New Term at St.Frank’s Academy


September always has an air of ‘back to school’ about it and so it is that after the summer break the cycle of Wirral Council meetings resumed this week.

Things kicked off with a meeting of Cabinet on Monday at 10 am . All the better to ensure it gets less coverage than Tom Daley’s swimming trunks and the prying eyes of the public are kept away. Although to be honest these meetings are more stage managed than a Busby Berkeley production number. It’s usually a case of  Council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies handing over to  deputy Cllr Ann McLachlan  who recounts how everything on Planet Wirral is “going forward” despite the “Tory cuts” . Then assorted cabinet members chime in with gushing good news stories about their portfolios whilst using either the words “Wirral Plan” “20/20 Vision” or “Pledges” (they haven’t quite co-ordinated a consistent approach yet).

However we understand that an absentee from yesterday’s meeting was Cllr George Davies as it was left to Power Boy Pip to reveal Davies’ grand plan for the Lyndale School site. Yes  – what a surprise it’s going to be a property developer’s  paradise. And so it came to pass  with cruel circularity and sickening similarity to the Wirralgate story as George finishes off what Foulkesy started with the former drawing up the final plans for the disposal of Lyndale School after the latter chaired the original “consultation” meeting proposing the closure.

One councillor that did manage to turn up and nod approvingly at everything that was said was Cllr Stuart Whittingham who will be attending  an event “The impact of congestion on bus passengers” in London on 14 September 2016. Although a) you would think Cllr Whittingham, as a bus driver with Arriva, would know this already… and b) the only congestion to be experienced on Wirral is when there’s badly co-ordinated roadworks as recently experienced by the poor people of Hoylake and West Kirby.

Also worth noting at this meeting was the rubber -stamping of the Public Health ‘commissioning intentions’ which included a £7,709,379 contract with with  drug and alcohol support provider ‘Change, Grow , Live’  – no questions asked.


A meeting to look out for later this week is the “People  Overview and Scrutiny Committee”

Curiously for a committee which pays so much attention to inclusivity it is surprising to see an exempt item on the agenda. Could it be another report that the the people on the People Committee don’t want the people of Wirral to know about?……




4 thoughts on “New Term at St.Frank’s Academy

  1. The Head, Mr Field should lay down the law, get some control back and put unruly pupils S Tour, J Blott and D Armstrong over his knee.

    Sadly, thanks to interfering do-gooders, “six of the best” is now the number of figures in their ‘whacking’ great pay offs.

  2. G’day Lordy

    Do you want another laugh at my expense.

    Got a phone call from the Midlands and the bloke said he had read my CV and with my experience I was the perfect fit for an auditor job at a North West Clowncil.

    Oh Lordy pick a bail of cotton.



    I had to explain to the nice man what clowncils were all about and that I might be too honest for them.


  3. G’day Lordly

    The laughs continue.

    I woke up this morning to hear some crap about bringing in a “Preston Law” to prevent public servants from cover ups and lies.

    What the fuck is wrong with this place?



    Heavens to Murgatroyd Lordy is there only me and you honest.

    What can I say about working for Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton?

    The good investigator that did the Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods partial job for £50,000.00 plus looked a bit like fat faced Ecca but HE had the decency to leave.

    He told whistleblower 3 to continue to fight the good fight before he left.


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