Private Ambition and Political Alliances


Private and Public

Before we return to dissecting the Wirralgate saga we couldn’t help commenting on a couple of developments on Planet Wirral.

Firstly we were delighted to hear that ‘Mayor’ Joe Anderson was ‘heartbroken’ (snigger) not to get the Labour nomination for the Metro Mayor election . The nomination went to Walton MP Steve Rotheram . Of course we were backing Luciana Berger – but it would appear that when it comes to Metro Mayors – the progressive Labour Party prefers all their candidates across the country to have a penis and just like the Liverpool City Region leaders it doesn’t matter if they’re a bit limp.

Northern Outhouse

We were especially delighted that Mayor Joe’s ambitions come unstuck as we suspect that there were others on this side of the River Mersey who were anticipating riding on the coat tails of his mayoral robes.

Gleeful sources are commenting to us that Martin Liptrot’s masterplan to be the power behind the throne and Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies exit strategy to be Mayor Joe’s Deputy Mayor have sunk in the River Mersey. Once again we note how “The Curse of Pip” comes into play  – a ringing endorsement from him – as Pip did for Joe’s Metro Mayor nomination – is invariably the kiss of death.

Oh well never mind Liptrotsky ( the self proclaimed”cross river power broker”) will have to be content with being the de facto Chief Executive of Wirral Council as further demonstrated by the fact that supposed  CEO Eric “Feeble” Robinson is left to front the justification for yet another appointment to Liptrotsky’s growing public relations empire . The new appointment of a ‘Public Affairs Manager’ (it has been reliably estimated that there are currently 14 – yes 14 Wirral Council  officers already involved in aspects of this work) is justified by Stressed Eric thus:

“The  Public Affairs Manager will support the delivery of the Wirral Plan through leading the development and delivery of a public affairs and outreach strategy for the organisation. In addition they will be responsible for developing and maintaining effective connections with policymakers and key influencers regionally, nationally and internationally to help shape policies, decisions and legislation for the benefit of Wirral.”

This appointment will leave Liptrotsky more time to run Wirral Council and tells you everything you need to know about Wirral Council’s priorities – less public services, more public relations.

We asked our faithful factotum Verity Snoop whether she was going to apply , she told us she was suffering from severe personal integrity and therefore didn’t meet the essential criteria of being a complete and utter professional arselicker.



5 thoughts on “Private Ambition and Political Alliances

  1. The guff that comes out of Wirral is utterly breathtaking. It’s a complete load of bollocks. Have you ever heard such shite! Why the fuck does a Council need a PR team anyway?

    • Why do we have toilets, and why are sewage pipes buried 4 foot down under the middle of our roads?

      To hide the torrents of shite
      To quickly “deliver” the shite to a faraway location
      To mask even the slightest hint of the foul odour of the shite

      PR teams do exactly the same thing and Martin Liptrot is doing a fine job(by) as Chief Turd botherer.

  2. “The Public Affairs Manager will………..for the benefit of Wirral” I have read that paragraph at least 10 times and still haven’t a fookin’ clue what the fook it means! My closest translation would be that ‘Sressed Eric’ is trying to say ” I am a complete and utter tosser and have absolutely no idea what I am doing but if I spout a load of unintelligable crap, I may just get away with it “

    • Robinson also managed to get himself a whopping pay rise from the last CX. That nonsense about you get what you pay for is just not true. How can this guy be worth £180k?

  3. As per my comment in the Wirral Globe, Anderson was Davies’ future trump card when ‘difficult decisions’ regarding Wirral needed to be expedited, especially surrounding planning. The question is now, can Davies nobble Rotheram or get in his pockets, if he is successful in being elected Metro Mayor? Bet DAvies had a lot of future plans riding on Anderson being squeezed into the Metro Mayors new seat.

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