Words of the Week #2


We don’t know whether you’ve had a chance to catch up on the Adam Curtis film HyperNormalisation. For those of you wanting to try and understand the madness of the modern world we suggest you do.

It shows that what has happened is that all of us in the West – not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves – have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because it is all around us we accept it as normal. Wirral Council can be said to be a microcosm of this HyperNormalisation.

Or to update that infamous phrase : Wirral Council – where the normal is HyperNormal.

For our first Word Of the Week tune in for definition of HyperNormalisation at 24 minutes : You were so much part of the system that it was impossible to see beyond it. The fakeness was hypernormal.


Our world is strange and often fake and corrupt. But we think it’s normal because we can’t see anything else. HyperNormalisation – the story of how we got here.


Our second word of the week is our first neologism and has been sent to us by one of our favourite wordsmiths  Dr Robert B Smith.

CONCOUNCILLUTION (of Local Authorities)

CON (a Confidence trick) – COUNCIL (A council is a group of people who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions) [So]LUTION (a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation)

The Concouncillution of a Local Authority, is the process by which local councillors (often in concert with others) create a false, complex, mutually supportive system of non-admission of corrupt, dishonourable and mendacious behaviour. It is a near-invisible, and virtually impenetrable, method of self- and collective-protection. It primarily uses leverage associated with ‘insider’ knowledge of others’ malfeasance, mendacity, or incriminating actions. 

Concouncillution is devoid of any relationship with the electorate, and solely exists in order to protect the political and personal self-interest of councillors and senior officers. The active exclusion of ‘the public’ at every opportunity reduces councillor concerns by radically minimising exposure to accountability.

Concouncillution is achieved by councillors, for councillors, with the assistance of compliant officers occupying key positions (primarily legal, HR and finance) in the bureaucracy, and in external organisations. Compliant officers who succumb thereby compromise their own status, employment and staff relations, and their integrity. Concouncillution is a progressive process which leads to a specific high-level ‘political inner-circle’ of exclusivity, concealed from the public.

Concouncillution knows no political or geographic boundaries and often unites diverse political callings through mutually beneficial (protective) arrangements, and/or relationships.

Concouncillution compromises all parties, has questionable moral and legal standing, and has apparently limitless budgetary allocations to draw upon.



3 thoughts on “Words of the Week #2

  1. G’day Leaks


    AdderleydadderleyDooLally 5 July 2011



    Lockwood/Harbac “Spotty Blue Teapot” et al

    Luv and Respect Lordy XXX


  2. Imagine a dinner party with Degg, Adderley, Wilkie, Norman, Green, Foulkes, Paul Ca, Nigel and James. It would be better than Russ Abbots Madhouse!

    • It would be a bunfight and the very idea has been rocking with laughter.

      Hydrogen and sulphur gas combined; the bullet hitting the plutonium in the bomb casing; petrol and the match

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