Rouday Awakening


If there’s one lesson that Wirral Council should have learned in recent years is this:

Never,ever underestimate the  resilience , resourcefulness  and sheer bloody-minded persistence  of whistleblowers. They will never lose their head and will overcome the bureaucratic maze you attempt to put in their way.

And so we proudly bring you the latest instalment of the BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods saga (yes , it’s still going on) . However it’s a sorry state of affairs when the whistleblowers have to get the EU involved.

But whatever works right?.

We proudly present a message from Ms. Rouday  from the Directorate of the Audit Quality Control Committee informing Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro that European auditors are on the case because let’s face it  internal and external auditors on Wirral have failed miserably to do their jobs. Which leads us once again to say : “What is up with these people?”

As Highbrow says :

Terror and Virtue are inseparable bedfellows. It was true in the French Revolution caused by the State’s financial deficit, wholly comparable to ours of 2007 to now. An emergency where ONLY TERROR inspires Virtue.

No threat of harassment no Virtue.

Robespierre’ Constitution of 1794 never implemented has much to say about the duties of civil servants and how the Terror was directed at Germinal against the venal ” Indulgents”.

We have had too much of indulgent pay offs and safe exits, of parachuting to new posts. It is Terror of falling into the tools of the Department of Work and Pensions that keeps the workforce quiescent  a Virtue for those in the riding seat. I think the “bourgeoisie’ need to feel the collar of Madame La Veuve.

Now we don’t profess to understand what  the bleedin’ hell all of this means but we do know we’re behind him 100%. And we particularly like the cut of Madame Le Veuve’s gibbet.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: 8 September 2016 at 10:26
Subject: Case 33/2015

Please find a letter for your attention.


Best regards,


Secretarial assistant – Directorate of the Audit Quality Control Committee



5 thoughts on “Rouday Awakening

  1. Hear Hear My Leaky Lord

    Maybe when the little welsh whizzling that is the Thicker than the chair, Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee has a spare minute he could do what “The Shyster” never admits too.

    He could do some reading….. and I suggest his recommended book list could start with the ERDF rules and he could explain at this months meeting of “Crappaples” ex mates and boozing gang at the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee that ERDF are probably COMPELLED to claw back……………….

    How much is it Pretend Friend?

    Read a little closer.

    Would that be £800,000.00 or maybe just £1,600,000.00?

    What is the little welsh weasels favourite snipe…oh yes I remember….



    Nod, smile, wink, stiletto in the back. Friend or foe.



    I hope they don’t fess up to soon Lordy I won’t have anything to write to you about.


  2. The Terror here is accountability.

    A large slice of the £880,000 erdf money used in ISUS, if not all, to be repaid, given the outright perversion of the tender process, giving the contract to the least qualified of more than ten applicants, and then permitting this favoured “bien aime” to rob the public purse blind by turning effectively a blind eye to their activities.

    Then once “fined” WBC needs to explain how and why no-one has been punished.

    Burgess ” a largely successful scheme” indeed.

  3. If Eric Robinson, like Burgess before him, ever gets pinned in the leather chair and probed by Roger Phillips, would he invoke the old, trusted chestnut that gets dusted off for these occasions?

    “This is a large, £multi-million organisation; large organisations make mistakes……….”

    “Mistakes” = issues we had full control over but fell down and crashed dismally, then tried and failed to cover up, hence the need for a subsequent, calculated, public redefining of the “M” word, with BBC Radio Merseyside’s assistance. This will be ‘delivered’ courtesy of those caught failing or with their hands in the till, or who know all about it, but who will abuse the power they still retain as if their lives depended on it … to make it go away, and to ensure those responsible stay one step ahead of accountability or criminal charges.

    It only involves large sums of dirty money here, and wronged bidders – with no hidden deaths or direct suffering inflicted, but will the BIG and ISUS issues get the same glossy, public makeover as the Social Services scandals did when the time EU clawback comes?

    “We made mistakes, and it was all a long time ago… trust us… “

    • A reasonable person might believe that someone got bribed to double wirralbiz’s score from a score independently and blindly arrived at of 36 to one of 72 points. From that point a reasonable person could surmise that wirralbiz and the insider to WBC were in each others pockets.

      How could wirralbiz obtain contracts for erdf subsequent to WBC discovering its misdeeds. “Making Business Worlks” and “Business Enterprise in the Community”.. you would have thought WBC would warn both leaders of these consortiums.

      How is it that having the data given by whistleblowers , reams of data, that WBC would still pay £99,000 to wirralbiz 10 months after the end of the ISUS contract. A reasonable person might find it whiffy indeed

      • Whiffy BizzyWirral

        It stinks of Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.



        Funny Lordy how Joey Blowey and the other goose went quiet picking on me after the “Crapapple” fiasco.


        Can you imagine Lordy what “Tarrantino” will find when he dips his toe into Wirral Waters?

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