WIRRALGATE ! – Half the Story




Shamefully nearly 3 years after Wirral Leaks first broke the story here it is at last the 2nd Patricia Thynne  investigation report into misconduct by Wirral councillors -or more accurately and for some strange reason just one in particular.


Verity is currently combing through the report and we will be bringing you our full detailed analysis over the next few days. But from what we’ve read it’s only half the story (if that) .


We have the advantage of having been  gifted  a very revealing archive which we hope tells a much more compelling and accurate version of events surrounding Wirralgate and which we think leaves an indelible stain on Wirral Council.

However for starters here are the findings against  Councillor Steve Foulkes

Thynne 2 015

Click to access 20160628_Standards%20Panel%20Decision%20Notice.pdf

We’ll leave our readers to consider in the light of the findings whether an apology is an appropriate sanction for such astonishing dishonesty and whether someone who conducts themselves in such a manner should be making decisions about your life and representing Wirral Council on lucrative outside bodies.

20 thoughts on “WIRRALGATE ! – Half the Story

  1. What Folksey did is gross misconduct in public office and an apology shouldnt suffice he should be sacked and removed from all his other money spinning boards he sits on and his gorgeous mate should follow him out the door for his racist remarks.

  2. G’day Leaky

    He won’t apologise he would never be able to show his face in “Hooligans Bar” again.

    He’s from Birkenbloodyhead.

    The man is never wrong lesson to learn lessons to learn lessons to learn whistleblowers courted and feted whistleblowers courted and feted whistleblowers courted and feted.

    It will be end of wirral labor if he backs down.

    There is more chance of “The Shyster” revealing the rest of the secrets.



    I’ll never forget him looking up to me at the full council meeting and indicating to meet, the useless tweed jacket from the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters was next to me who was the real target of “Ankles” sign language.

    He couldn’t even wait till the meeting was over he had to call an adjournment.

    Smug barstard.


    • Well aren’t you glad that gesture was captured on videotape!?

      You see when there’s an adjournment agreed, there’s a few seconds delay before I press stop on the camera. I don’t think I’m supposed to film what goes in in adjournments as I’ve always thought they’re not technically part of the meeting.

      • Unfortunately John Ms.Thynne is not referring to your footage on this particular occasion. It is Michael Ryan who captured the decisive moment for the camera – but this is but one of the many mistakes littering this slapdash and callow report.

      • He He He My Heroes

        I saw it with my own eyeballs live.



        Luv ya both. XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Nobody takes any bloody notice of me. No matter that WBC are up against the mighty Leaks, the John Brace blog and the menace Cardin, bugger all changes. It doesn’t change because they don’t care.
    Course, if you all took to throwing fruit at them, laughing at them during public meetings or demanding that they fight you during a break in their day to day affairs you’d soon see some changes.
    I’d fight Steve Foulks for you. I would. And I wouldn’t stop. Ever! After a dozen encounters with me and the inevitable scratching, brawling, punching, pulling hair, biting and gibbering in biblical tongues and generally kicking the ever loving out of one another, he’d soon realise that I was a complete headbanger devoted to political change, a measure of public accountability and he’d soon seek some comfort and support from the judicial system, begging them, ‘who will rid me of this relentless fat twat who’s intent on fighting me every single day of the week’.
    No matter that the Judge placed a hundred mile exclusion zone around me and Steve, still I’d be stood outside his home secreted within his herbaceous borders wearing me baggy shorts, me gum shield and me granny’s old boxing gloves howling, ‘it’s me Steve. Get yourself outside. I want to fight you again’.
    Steve could approach the full sitting permanent Council members of the United Nations and get them to agree to a full scale missile strike on me, my abode and every single targeted associate of mine so as to ensure that their firestorm would be certain to vaporise me and still, despite the horror of it all and the vast collateral damage, it’d have no impact upon me and my determination to fight Steve.
    They could send Baroness bloody Ashton, John Kerry and Boris bloody Johnson up my front path, tapping on my front bloody door begging me to end hostilities and sign a legally binding peace deal prohibiting me from wearing my gum shield and I’d tell them, ‘clear off. Go make peace with some other despotic mad bastard. I want to fight Steve for the benefit of the good people of the Wirral. Now piss off and don’t come back’.
    Again, I tell you, throw fruit at these dreadful types, laugh whenever they utter some mindless pointless pigswill that’s only ever intended to bewilder you and say, ‘ I want to fight you during your tea break’.
    Course, if Steve is as mad as me and he wouldn’t mind fighting with the public pretty much day in and day out and he belts you over the head with a piece of four be two, don’t come moaning to me if he exercises his inalienable right to defend himself against an unprovoked attack and puts you in hospital for a few weeks sucking chicken and leak soup through a straw because the bones in your face are incapable of producing a bite reflex that’d enable you to chew solid food.

