Words of the Week


We’d like to introduce a new feature to Wirral Leaks called  ‘Words of the Week’.

This is in recognition of the fact that in the age of the instant hit that some of our readers would like a more accessible route to the week’s stories and intrigues.

Firstly we are grateful to esteemed contributor Dr Robert Smith who introduced us to the delightful portmanteau word “peninsularity” . The Collins English Dictionary defines this word as :  insularity and narrowness of  mind resulting from living on a peninsula’

Of course we don’t think this applies to everyone on Wirral but most definitely to the toxic, inward-looking ,  nepotistic culture which still exists within our local political elite.

Our second word comes via an email from a well placed source. The word being “unglaublich”. It’s not a word that we’re familiar with . However our source kindly provides a definition as they reveal that cash-strapped Wirral Council have been splashing out on more furniture. We’re wondering whether they’re making Wallasey Town Hall (and adjacent offices) more appealing  to the Wirral Chamber of Commerce when they take over the whole damn lot of what’s left of Wirral Council !?.

Meanwhile we look forward to our readers contributing to our new feature in a similar vein to this week’s wordsmith :

Words fail me.

I am reliably informed that quantities of new furniture were delivered to Wallasey Town Hall yesterday.

We are constantly told that savings have to be made and yet, despite all this, things like this go on.

The municipal machine rumbles on and is not being scrutinised effectively.

Too much power is in too few hands in our Borough.  


incredible {adj}
incredibly {adv}
elusive {adj}
unbelievable {adj}
sublime {adj} [impertinence, confidence]
epic {adj} [sl.]
staggeringly {adv}
unbelievably {adv}
phenomenally {adv}
elusively {adv}
past belief {adj}
beyond belief {adj}
mind-boggling {adj} [coll.]


2 thoughts on “Words of the Week

  1. The concatenation of slip ups, obfuscation, criminal behaviour, and robustness suggests that WBC is an organisation “not fit for purpose”.

    Concatenation deriving from Cates in Latin from whence in Shakespeare “Cates” referring to edibles such as “funeral baked meats”, Cates being origin of the word to cater or catering, now used in programming language to mean putting together different types of variable say a number variable and a text variable by using the & , also employed by the Proustian character Baron Charlus in famous translations of A la recharge du Temps Perdu

    • G’day Lordy


      What “Highbrow” said.

      Which my interpretation is they are low down, stinking, rotten, scum bag, liars that smell like a dead dingo’s donga.

      Led by the “Pretend Friend” that’s how effing stupid they are.



      It is no good just telling them that Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off £2,000,000.00 and were complete idiots thaT TOOK THE PISS OUT OF WIRRAL because they all stick together like a gang of bullies pretending it never happened.

      Can’rt wait to see who got the BIG money and it might explain a few more dirty, filthy low acts.

      Its not our money anyway is it AdderleyDadderleyDooLally?

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