News Briefs

News Briefs

News Item 1

Our thanks go to the wag who sent us details of the News and Content Officer post being recruited to by Wirral Council and for asking us whether our very own Verity was applying!. Verity told that she is always true to her name so will be giving it a swerve !.

However we’d like to wish the person responsible for “having  real enthusiasm for communicating what a fantastic place Wirral is to live and work”  the very best of luck. Let’s make a deal – you do the turdpolishing , we’ll do the dirty laundry!.We’re particularly looking forward to reading about Wirral Council Employee of the Month – from the stories we’ve covered that’ll be someone who hasn’t stolen the petty cash , handed over money to scam merchants , failed to follow procurement procedures or been involved in sexual shenanigans and senior management fisticuffs.

Talking of which …….

News Item 2

How delighted we were to see Kevin “Addled” Adderley at last weeks Birkenhead Constituency Committee meeting – pockets bulging with Council taxpayers cash and telling the gathered throng about the wonderful things he was now doing in retirement with the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

It wasn’t all good news though as we hear that Frank Field has stepped down from his role as Chair of the Committee. Frankenfield was always good for a petulant quote or two – who can forget his sly dig at this very blog?.

Frankenfield is still keeping his hand in (so to speak) as the new Chair is his political agent Cllr  George ” We Shall Overcomb”  Davies . We had questioned Frankenfield’s suitability to chair this Committee from the outset – should the local MP be making decisions on how the Council spends its money ?. But then he’s been used to spending Council money on his pet projects for years as Tony Kinsella and Nick Warren can testify (and we can only hope that one day they may have to !).

Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies helpfully explained that the selfless Birkenhead MP was spending  more time on “parliamentary duties” . By which we think he means having  a bitchfight with BHS bad boy “Sir” Philip Green.

Field has received a letter from Green’s lawyers asking him to apologise for comments he made comparing him unfavourably to pension plunderer Robert Maxwell.

Field told Sky News: “I don’t know how that will run, but it adds to the gaiety of life doesn’t it?”

Doesn’t it just sweetie!.

Frankenfield has gone on to call Green “evil” – which suggests to us that he has a particularly delicate sensibility or he needs to get out more and meet some of his constituents who contribute to his description of Birkenhead being “like Beirut”.

News Item 3

…and finally we read that Cllr Adrian “Janus-faced” Jones is the only Wirral Councillor to publicly support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by signing a pro-Corbyn letter (although we do know that fellow Labour councillors Treena Johnson and Louise Reecejones are also Jezza fans)


Father Christmas and eagle





4 thoughts on “News Briefs

  1. But he is the original “pretend friend”.

    So let’s assume my councillor has a hidden agenda as usual, and is up to no good.

    But if it is true, being banned from voting – like I was last August – because I’ve been known to criticise a foul, unapologetic, serially abusive Labour council – will be so much easier to cope with now !

  2. Gis a job Kev. I can do that. Go on Kev gis it. Gis a job. I’m a fuckin boss liar and don’t mind shagging the boss but only if she’s fit! Me bird said I’m a lying bastard so would fit right in. Go ed Kev. Don’t be sly!

  3. G’day Lordly

    Just love your new briefs Lordsville but I found an old pair sent to the Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton’s ace investigator who was a good bloke by the way.

    That is probably why he left Granties gang.

    A section of a reply to him, have a good look Joe Blow this is the kind of sub contractors (Wirral “Funny” Bizz) your crud employ.

    You asked me to contact a member of the telephone marketing team to get witness that the wirralbiz isus and working neighbourhood databases were inappropriately used. However to add to our background assertion that numerous staff had criminal backgrounds I was somewhat perturbed to find that this applied to the salesman4 whose telephone number I was seeking on the internet!

    By my count that makes:

    Debt collector…. Ex prisoner
    Salesman 1 ….. Ex prisoner
    Salesman 2 …. Ex prisoner
    Salesman 3 …. Ex prisoner and potential fraud conviction
    Salesman 4 … Convicted and banned from contact with juveniles for 10 years
    Receptionist 1 … Husband to be tried for running cannabis farm
    Advisor 1 .. Vaunting underworld connexions and shadow director for several companies

    Just a little taster for Ecca who “The Shyster” probably leaves well and truly in the dark under his desk.



    How would that creepy “Shyster” sleep at night L knowing how his colleagues act.


  4. Another Heist James! You ought to wait until the time is ripe for an expose on this channel of the results of the Government Internal Audit Agencies investigation. When I have time I will submit an article to Julian Justice.

    The most obvious remark however aligns with your comment above..fancy perverting the tender process in favour of the above shower, then ironically to be shafted by the very people for whom you have prejudiced 11 other tenderers! You couldn’t make it up!!

    That no-one has been punished by the medium of “due process!!” is anotherRobert Ludlum twist

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