Environmental Disaster


A concerned citizen writes :

Walking the dog last week I picked up 60+ ‘neighbour’ complaints on the pavement by Guinea Gap (ironically including one from a man who wouldn’t give his full details as he was worried about data protection). These complaints are detailed, including months of noise logs and personal details/addresses/phone numbers, and in the wrong hands would cause endless upset for the complainers.

Yes folks it would seem The Most Improved Council in an Alternative Universe strikes again!.

As ever we requested to peruse the evidence and sure enough our source came up with the goods.

Whilst it may be in the public interest  to know that Wirral has a ‘Benzene Route’ (who knew?) where Wirral Council monitors toxic emissions ,


– it is completely unforgivable for the Environmental Health Department to dump confidential documents containing sensitive personal data on a pavement near Wallasey Town Hall. Two thoughts : Firstly perhaps the Information Commissioner’s Office should be informed about this serious Data Protection breach and secondly where were Kingdom Security when you need them to slap a  Fixed Penalty Notice on the litter lout responsible for this careless act of environmental vandalism?.

We were intrigued to discover that the information was recorded on a Northgate Information Solutions template – not a Wirral Council logo in sight. So it would seem that highly paid officers can’t even devise their own documents and rely on a multi-national that trades on leeching off the public sector (aka ‘outsourcing’).

Northgate Information Solutions are a holding company  of  NGA Human Resources whose website is positively vomitous :  http://www.ngahr.com/

Needless to say there’s certainly some fascinating (confidential) information to be had about noisy neighbours, polluters , barking dogs, fire burners etc ; etc;. However we particularly like that one of the complainants was referred to as ‘the auld fella’  – endearing maybe but unprofessional definitely.


We can’t help agreeing  with the poor soul who had a keep a ‘noise log’ where they record the inconsiderate activities of their neighbour as being like the  Wirral Council officer who  dumped these documents on the pavement as ‘ absolutely awful’.

P. S . We must say we had much fun at Leaky Towers redacting the documents – perhaps one of us could get a full time job as a ” Senior Redaction Consultant”  a la media control freak Martin Liptrotsky !.

3 thoughts on “Environmental Disaster

  1. G’day Leaks

    With no one wanting to say boo.

    Is this cowardice or people don’t give a shit?

    How come “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”, “Ankles” “The Pretend Friend” and “Phil’s Ugly Twin Brother” have not had their really really ugly heads above the parapet, or, even in their local rubbish propaganda sheet ha ha ha ha ha ex propaganda sheet. (Still Rubbish)

    Is it “Frankenstein”? “Uncle Joe”?…… or “Eric ( who are ya? who are ya? who are ya? who are ya?) Pimple Face Robinson”? or “Uncle Joe via Fartin Lobsterpot” that has threatened them to keep their big fat ugly heads down?



    Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny” Bizz Wirral “Funny Bizz”

    Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate

    Lyndale School Lyndale School Lyndale School

    Girtrell Court Girtrell Court Girtrell Court

    Nurse Rat Nurse Rat Nurse Rat Nurse Rat

    Missus bilong

    The Pretend Friend The Pretend Friend The Pretend Friend

    Lest we forget


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