Communication with Kev


Ladies and gentleman we proudly present this week’s enlightening email exchange between Leaky Towers and Wirral Council’s Senior Manager for Communications and Marketing Kevin MacCallum following the publication of the first edition of Wirral View . As usual we’re not lost for words. As for Kev – well he just appears lost (and not for the first time)…….

Good evening,
I’m writing to ask for a favour. 
I enjoy the blog in general, even considering the extra work you create for me & my staff, and I do have to say you cross the line into personal abuse at times. 
The articles this week taking the piss out of Wirral View are also good fun, and about what we expected. Bring it on. 
I would like to ask you to remove the photo though. 
It’s got ‘normal’ people in it, as in not politicians and not senior staff. 
These are just ordinary residents (including a young girl from Wallasey) who didn’t realise they’d appear on your blog when they had their photo taken by us for a council publication. 
They’re not your target, it’s not fair and in doing your job by having a pop at us you’re risking upsetting people for no good reason. 
Can you swap the photo for something else?
I was promised ‘endless satire’, which you haven’t delivered on just yet so you must be able  to come up with something else? 
Cheers – would appreciate it. 
Kev MacCallum

Head of Communications

Dear Kevin

We’re just watching the Great British Bake Off.
We’ll get back to you later……

Just take the photo of the kid and the woman with the Mayor down. Come on, is it really that big a deal?

Hi Kev

Apologies for the overnight delay.
Our picture dept is working on a replacement.
We’ll let you know when it’s up and provide a more fulsome response later.

I appreciate it, thank you.

Fill your boots with any of the other stuff though, obviously. A lot of this is fair game, and you do a nice job – just try & keep ordinary people out of it.

Thanks again,Kev


Is your photo-desk on a go-slow? They could get a job here.


That’s the thing Kev – we have to rely on people doing their stuff voluntarily and for free. It isn’t a job.

Not suggesting that this is what you would do – but we don’t bully , we can’t threaten to discipline someone and nobody is trying to curry favour with us for career advancement .
We have got a picture – it’s you with a stick of rock instead. Shall we go with that one?.

Hi Kev

Sorry to ruin your weekend – we’ve given this considerable thought and this collective has decided that no we won’t be doing you a favour. Why should we?.
Whilst we’re pleased you enjoy the blog in general (damn us with faint praise why don’t you?), we reject the notion that we cause you and your team “extra work” – you need to have a word with your colleagues who supply us with a constant flow of stories about their dishonesty and incompetence and then perhaps your cushy jobs would be even easier than they already are.
Whilst you acknowledge that our articles this week ” taking the piss out of Wirral View are also good fun “,  we refute absolutely that we cross the line into “personal abuse” . We have never, not once, received a complaint about personal abuse – unless of course you wish to provide specific examples.  We are also surprised that you seem to be endorsing Wirral Leaks as we often hear that the rank and file would be subject to disciplinary action for doing so. But then being a ‘Senior Manager’ these rules obviously don’t apply.  You also ask us to “Bring it on”. So here we go…..
We’re NOT removing the photo. Mainly because we’re not answerable to Wirral Council and never will be – but mostly because we won’t be drawn into this disingenuous bullshit about picture subjects being “ordinary/normal”.
Did you explain to your photo-ops that they would be on your website and shoved through the letterboxes of 150,000 residents and that some of them aren’t exactly pleased about it?.  No, thought not!. So don’t try and guilt trip us – ‘cos it ain’t gonna work.
The suggestion that the the little girl with the stick of rock is a target of Wirral Leaks is deeply manipulative. She’s not. Wirral Council are and always will be – as well you know.
We also didn’t promise ‘endless satire’. We promised ‘endless opportunities for satire’.
You personally prove that we keep our promises………..and we weren’t being funny about the picture either!.

10 thoughts on “Communication with Kev

  1. Sounds like a case of toxic coworker. Wirral Council has an ample supply. Especially when stressed Eric is reading your article.

  2. Hmmm. Senior Wirral Council officer engaged in pushing Sysyphian boulder up hill in shape of unwanted, scandalous, barely legal Council Pravda costing council tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds plus many thousands more in legal fees, er… magically transforms himself into the arbiter of “what is fair and what isn’t”.

    Very rich of him. His day job is spent at the output end of the churning, abnormal machinery, frantically sprinkling golden glitter onto freshly steaming turds … and then he decides it’s time to hit out at somebody else, attacking a fully paid up, fully legal, very popular satirical blog of some standing – for dishing out personal abuse!