  4. The sensible recommendation is that Councillor Foulkes immeidately be expelled from public office and that his Party and or it Associates be prohibited from standing in that vacancy for Claughton Ward for five years

  5. I told Pat Thynne in great detail how Wirral Council don’t possess an external investigations policy and procedure – by design – and never have, and how numerous “independent” investigations – including hers – are wide open to being nobbled by dark forces who like to meddle AND how reports wouldn’t stand up if they ever got challenged in court because…

    ● No prior connection needs to be declared by the investigator
    ● The commissioning officer’s incompetence can give the investigator their own incentive to cash in l, stretch it out or make up their own rules as they go along
    ● Senior Interim posts paying six figures can be the handsome reward for those investigators who turn in a good watertight stitch-up that insults the public – see Rob Vickers and the deadly but money saving 4 week delay on care

    I told Pat how the LGA alleged “Improvement” board were asleep on the job and missed it.

    And what does Pat Thynne do with my contribution? She decides not to hand it in. Cheers. So you and others are shadowy, unknown quantities, who remain in the clear and retain carte blance to mug the Wirral public, divesting them of further cash while making your company balance sheet look healthy and your retirement days longer and more comfortable. Nice work.

    But will always be part of the problem and never the solution.

  6. Ecca via My Good Lord

    Time to find a new head of your ill legal department that the senior officers and elected members have some respect for and will face the consequences for their slime and crud.



    I don’t know Leaks how “The Shyster” can do it is he totally amoral.

    The public should always come first even (especially) those pesky whistleblowers that have some cohones hey Joe Blow and Dicko Docko ?????


  7. G’day Lordly

    What does it say about wirral if racist comments are made by senior people and they are accepted and ignored by more senior people.



    Some people will take anything just for money.

    They just let themselves and their families down.

    Luv you you pomme barstard Leaks!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • James, it’s an announcement, screaming….


      Did anyone spot how hate crime on Wirral went through the roof after the council was found to have stolen three quarters of a million pounds from learning disabled people?

      Cause and effect is alive and well…. and we can expect to reap the consequences of the MP for Birkenhead and his hangers on’s mendacity.

  8. And if you’re reading this Pat Thynne, presumably you did your own research before accepting the gig. So you will have known that this was an abusive council who’d always kept its hands on the levers of power, then applied its own chosen ‘remedy’ with the LGA Improvement Board and the subsequent LGC (same animal) award of a worthless trinket stamped ‘most improved council’.

    Did you really believe the spin and gloss, that you were in good, most improved hands and it was safe to proceed – and your company would not be tarnished by association with these people?

    Did you really expect not to be picked apart by politically engaged citizens, complainants, former employees and whistleblowers, who know the score, have learned the hard way, and have seen for themselves how failures and scandals – even racism and political smears – are fudged in the overriding pursuit of safety for seniors and self-interested reputation management?

    Or did the public money tip it in your favour? How much were you paid please? Or do I have to lob in an FOI request and wait another 3 years or for ever…?

    You had my co-operation because my hope was entrusted to you. You failed that trust in many ways but primarily by choosing not to see any lies or dishonesty and by finessing around the ugliness you did encounter with weasel, bureaucratic, strangled words.

    Check out the 7 Nolan Principles of public life and tell us which ones were NOT trashed here.

      • So if Foulkes hadn’t lied to Pat Thynne first time around, owned up and taken the ‘rap’ i.e. been ‘forced to apologise’ as The Echo put it, the public could have saved probably more than half of the money? Shouldn’t he be done for so obviously lying and so obviously wasting everybody’s time? Being ‘under pressure’ is no excuse for squandering our precious public money in order to get yourself out of a hole. Now that we know he DID lie, how do we know he’s not lying through his teeth and betraying his voters every time he attends a meeting, opens his mouth and discharges their interests in the future? He really can’t be allowed to forget this.

    • G’day Paul and the Leakiest

      I didn’t bother phoning her back after the first time.

      Speaking to her I could tell it was a waste of time.

      Hey Joe Blow and Dicko Docko I was RIGHT AGAIN.



      Interesting to see Private Eye thinks me and “Highbrow” have been pilloried.

      Luv ya more boys XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. which surely as eggs is eggs should be recharged to the guilty. And come to think of it Ms Degg’s £45 or £48k should be invoiced to the wrong ‘un or if not a reason explained to the rate payer as to why not?

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