WIRRALGATE! – Double Echo


There weren’t many surprises for us in the Thynne 2 report. Except for one……

This was an astonishing revelation involving the person coyly known as Person C.

As John Brace has outed Person C on his blog as being Liverpool Echo journalist Liam Murphy it seems a bit pointless in us maintaining the masquerade, especially as his identity has been known to us for quite some time.

Although being a key witness to the sordid  Wirralgate scandal unfortunately Murphy declined to give a statement to Patricia Thynne during either of her investigations. The reason he gave was the need to keep the confidentiality of his sources. Which would be highly laudable if it wasn’t for the fact that Murphy has a rather curious notion of confidentiality!.

It would appear that Murphy was  quite happy to show Wirral Council’s then Head of Communications Emma Degg the letter that Foulkesy had filched , presumably in the hope that Murphy would run a story in the Liverpool Echo ” smearing” political rival  Cllr Jeff Green  . According to Degg  Murphy was “outraged” by Foulkesy’s  conduct . Although seemingly not outraged enough to actually make a complaint about it – it seems he’d much rather have a sly fag  and a quick bitch behind the back of Wallasey Town Hall.

Murphy was later to hear the infamous recorded conversation between Cllr George Davies and one of The Complainants and some months later then saw fit to tell Cllr Jeff Green all about it . Perhaps Murphy and Green compared notes on how “outraged” they were – especially when the latter seems to be in a permanent state of “outrage”.

However the most damning testimony that Murphy plays fast and loose with the confidentiality of his sources is the fact that at some time he made a (presumably) covert recording of the notorious Wirralgate tape. Not only that he played it back to Emma Degg – of all people. Remember she was Wirral Council’s Head of Communications at the time !.

We can only wonder if this revelation came as much as a surprise to The Complainants – the elusive holders of the original recording – as it did to us. Although we have to say it gives us a vicarious thrill to see the biters getting bit.

As a consequence we’re left speculating on Murphy’s motives behind his actions. Surely it can’t be currying favour to guarantee woeful exclusives like this :


If we consider that Thynne mentioned in her 2nd report that if she had heard the recording and it confirmed what witnesses had told her then there could be criminal matters that would need investigating. So if Murphy has a recording that would indeed confirm the testimony of others when does the bogus claim of protecting the confidentiality of sources become perverting the course of justice?



4 thoughts on “WIRRALGATE! – Double Echo

  1. Hi Wirral Leaks.

    I noticed that anything about Wirral Council published by the Echo in recent times had Liam Murphy’s name against it. It was never anything critical, just whatever (mostly unsubstantiated or creatively interpreted) propaganda spewing from Martin Liptrot as he successfully managed the further decline of Wirral Council’s reputation.

    Interestingly, when the Echo published the feature headlined “Ex-Wirral council leader forced to say sorry for ‘failed smear attempt’ on Tory rival.” 16:34, 3 AUG 2016 UPDATED 17:26, 3 AUG 2016 it was not credited to Liam Murphy but credited as written “BY TOM BELGER”

    Now why would that be credited to another journalist…too critical of Steve Foulkes, the ‘role model’ Mayor of Wirral and first citizen, after the Sovereign, in the Borough of Wirral? And this is the standard of behaviour that anyone and everyone in Wirral should aspire to achieve?

    The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)…exists to promote and uphold the highest professional standards of journalism in the UK…Trinity Mirror PLC (Liverpool Echo) is a member of and is regulated by IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

    The Echo should fire Liam Murphy (and he should probably be prosecuted) for his involvement in this Wirralgate scandal as withholding evidence from a formal enquiry, and collusion with Council officers is not a journalistic function when reporting is for general public consumption. Surely this kind of behaviour compromises journalistic independence, integrity, and makes one complicit in all things Wirralgate by these actions, I would think?

    Freedom of the press is one thing I wholeheartedly support. Wilful manipulation of the media from within, or with out is something entirely different and if no action is taken, then those who take no action actively endorse this unacceptable behaviour and Wirral already basks in a reputation of an organisation where the abnormal is normal.

    If anyone might like to take any action this link will be helpful https://www.ipso.co.uk/

    …and Mr Murphy may care to refresh his memory with this IPSO statement…

    “The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) is the independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK. We hold newspapers and magazines to account for their actions, protect individual rights, uphold high standards of journalism and help to maintain freedom of expression for the press”.

  2. I don’t understand why “Person C” should have anonymity in Thynne’s second report, when it was perfectly obvious to anyone in the public gallery during the adjournment of a public meeting who he was!

    However it explains the behaviour of Person C at Mann Island yesterday afternoon. Despite people (whether that be press or public) for the public meeting having to wait on the ground floor until 15 minutes before the meeting started, he was waved through the barrier well before quarter to one on the basis he’s an “Editor on the Liverpool Echo” (Political Editor maybe but not Editor of the whole newspaper).

    When I pointed out he’d been let through and asked why we weren’t allowed through, I was told he was an editor and I wasn’t an editor. So I pointed out my ID card on my lanyard the job description that states Editor only to get apologies and be told he’d been let through by mistake.

    Someone then went to retrieve him, but Liam Murphy didn’t want to come back then as he was “on the phone”. Eventually he came back at about twenty to one and started on his sandwich deciding not to go through when we did at about quarter to one (for reasons best known to himself).

    Of course the fact that Merseytravel decide who goes through and Merseytravel senior management decided on this policy after I published this article about the views of their Head of Internal Audit on whistleblowing has nothing to do with the preferential treatment by Merseytravel to the Liverpool Echo does it?

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