    Maybe it’s time for Kev to spend some downtime reading say, the Martin Smith report (assuming his sensitive eyes can bear the offending, enforced redactions still in place years later). Here he’ll learn to appreciate the true meaning of personal abuse i.e. the ganging up, calculated targeting, mobbing, bullying, intimidation and forcing out of a whistleblower… er, by his own employer, Wirral Council.

    Like Labour’s Alistair Campbell, Jo Moore and Martin Liptrot before him he obviously didn’t learn the prime lesson of the successful Comms person… don’t become the story. Too late now.

    I’m trying to help you here Kev. If you were walking along the road and about to fall into a pot-hole, I’d tell you wouldn’t I? That’s what I’m doing here. Think of it as a friendly, helping hand.

    Why is it that those involved in PR / comms are almost universally despised?

    Which suggests they’re not very good at PR / comms i.e.their f*cking highly paid jobs?!?!?!

  3. G’day Leaks

    Not another kev?

    If you can be bothered having intercourse with this kev again can you tell him “Highbrow” and I are/were just normal people trying to prevent £2,000,000.00 of wirral’s hard earned being stolen by Wirral “Funny” Bizz and we have just been battered and pissed on and conspired against for coming up six years.

    Six years of a lot of pain and suffering for us and our families, a lot of unemployment just to be laughed at and ignored by senior officers and 65 dumb fuck clowncillors that allow themselves to be used.

    He could get Ecca to write a massive apology in his next issue of his comic, for starters, and then I would ask you to take the photo of that allegedly normal girl down.



    I bet if kev gets ecca to fess up on Wirral “Funny” Bizz and the whole conspiracy in his next comic you would take that picture down for me and “Highbrow”.


  4. I wouldn’t trust that numpty MaCallum with the fuckin Beano! If that email communication is anything to go by, how the fuck he has rose to Head of Communication is beyond me.

  5. G’day Leaky

    Looking at your photo this person have you photo shopped it?

    It looks like a cross between AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, “Ankles” Foulkes and “Crapapple”.

    Just sayin.



    Luv ya L and you will be glad to hear that “Highbrow’s” mate is appealing that judge’s decision that was, trust me, ludicrous. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    In history truth usually wins out eventually doesn’t it “Pretend Friend”?

  6. Hello Kevin. Other than you and you alone appear to be the only man resident on the Wirral peninsular who’s spotted this young person eating a stick of rock, which is worrying, I’ve absolutely no problem with your strategic move that is, to secure your place on the lap of those you want to win favour with. To call you an oily, creeping, sycophantic ‘let me cradle your bollocks’ whilst you laugh, slimy ladder climber is no insult as far as I’m concerned. Indeed, from your perspective, I’d say that my words are more of a glowing testament to someone who wants to engratiate themselves and win favour. Good luck to you Kevin I say, and come Monday morning, unless your working from home to reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace, they’ll embrace you, regale you as a ‘must get to know’ guy who’s raced ahead of the pack who never considered for one single moment that a child nibbling on a stick of rock was an opportunity for self advancement.
    As for you and your image. I like your face and I like the shape of your head. You’ve got a nice face, a nice shaped head and other than the lose knot that’s affixed your tie to your neck, you’d be an odd sort of fish to find fault with it. That said, because I spend an ungodly amount of time, unnecessarily if the truth be told, staring at photographs and images of those who come to the attention of the mighty Wirral Leaks, I’ve noticed that you seem to be in a position where you are looking from the outside into the inside. Rather like images of fully grown men who gather outside mechanically propelled motor vehicles parked up dark and unlit lanes who watch the local Dogging Assocuations in action, I promise you dear Kevin, from here on, after your visit to the legendary Leaks, you’ll, from herein and forever after, be in the car looking out rather than outside looking in. You’ve made it Kev! You are now in!

  7. G’day Leaks

    Is this idiot for real or have you made him up?

    Just take the photo of the kid and the woman with the Mayor down. Come on, is it really that big a deal?

    No Lordy it is no big deal.

    Who put the little girl and the woman with the “Dunny Chain Wearer” into the public domain in the first place?

    I and most people I believe would not give these two photos a second thought.

    Do you think he is trying to get them fame.

    Open Pandora’s Box Leaky as they did and it is awful hard to shut the barstard.

    Reap what you sow buffoon.

    What half wit would highlight any child at wirral after the recent report?


    Ecca and Fartin Lobsterpot’s half wit.




    Then after highlighting the child he wants to make an even bigger show.

    Or, is that the aim.

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