices at The Grange in Wallasey?. We have seen the future of  Council sponsored newspapers on Wirral and we can already feel our brain cells oozing out of our ears……..

I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.



One thought on “Newspaper Fun

  1. So how does this Wirral Evolutions work then and where was the jobs advertised? I see Beyga has her fat face in the trough already. I predicted this last year and asked then if the contracts they will be relying upon will be subject to the usual European tender regulations? You can have a fancy website and talk the talk etc but one thing you can’t do is polish a turd!

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