All at Sea

Now we don’t profess to know the ins and outs of the New Brighton  Lifeboat Station dispute – although we’d be delighted to be fully appraised. Nevertheless it sounds as though it has all the characteristics of what goes on at Wirral Council – nepotism, abuse of power and behind the scenes machinations.  So it came as no surprise to us that the name of  former head of Lifeguard Service Tony Jones popped up in a post on the Save Our Lifeboat Station Facebook page that was forwarded to us .
Wirral Leaks readers will remember Tones when he was merely a prospective councillor and  was involved in an epic campaign fail by producing a leaflet that broke Electoral Commission rules. And thereby proving his suitability to be a bungling Labour councillor he was ,needless to say , duly elected.
From what we are reading about the New Brighton Lifeboat saga it is very strangely reminiscent  of Wirral Council’s Control Room debacle  , where clearly management in cahoots with councillors wanted rid of the staff and created a bogus redundancy situation to do so , getting  rid of the whole team. Similarly the team at New Brighton Lifeboat Station seem to have been got shut of  – one way or another.
As this Facebook post from October 7th explains this has potentially serious consequences  :
Once again we have to report a failure by the LOM (Lifeboat Operations Manager)  at New Brighton Station. We have been informed by a reliable source that the Atlantic 85 fast response rib is off service from 15:00 today till Sunday 19:00 hours.

That means everyone is in danger the nearest RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) lifeboat is Hoylake a good 15 – 20 minutes sea journey to get to a victim. Can you hold your breath or tread water that long ?

21 sacked and resigned crew are sitting at home, fully trained and available for duty. Those at the station whom no one can touch the LOM and divisional DOM (Divisional Operations Manager) feel that you the public should be put in danger.

All because they didn’t realise that we the ex crew are a tightly packed one unit, cut one you cut us all. We have fought as hard as we can to reverse this pathetic decision, but the old boys network at the station is too strong.

We need the public help to press the RNLI to come to its senses. We would all return today if the perpetrator of the kull at the station was removed yes you the LOM shame on you and your band of bad men.

We have evidence of a plot to remove “driftwood” as they put it from the station and orchestrated a plan including shutting the station 12 months ago.

Now your donations are being used to pay hotel bills and expenses for helms from different stations around the country to give you the impression that all is back to Normal at the station.

Please help and forward to all your friends and family enough is enough…..

The post and the comments at the foot of the post are particularly revealing and sadly familiar. With references to old boys network, bad men, dictatorship , the apparent contempt for lifeboat crews and the ignoring a vote of no confidence is it any wonder with that kind of background Cllr Tony Jones fits right in at Wallasey Town Hall?.


8 thoughts on “All at Sea

  1. Nearly three years down the line the control room remains open with the community patrol staff still on the same pay as their long gone redundant ex colleagues for doing according to council spokesperson 50% less work due to the loss of cctv coverage,
    WBC still pay the full cost of the CCtV system close to £500,000 a year so if the staff are in the control room 24 hours and still on the same pay wouldnt it make sense to plug the monitors back in and utilise the paid for system so Police controllers can perform their very busy task of communicating with the public and Police officers and not waste time spinning cameras round in areas they havent got a clue about and at least let the staff in there earn their crust

  2. So kiddies could drown because these bastards’ egos needed to take centre stage.

    If I ever find myself on a field of battle with such fucking cowards – highly unlikely – I’ll be taking the opportunity to put them out of their misery – one by one – FIRST.

    Before they even think about getting the chance to bayonet me in the back, rifle the pockets of my corpse for cash, and desert to the enemy. Yep … before that idea’s even occurred to them.

    Just saying.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Had a free night out last night with “Highbrow” watching I Daniel Blake and you can see in it exactly why AdderleyDadderleyDooLally acted the way he did at wirral and exactly why he was never fit for purpose.

    The suckers, and I am not referring to the clintons.

    wirral put us in Daniel’s situation and we will not stop until there are some admissions and actions.

    Got that Ecca, “Spotty Dog”, “The Blinking CEO”?

    Each time I see the great “Highbrow” him being a historian from Oxford, eat your heart out “Pretend Friend” if you could have been half as bright as him, he talks of there being a rebellion and I think he might have something.

    I used to tell him we have to throw a stone through a window in the clown hall to get any action.

    Looking at the way FOI’s clog up the works how easy would it be to stop them in their tracks if one was smart and with a bit of a team effort?

    Just sayin.



    Still unemployed Leaks but I luv ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Don’t fall into the conspiratorial trap about the FOI requests.
      The myth that FOI requests brought part of Wirral Council to a standstill was invented by Frank Field during an interview on Radio Merseyside.
      As ever the hypocrisy of the man is breathtaking – check out the number of Parliamentary questions he asks at They WorkFor You. The difference being that Field doesn’t have to wait months/years for an answer and doesn’t have to put up with exemptions or appeals to the ICO.
      Also we strongly resist the idea of a “team effort”. This is another conspiracy theory Wirral Council likes to promulgate whereas we know there is a growing number of individuals who have been grievously wronged by this appalling organisation over many years who happen to find an outlet via Wirral Leaks. We record and archive their grievances – as we all know they get very little support elsewhere and for many the story of “I, Daniel Blake” is their destiny.

      • And you can hear the interview with Tony Snell here.

        The psychopath has a Field day:

      • G’day Leaks

        The FOI was only a vague example of a spanner.

        I am sure with a bit of thought and effort of people who are not cowardly like 65 nodding muppets one could put a big spanner in any works, or non-works, such as wirral with a tiny w, look what “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” does to it without trying. (golf courses golf courses golf courses soccer/golf soccer/golf soccer/golf)



        I still tell “Highbrow” the stone threw the window five years ago might have been the best alternative.

  4. Hello Wirral Leaks

    Tony Snell wasn’t too happy with Frank at the end of the interview was he? FOI conspiracy… asking too many questions of an accountable, publicly funded, public body that isn’t inclined to be accountable to anyone. Well, whatever next…thumbscrews, the rack, truth drugs?

    For all of the Information Commissioner’s turnovers of Wirral Council’s FOI refusals, the default position for Wirral Council is refusal, and the application of Surjit Tour’s ‘Council Interest Test’. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the public interest.

    Too many FOI requests, and a conspiracy to bring down the Council…if in doubt turn yourself into the victim. Appear to lack the comprehension as to why this situation could possibly arise, and soften your voice so that this vulnerability shows your sensitive side, and display your totally fabricated, incredulous hurt feelings, that such a thing could happen to our beloved Council.

    …and then continuously talk about something completely off the subject as you fade into the final seconds of your sycophantic ramblings.

    I think I’m going to throw up…but before that let me take a selfie…get your ego out of the picture Frank, you’re not exactly bad-boy Jezza, are you?

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