WIRRALGATE! – A Portrait in Green and Yellow

Jeff Green

Another Wirral councillor who features heavily in the Thynne 2 report is Tory leader Jeff Green – the target of a supposed ‘smear campaign’ by Labour councillors Foulkesy and George Davies. This has resulted in Foulkesy having to write a personal apology to the alleged ‘victim’ Green which we suspect went something like this :

Hey Jeff

Soz. But we’re still bezzies ,right?

Ta La, Foulkesy

What we’d like to do here is to borrow a phrase that Jeff Green was alleged to have used and blow all of the above out of the water and state loud and clear :

  • There was no smear campaign
  • Cllr Green is not the complainant
  • Green is certainly not a victim
  • There should have been no apology to Green

Firstly the ‘smear campaign’ . This hapless yet minor episode of the  Wirralgate saga proves that Foulksey/Georgie couldn’t organise a piss up in Houlihan’s and yet they have been/are the Leader and Deputy Leader of Wirral Council respectively – go figure!.

And as for Thynne’s conclusion that George Davies didn’t know what was in the letter -this is yet another example of her lack of investigative rigour  when it comes to the allegations against him. Does she really expect us to believe that Davies just asked for a random document about which he had no knowledge whatsoever? We’ve got news for you Patricia – we understand the letter was sent to him by the people you call The Group and we call The Complainants! So this becomes another of Davies’ lies to add to the growing tally.

Looking at the unsigned/undated letter sent by The Group/The Complainants in the appendices to the Thynne 2 report we can only assume that the ‘smear’ about Green was that he ‘courted and feted’ whistleblowers for political ends.

Click to access PT5%20-%20PUBLIC%20PACK.pdf

There is certainly evidence to suggest that this is exactly what Green was doing – having reaped the rewards  of the penalty kick that was the Martin Morton whistleblowing case it now appears that Green had  dealings with The Group/The Complainants. We’d be interested to know why he backed out from supporting them – did he realise this particular ‘whistleblowing’ case  was going to prove to be more problematic? We certainly think so and all of which means you can’t smear someone who takes political advantage of whistleblowers if it’s true! However we don’t think this is the reason that the Liverpool Echo didn’t run a story trying to smear Green (but we’ll save that for a later post).

Callow Green , not wanting to upset his political counterparts, is at pains to explain in both Thynne reports that he did NOT make a Code of Conduct complaint.  However what better way for senior councillors and officers to ignore this and to use this deeply flawed process to protect the powerful. It increasingly seems to us that Green much prefers to be in impotent opposition and in a perpetual state of  feigned “outrage” chasing headlines rather than changing  the culture – he truly is “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

Witness his comments in the Wirral Globe :

I urge every resident of Wirral to take the opportunity to read the investigation report now available on the council’s website . I am sure that like me they will be angry and shocked at the antics of senior Labour councillors throughout this whole saga


Nobody but nobody is going to read a 55 page report ( + appendices) with references to Person A, B and C and where the key witnesses are a no-show. They’d be better off reading Wirral Leaks – and he knows it!.

However the biggest mystery of this whole saga is actually why does Green get an apology when he had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE COMMISSIONING OF THYNNE 2 ?.

Green seems to have relied on others (and two surprising people in particular) to get the political football rolling in the hope of – yet again – gaining some political capital out of the sordid situation.

As we shall  discover later the impetus for Thynne 2 came from an email sent to all councillors by serial whistleblower Martin Morton who raised serious concerns about the first Thynne report (among other allegations). Needless to say this was kicked into the long grass until an even more unexpected source belatedly piped up (again to be explored in a later post). An increasingly exasperated Morton has now sent us a copy of an email exchange between him and Green where the latter shows somewhat less than ruthless determination to get to the bottom of the Wirralgate scandal when he writes:

‘You do realise that I am no longer Leader of the Council don’t you? I can ask questions of Officers, make suggestions etc. but ultimately we all know who is running the show.

Throughout the preceding 4 months I have regularly asked for an update over the status of your email and have received a stock answer of ‘we are looking into it to see if there is any new information contained within the email.’

No wonder the power abusers of Wirral Council who are ‘running the show’ can do exactly what they want if this is what passes for robust challenge!.

But at the end of the day what did we expect ? , reading Thynne 2 Green and Foulkesy him seem to tread ‘similar paths’ and are indeed ‘kindred’.

And that is about the most damning assessment that we could ever make of Cllr Jeff Green.

Kindred 008

5 thoughts on “WIRRALGATE! – A Portrait in Green and Yellow

  1. Wow. So if I’m understanding this correctly…

    o it wasn’t a standards complaint after all – that’s yet another lie – and a massive one

    o the whole ‘standards complaint’ thing – including the calculated mangling of the existing process – was an elaborate, expensive ruse that was eked out over three years with the full knowledge of Blott, Tour, Armstrong, Robinson, who all seem to have colluded together in a complex sham of a pretend ‘process’ aimed at minimising reputational damage to the ‘most improved’ council and its tarnished members?

    o we don’t know how many thousands of pounds in council tax has been squandered hand over fist in progressing this and probably never will

    o the alleged racism by George Davies captured on the recording and directed against Surjit Tour was concealed courtesy of a secret ‘gentleman’s’ agreement – also something which we the public will NEVER get to hear about. This was done to protect the reputation of Frank Field MP because Davies is ‘The Great Man’s’ election agent.

    o (we use the term ‘gentleman’s’ and ‘The Great Man’s’ most advisedly)

    o Jeff Green was not actually a complainant after all. Surjit Tour ran a deception which masqueraded as ‘due process’, deliberately placing Green at the centre of it. Green was complicit in this by allowing that central falsehood to bed in and gain ground so he could use and abuse it for his own party-political ends

    o At a mature and responsible council – with healthy opposition – and operating with the public interest uppermost, the Martin Morton email would have been treated as a PIDA complaint and followed up accordingly. But no, it became a threat because the dangerous truth or some measure of it may have emerged – which couldn’t be permitted to happen

    o A N Other on the inside was actually the GENUINE complainant and their seniority and testimony (not Jeff Green’s) in combination with the Morton email were the reasons why Thynne II had to be allowed to come about

    o A N Other must have realised that Deputy Mayor Foulkes had trashed the dignity of his office whilst being interviewed by lying through his teeth to Pat Thynne and then acted on their conscience. Foulkes had acted dishonestly in order to protect his own miserable reputation and to stay on track for elevation to Mayor

    o Foulkes remained silent when Pat Thynne reached her ‘no case to answer’ verdict first time around, even though he knew he’d lied, that public money had been poured down the drain and that we and the investigator had been hoodwinked – ALL surely indictable offences? Hmmm, maybe not so for lying, scheming, crooked politicians who now appear to be above corporate accountability and beyond any legal remedy known to man. Is being a Wirral member now a license to do what the hell you want whenever the mood takes you? It seems so.

    o Although it’s not covered in this post, presumably the complainants have never offered up the tape recording(s) because once they do that their ability to blackmail a parliamentary representative into squeezing 4 x £48,000 out of Wirral public funds goes up in smoke?

    o To think that a parliamentary representative goes along with a grasping blackmail attempt totalling £192,000 and even sets up a bogus ‘inquiry’ headed by a friend in order to protect himself and the dodgy crew in controlling positions at the top of the local council. That really consigns all those who were complicit deeply and irretrievably into the gutter

  2. Greens always been up to his neck in it. His first question when he took over was why do we need a Press and PR team. After a few fags with Degg, her power was increased. Work that one out!

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