The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Eagle private Eye 009

Picture courtesy of Private Eye magazine

Now that Wallasey MP Angela Eagle has withdrawn from the Labour leadership contest we thought we’d take some time out to reflect on what has to have been the most misbegotten overthrow attempt since Lambert Simnel was a pretender to the throne of Henry VII.

Wirral Leaks suggests there are 3 reasons why it all may have gone horribly wrong for Our Ange :

  1. Leadership 

Whilst Her Ladyship thinks she’d make a great Brown Owl for the village hall Brownie pack was anyone ever convinced that Eagle  would be a great leader of the Labour Party?. Now as you know we’re very much  from the school of thought that if you want to tell people the truth you make them laugh otherwise they will kill you. Therefore we think the Dead Ringers skit on Radio 4 absolutely nailed Eagle’s leadership qualities. From her will she ? , won’t she ? , who cares?  -just bloody get on with it!  leadership challenge to her awkward, faltering media appearances listen here from 16:40 on as Our Ange’s entire campaign is summed up in a single sketch:

“I may sound like a nervous badger trying to cross a busy motorway but I’m ruthless. Dead ruthless. I’m hard as nails. If I want something I’ll take it …then I put it back . I apologise for taking it and cry when the police are called.” 

     2. Victimhood

Threats and abuse are never to be tolerated but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from observing politicos (and especially local ones) is that they sure know how to play the victim.

Witness Our Ange  whinging on Radio 4 about how she -didn’t -really- want- to- stab Jezza Corbyn- in -the- back -but- it -was- for- the- good- of- the- Labour- Party- and -to -claim- that- she- was- a -Janus-faced -political- opportunist- was- cruel -and -hurtful -and -can -she -please -have -her- teddy- and -her- dum-dum -now- please .

Now we don’t know (nor does anyone) who the perpetrator was or what the motivation behind the brick through the window of the shared premises  where Our Ange’s constituency office is based but Ange herself was very quick to lay the blame at the door of aggrieved local Corbynistas. Although listening to her you ‘d think it was Wirral’s Kristallnacht . Now we’ve never attended a Wallasey CLP meeting and it’s highly unlikely we’d ever be invited so we don’t know what went on between party members.

However what we do know is that if  but if you mislead those constituency members and tell them that everything is fine and dandy and that you support Jeremy Corbyn 100% and then next thing they know you’re mounting a leadership challenge and calling him fit to burn then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re constituency members feel they’ve been misled and are a bit miffed.

And so after all that – not only did you not become Labour leader your constituency members wanted a vote to deselect you as their MP.  As a result we now understand that the whole of the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party has now been suspended by the Labour Party hierarchy. Way to go Ange!.

    3.  Branding

“Angela” – the brand was launched at an ill-fated press conference held to announce her leadership challenge where all the leading main political commentators had dashed off to something much more interesting – Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from the Tory leadership contest (oh the irony!).

The pink banners ,the pink flag, the pink jacket, the pink lipstick. More TV daytime host than a potential head of state “Angela” seemed to have hired the same team responsible for the  PR car-crash that was Harriet Harman’s pink battle bus from the last General Election campaign. You’d think they’d realise that it takes more to woo women voters than the colour pink. A marketing guru overdosing on frappucinos must have been paid all kinds of crazy money to come up with the genius idea  :” I know let’s go for pink. Girlies like pink- a lighter , less threatening shade of red”.So much for making much of her female credentials it’s like feminism never happened.

Might we suggest that to keep the attention of the media and musical theatre fans she should should have gone for the full “Think Pink” production number with the built in catchphrase : “Red is dead, Blue is through, Green obscene…..”



7 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Crash Landed

  1. Have the bizzies felt Councillor Bernie Mooney’s collar and interviewed her on the broken window episode yet?

    She KNEW it was “Labour Members” what did it – obviously – and even had the courage to show us the full extent of her “Sherlock House” deliberations right on camera:

      • G’day Lordy

        “She looks a bit shifty to us”

        I thought it looked as shifty as the old “Dunny Chain Wearer” potty mouth “Ankles” in a cheap blue frock.



        Blue being his favourite colour like AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s football shirt.

  2. This woman is in the Cabinet! Wow, she can hardly string a coherent sentence together. Maybe I should consider a political career. After all I can spell DOG now!

  3. G’day Leaksville

    As I thought

    Joe Blow wasn’t game to respond on your site even though he said he saw my ridiculous comments suggesting he wouldn’t take you on.

    Who could he be Leaky?

    I find it intriguing don’t you?

    He said on John “Tarrantino” Brace’s superb site

    It’s his constant spamming of every single article relating to Wirral Council with the same nonsensical diatribe that I, and apparently others, object to.

    Because he is diametrically opposite to me and intelligible and clever and says, and apparently others, I think it means he is part of a group, or as they call it down the north end a gang, what do ya reckon mucka?

    He also concedes that everything out in the open that “Highbrow” and I have claimed about ISUS is probably right but there is more to it Lordy.

    There is the fact that stuff has just come out that Wirral “Funny” Bizz probably shouldn’t have even got the job in the first place and then there is the Big stuff that they are still hiding.



    I must also thank “Tarrantino” publicly for offering the point that some of the same people up to their necks in Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods are the same as involved in Lyndale and Girtrell Court

    Once a scum bag always a scumbag.


    I do hope that is unintelligible enough for Joey Blowey to write to you.

    Doubt it and it would have to be via a pseudonym.

      • G’day Lordy

        We should have our Xmas Party at “Hooligans Bar” this year.

        Guest appearance by Santa Claws Jones and missus bilong him Nurse Rat after their visit to the care home……

        Oh shit she’s closed them all down.

        They could by all the oldies Xmas lunch at The Hall…..oh no they are all barred after “Ankles” brawl at the charity ball at the posh hall.



        “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” “Ankles” and “Phil’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” have certainly gone quiet since the secret scrutiny bullshit meeting.

        Wirral Leaks Wirral Leaks Wirral Leaks to them…..


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