Pay As You Go


Next week’s Wirral Council Employment & Appointments Committee sees the latest money haemorrhaging merry go round known as a senior management restructure.

Can we advise that Chief Executive Eric ” Feeble” Robinson just keeps his head down and do as he’s told as history tells us that having a strong view on a particular appointment contributed to the departure of two previous CEOs (Wilkie and Burgess) and led to that notorious £48,000 pay-off which eventually set in motion a further series of spectacular bungs.

We understand that the latest recipient of Wirral Council largesse is Head of Housing and Community Safety Ian Platt who is heading off into the sunset.

Of course  we’re not allowed to know how much this golden handshake costs us before the meeting is held and we suspect it’ll be the usual arm-wrestle before the council are forced to disclose it.

However we’re led to believe the package is worth £225,000!. Which should be enough to keep Platty in pies well into what we hope is a long and happy retirement.

I suppose we should be grateful at least that , as far as we know,  this package is not linked to misconduct ,malpractice or motivated by political expedience.

As for other matters being discussed  at the Committee we note that Head of Law and Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour is in line for a pay rise. No doubt ‘for services rendered’ and which might we suggest are not always in the public interest!.



3 thoughts on “Pay As You Go

  1. G’day Lordly

    Don’t know if you are a supporter of the England football team?

    I suggest you wouldn’t be them being the same as wirral Clowncil………………..

    an abject failure.

    wirral actually seems to mirror the England set up.

    As a mirror image.

    Wirral has the mamby pamby equivalent of Woy in “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” who is just fading away into being Uncle Joe’s bucket man.

    Prior they failed with the great big ugly “Ankles” who makes Big Sam look and sound like a choir boy.


    Complete and utter failure by both teams.



    Oh Leaky they even asked those other failures like Ferdinand and Shearer for their input which is like asking “The Shyster” and “The Pretend Friend” advice ……….yes men just for the dosh.


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