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Our media correspondent Phil Column asks : “That dual colour masthead ….wonder where Wirral View got that idea from? “

We all know that central government are constantly dismantling opportunities for external scrutiny of our public institutions and have lately been encouraging the use of peer reviews.

Peer reviews are basically where get your mates in to give you the thumbs up to carry on as hypernormal. Astonishingly we understand that our very own ‘strong leader’ Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies goes round the country performing this task and give other local authorities the benefit of his ineptitude.

So we thought we’d redress the balance and undertake a peer review by an actual peer of the realm. Therefore as promised His Lordship will be giving a full review of the online edition of Wirral View .  But remember folks ” Your publication” is  NOT a newspaper  !. Power Boy Pip says : “even though this is printed on recycled news-sheet this publication is not a newspaper”. So that’s all right then, thanks for clearing that up for us!.

All we can say on the matter is that if it walks like a duck , talks like a duck – it’s a f*cking duck . We’re surprised it doesn’t come with a free sachet of Hoisin sauce.

The first thing we noted (as did many of our readers) was that advertising was placed solely by Thornton  Hall Hotel. Clearly that unfortunate incident involving Foulkesy’s stepson assaulting hotel staff by pulling hair , wielding a fork and doing the “do you know who my mum is?” routine must has been forgiven. But then we suppose if you want the dubious prestige of hosting the annual Mayor’s Ball it’s always best to keep in with the hosts.  Which brings us to an interesting point. Isn’t there an incentive for those businesses who have contracts or who may be seeking contracts with Wirral Council to place adverts in Wirral View?. The opportunities for conflicts of interest , coercion and nepotism are a distinct possibility and based on how things work on Wirral , a near certainty. Although having said that we’re sure that Wirral Council’s contracting arrangements are beyond reproach – although those left out of the recent tendering exercise for Wirral’ Council’s taxi services may want to disagree!.

The rest of the publication is all a bit ‘meh’ tbh . It certainly doesn’t appear to be filling anyone’s ” information deficit” (whatever that is) unless of course you’ve always wanted to know how to make Spicy Tomato & Lentil Soup . We counted no less than 10 articles that reference food ,glorious,food . All very lowest common denominator stuff – we blame The Great British Bake Off . However as we’ve already commented the most interesting aspect is the Ofsted inspection report spin-a-rama and the no doubt Martin Liptrot – scripted  leader’s column (insert own joke!) .

Power Boy Pip /Liptrotsky are keen to emphasise that Wirral View won’t carry breaking news , football results (!) or important information you need to know immediately and that Statutory Notices will still be placed in the local weekly papers.

The local weekly papers ,by which they obviously mean the Wirral Globe  – as we all know they’ve got Wirral News /Liverpool Echo neatly boxed off on the newsfront –  will still be able to hold the council and its partners to account when they get things wrong (heaven forbid!).

Of course the Wirral Globe will only be able to  hold local organisations to account as long as it is not undermined and it would appear to us that Wirral View is an attempt to do exactly that . We think the true motivation behind the publication of this newspaper (for that’s what it is) was let slip by  Labour councillor Ron Abbey at last week’s Extraordinary Council meeting where he said the Wirral Globe  were ” too busy criticising this Council” and that they don’t send out “the right message”.

The “right message” we presume being the one personally approved by Pip’s ‘policy advisor’ Mr Liptrot and only then is it fit to grace the pages of Wirral View.

And finally can we say this :  these are desperate times when we have to rely on the local press to hold our local institutions to account. Which brings us right back to where we started –  we are reliant on the press because there is a lack of external scrutiny of our public institutions and as we have witnessed time and time again it is to the detriment of public accountability, the public interest and the public purse.


5 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. Long may the Wirral Globe, Wirral leaks, John Brace & Paul Cardin keep exposing Wirral Councils shortcomings & as far as Phil’s labour propaganda sheet is concerned may it have a slow death albeit at the ratepayers expense.

  2. G’day Lordy

    Had a great day today in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    Anybody who questions whistleblower 2 “Highbrow’s” evidence and explanations about how Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off about £2,000,000.00 and all the other criminality and nonsense around Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods should have been in that court house that “The Shyster’s” gets his toy boy barista in his Saville Row from London to get him out of the shit…… often.

    The genius that is “Highbrow” as a witness for a friend in an unrelated accounting issue tore the barista’s final summing up to the judge to shreds and tatters to the point it was embarrassing and cause an onlooker to burst out laughing but the great man had the decency to apologise and make excuses for the lack of knowledge of the humiliated barista..

    The worst thing about this Lordy is that I don’t even think the judge understood.

    The law is truly an ass and he who pays most usually wins it seems.

    Possibly it is why they are never scared of what they do because they can defend with taxpayer monies, any amount.



    I bet they don’t do court reporting in their new comic.


  3. G’day Leaky

    Regarding that last post of mine and to make it perfectly clear on what I was getting at .

    When “The Pretend Friend” of “Highbrow” Clowncillor Adrian Jones would say to his ‘MATE’ Nigel “you can’t win boyo”.

    He meant, you can’t win boyo, because, we have at hand unlimited resources (wirral tax council monies) to beat the shit out of you with, we can do what we want, “The Shyster” has a boy barista in London and/or even start a monthly comic if we want.

    So, My Good Lord, like the scum bag family in the court case I witnessed yesterday that won, these greedy self serving low life bullies at wirral have to live with themselves afterwards.

    Bobby47 could explain better than me the cowardice and greed of these bullies.



    May “The Pretend Friend” have a great time spending his £30,000.00 per anus…………………..err err sorry……………. per annum family allowances, he and “Nurse Rat” collect.

    The big cheese barista who visited his stylist in the lunch break that “Highbrow” made a public exhibition of yesterday by just telling the truth introduced a word that was said to impress Lady Judge, who didn’t appear to understand accounting that was


    That My Leaky is the gap of dishonesty running through some wirral clowncil peoples boneheads.

    Along with the £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off.


    • I should add that the Court’s accountability can be relied upon as far as can the Peer Review’s . The blind willingly led by the blind is the phrase that comes to mind.

      We are left with the Press and that alone.

  4. G’day Leaks

    Just heard a bit on the news about the clown’s not going ahead with the birkenbloodyhead market.

    Is “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” wanting to put a golf course there for the peasants?

    They must need all the dosh for Kev’s teams new ground. ha ha ha ha



    Luv ya Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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