Three Is The Magic Number

3 010

Our thanks go out to one of our keen readers who pointed out it is three years to the day that the chain of events that led to Wirralgate were shamelessly instigated.

Put out the flags! pop the corks! and the celebrate the most successful cover up in Wirral Council history !!. Yay !!!

Three bloody years !. If only they were as good at running the Council as they were in covering their arses perhaps His Lord and Ladyship could finally retire.

Here captured for posterity is the Council meeting held three years ago that the then Deputy Mayor Cllr Steve Foulkes unleashed a series of events that have potentially cost the people of Wirral hundreds of thousands of pounds. Because obviously like a L’Oreal supermodel he’s worth it (that’s a joke obviously).


Whether he was relying on his own arrogance and being safe in the knowledge he was protected by some of the most powerful (and corrupt) political figures  on Wirral or the docility of the other elected members in Council chambers who think this kind of conduct is acceptable because according to Foulkes they’re “kindred” we’ll leave to our readers to decide.

What we do know is that following this unbecoming outburst in the aftermath of the appearance of whistleblowers Hobro and Morton (who we can ecstatically report are still very much on the case – bless ’em ) and which so irked Foulkes that he then resorted to these kamikaze tactics and tried to ensnare a Liverpool Echo journalist sitting in the public gallery into an amateurish smear campaign against political opportunist  Cllr Jeff Green – seen standing in the above picture and pretending to be aggrieved.

Town hall foulkes 2 008 Town hall foulkes 2 013Town hall foulkes 2 016

As you can see from the above pictures this is how some politicians think is the control they should have over local journalists.They’re there to do as they’re told and if they don’t they’re  threatened with legal action. But imagine being told what to do by Steve Foulkes ! – it’s enough to make a grown man’s scrotum retreat into his pelvic cavity at the speed of Usain Bolt.

What has intrigued us these past three years -other than the fact as to how the hell do they get away with it -is did no-one (and we’re talking Power Boy Pip here) say : So what were you doing leaving the Council chambers to hand an incriminating document stolen from the ex-Director of Law’s files in contravention of the Data Protection Act in an attempt to get back at your old rival Jeff Green?

What did Foulkes say ?. I was having a wazz?

Probably – as let’s face it he and his ilk have been taking the piss for years….



5 thoughts on “Three Is The Magic Number

  1. G’day Lordly

    As the ex clowncil person, Joey (I didn’t get a very big pay off) Blowey who has attacked me verbally on John “Tarrantino” Braces’s wonderful site that is a must read for all the co-conspirators in the Wirralgate and Wirral “Funny” Bizz scandals has said, I think, I don’t read him as closely as he reads me, I am a waste of oxygen.

    Which to him seems is more offensive than their massive procurement issues, asset stripping and stinky job start shenanigans that cost taxpayers millions of their hard earned.

    And Joey the meter is still ticking.

    So I will be brief

    It is FIVE YEARS and FIVE DAYS since AdderleyDadderleyDooLally sat under his ridiculous football shirt with his name on the back “L I A R” talking lies to me thinking I would just go away.

    I’m still hanging around like his stinking ashtray.



    I do hope Lordy that Joe continues ranting at me he is the best advert I have had in five years of how evil some of these barstards are.

    Let us see him attack you My Lovely cos I don’t believe he’d have the cojones.


    • “Joe Blow” eh? Wonder where Rob Vickers went?

      🎶Cue wurlitzer music🎵

      …onto the local gov carousel, alighting at Herefordshire County Council to join Stephen Vickers 🎵… 🎵only to see Bill Norman coming back the other way, with snazzy beatnik goatee, jumping back on 🎵… 🎵then off again at Cheshire East Council 🎵… 🎵furtively in through a side door, ducking down in the hope nobody clocked him, weighted down with his customary, bulging sack of public money🎶

  2. In regard to this whole feigned indignation thing and the, ‘I’m ever so hurt’ responses by these Councillors and Council senior Officers, that we, the critical public, should take care about what we say and tread carefully when things are said because of libel laws and the underlying threat that someone might get sued, let’s be clear and unambiguous about one single factual reality. Nothing will ever happen! To anyone!
    Nobody, not one single person, right, wrong, deluded or clearly and plainly mad and guilty of a slur or a slanderous remark, will ever see a day in Court where they’ll be required to account for any disparaging words thrown, hurled or just bloody chucked even if what’s been said is clearly wrong, untrue and could be easily described as libellous.
    And why can I say this with such a high degree of confidence? Because they simply dare not take that single step and set off a chain of events that’ll quickly become out of their control, take on a life of its own where all manner of dreadful secrets become admissible because these dark deeds became the trigger point for the libellous remark that got one of us in the Dock in the first bloody place.
    Quite simply, bogged down with all manner of historical wrongdoings, some criminal, some dancing upon the edge of misconduct in a public office, they’ve become tied and bound to their Empire Of Dirt and you. me and we can say pretty much anything we like and there’s nothing they dare do about it.
    And just to emphasise my point, I’m saying here and now upon these pages of The Mighty Wirral Leaks that Councillor Steve Foulkes is the Second Gunman Off The Grassy Knoll! That’s right! Steve helped shoot JFK and if I’m still here in a week, and not languishing upside down tethered to the ceiling of a Wallasey cell getting my testicles fried by voltage administered to me because of torture that’s been given tacitly approval by the Leader of the Council, then I’m right and living proof that bugger all will ever happen to any of us who continue to moan about, this, that and the other and deliberately or accidentally utter or transmit something that might be considered libellous.

    • Here’s an excellent case in point Bobby.

      It stands as testament to:

      • how to make prize fools of yourself and your colleagues;
      • how to get your council’s corporate, pin-stripe knickers in a twist;
      • how hot-headed incompetents squandered over £200,000;
      • and how only a set of abnormal, machinating, Wirral-style fools would pursue the same route again.

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