The Big Lie Gets Even Bigger……

It’s been a week since we published our heartfelt preview of what was then the upcoming Ofsted inspection report of Wirral Council’s Children’s Services

And now in the aftermath of the publication of the latest in a long line of damning reports it would appear Wirral Council are adopting the timeworn tactic of denial and damage limitation.

As an antidote to these machinations we’re bringing you our further thoughts on the Ofsted report and subsequent developments.



China Crisis 

Once again Council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies demonstrates his renowned strong leader powers and makes plans to bog off to China with his new BFF  – Metro Mayor reject Joe Anderson  – in the aftermath of the Ofsted report crisis. At least his predecessor as council leader Steve Foulkes , who was not renowned for his political insight or indeed renowned for anything , had the good sense to abandon plans to jet off to the far east when the  equally damning Independent Review threw Wirral Council into chaos in 2012.

However it seems Power Boy Pip is undeterred by the fact his leadership is in question and the Council is yet again in turmoil as he embarks on yet another junket. What we’d like to know is what exactly is his “number one priority” – small children or big business?  and what have any of these many trips achieved for the people of Wirral?. Perhaps Pip can also tell us whether the Wirral Chamber of Commerce Queen Paula Basnett and  Contact Company King Asif Hamid are also on the trip and if so – why?.

Walker Walks

We think the first casualty (and we hope not the last) of the Ofsted inspection was Bernard Walker the ‘independent’ chair of  Wirral Safeguarding Boards for both adults and children . Walker must have known the writing was on the wall and walked out when Ofsted walked in (allegedly at the end of his “tenure”). Subsequently Ofsted judged Wirral Safeguarding Children Board as “inadequate” and that it was “not discharging all of its statutory functions ….and the running of board business are not sufficiently independent of the local authority”.  As we know from the Standards & Constitutional Oversight Committee  an ‘independent’ person for Wirral Council is usually a safe pair of hands who won’t rock the boat and won’t ask any awkward questions . And at £500 a day for Walker’s services it would seem it’s the usual consultancy trick of taking the money but not taking the flak. Seems like Walker could talk the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. Under the circumstances might we suggest to Bernard that in the light of the Ofsted report findings that he may want to tinker with his LinkedIn profile – just sayin’.

Self Improvement 

“From the brink of intervention, to the pinnacle of local government” (Eric Robinson CEO Wirral Council).

So in the light of the Ofsted report how is that statement standing up Eric? . It’s all sounding a bit hollow isn’t it?. An empty Martin Liptrot -penned soundbite. Ain’t it a shame that the people of Wirral are not buying what you’re selling? . Although they are being asked to stump up another £2 million to help put things right!.

Unfortunately though the supine Department of Education suits think Wirral Council can be entrusted to set up their own improvement board and everything will be tickety-boo in no time. Of course long suffering Wirralians know better as we’ve all been here before . It is less than 3 years ago that the Local Government Association – led improvement board made a premature evacuation .

We all knew at the time  that Wirral Council was nowhere near being “improved”. Self improvement is not the way forward with this lot- we all know that Wirral Council has long needed external intervention.

“Oh but they’ve got an action plan……leave them alone” bleats Frank Field . To which we’d like to say to him – “You , sunshine have a lot to answer for – it was you who stopped the Local Government Commissioners intervening in 2012 . You must be so proud of your politically motivated control-freakery. This Ofsted report is part of your legacy Frankenfield – so please that’ll be no more  headline grabbing , fake- emoting over the plight of starving mites in Birkenhead from you thank you very much!……”




10 thoughts on “The Big Lie Gets Even Bigger……

  1. G’day Leaksy

    If and I say if AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s and his “The Chamber Potty” were to be on the plane to China what would they offer?

    They knew Wirral “Funny” Bizz were in the process of knocking off £2,000,000.00 and continued to pay them for a further eighteen months regardless of this and the Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping they didn’t report.

    What is it they can contribute to anyone?




    Luv ya Leaks

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  3. What concerns me, is this is happening to most child protection LA, as with NHS, as OFSTED is government agency, and does their bidding, which is to get excuses, to privatise all child protection services, which has been on the cards now for years and most are privatised by the back door, as it is a multimillion pound industry.

    We know they are poor, but when privatised will be worse, and no publicity, inspections will be good, as not OFSTED NOT independent ,and as companies can claim commercial confidentiality, so public don’t even get FOIA Notices let alone accountability.

    • We share your concerns and it’s not just confined to Children’s Services.
      With more privatisation comes less public accountability.When it comes to social care that is a frightening prospect.

      • The final solution, is for all welfare. and the most lucrative parts of NHS ie mental health, to be privatised, and run by a few privatised monopoly companies, with huge management, venture capital backed, as the profit returns are so high, and company owners get huge buy outs on take over, run on back of zero, at best short term contract workers, including professionals, with employment outsoucing agencies, taking a huge cut for providing work.

        Huge rip off of service and public funds ——-neither labour or tory basics, just the new third way totalitarianism..

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