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Well , we didn’t expect our Friday night badinage with Wirral Council’s Head of Communications Kev to have quite the impact it has. We just thought it was a bit of blogfodder whilst we researched a few other stories.

Little did we know it would lead to our first mainstream media headline

As you can see we are described as  a ‘caustic website’ by Wirral Globe and ‘barely literate’ by one commentator. But then if you dish it out – you should expect to get it back. However we’ve decided to take a leaf out of Wirral View and accentuate the positive, and thank the no doubt delightful Ms. Natasha Eubank who we think sums up our raison d’être :

“Whilst Wirral Leaks has always been a satirical blog, it has previously raised , and continues to raise some very serious concerns regarding the conduct of Wirral’s Council”

Indeed , as we’ve said before , we swear by that old adage  : “If you want to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh or they’ll kill you” . . .

However we were distracted from following the Wirral Globe story when a glossy local magazine dropped through our letterbox. We thought at first it might be a priceless first edition of Wirral View . However it turned out to be a copy of Wirral Life  – billed as Wirral’s No.1 free premium lifestyle magazine . Some of you might remember that the publishers of this magazine beat Wirral Council to the punch over the Wirral Life title .


We were so disappointed that we endeavoured to find out when we might receive a copy of Wirral View itself. We went on to discover, appropriately enough via a circuitous route, that the company who will be printing the newspaper, Cliffe Enterprise Partnership , appear to be based in Eastbourne.This might explain why the first print edition has been so slow to reach Wirral !.

Apparently there are very few printers who can produce such a snazzy publication so Wirral had to go all the way to the South -East of England. Although we have to say we find it a bit perplexing to discover that a cash-strapped North West council is supporting  a business in the affluent and thriving South-East.

The print costs for the first edition of Wirral View are £8,100 with a further £9,000 for distribution costs. Distribution is to be provided by a company which is at least based up here. Well when we say up here – LDS Ltd are based in Liverpool !.

It’s hard to see where these arrangements fit with the pledges in the Wirral Plan and specifically Pledge 8 – ‘Greater Job opportunities in Wirral’ ,  Pledge 10 – ‘Increase Inward Investment’ and Pledge 11 – ‘Thriving Small Businesses’.

You’d have thought that , if anything , Wirral View would at least be a publication printed and distributed by Wirral companies. The fact that it’s not and Wirral Council are prepared to pay a premium for style over content further suggests to us that this newspaper is nothing more than a sophisticated and expensive PR tool and is not about ‘keeping people informed’.   




17 thoughts on “News Travels

    • That M’Lud is the very kernel, very Kernel I say.

      The quote is I think thereforer I am and not

      I think therefore it is.

      I can’t recall WIrralleaks ever making smoke without there being a roaring inferno

      If he did and was proven wrong then his blog would perish.

  1. G’day Leaks

    I doubt whether a wirral company would be prepared to touch this lots corruption, lies, cheating and obfuscations with a Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters Barge Pole.



    Bet there are some lovely golf courses down Eastbourne way.

    Just sayin!

    The Royal Eastbourne Golf Club

    Eastbourne Downs Golf Club

    Willingdon Golf Club

    The Lottbridge Golf Club


  2. G’day Leaks

    Most improved clowncil in the country.

    Yep lordy the most improved clowncil at keeping their big fat ugly gobs shut each and every one of the allowance freeloaders.



    Ooopps forgot about you KEV you big mouthed fool.

    I doubt they will be able to keep the Neptune scandal schtum for five years.

    Luv ya L

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz
    Working Neighbourhoods
    The Brawl at Charity Ball at the (new bff) Hall
    The affairs.

    The cream of the crap errrrr,,,,,,,,,,, I mean crop

    Crud Crass and Dross


    Roll up roll up roll up

  3. Hello Wirral Leaks

    It is a good job the UK has a south coast border. If we had been physically attached to France it may have been printed in one of our twin towns!

    Wirral, twinned with the printing hub of Eastbourne…time-share beach huts for start-up printing businesses in Wirral Waters. Well nothing else is going up there is it?

  4. I did some work on the proposal for this ‘newspaper’ a short time ago. Here is the link.

    I have an interesting (at least for me) question :-

    There will be 154,575 separate, individual deliveries of ‘Wirral View’ across the Borough of Wirral – every month, including every single household address, and every Wirral business.

    Bearing in mind the variation in housing types & business premises, and not overlooking 75 ‘high footfall’ locations – what would you estimate to be the average time taken to deliver each copy of Wirral View to its destination, across Wirral?

    …and I bet you thought the question was going to be dull, and boring – HA!

  5. We have had these 20/20 promises in one guise or another previously down the years. Guess what? None of them delivered either! If you take a close look at all the performance indicators you will see that Wirral has not moved on one jot despite millions of pounds of European investment over the past few decades. If you live in Birkenhead you will still die ten years earlier on average than if you live in West Kirby!

  6. I would encourage every householder that receives this propoganda to post it back to the council, just stick it in an envelope without a stamp.

  7. G’day Leaks

    & Ecca “The Blinking CEO”

    Me old mate “Highbrow” must be avin a laugh with his FOI


    Dear InfoMgr, FinDMT,

    I am counting 35 days from the date of your notice being 8th November 2016.

    To date I have received nothing.

    I am concerned that the WBC may not provide a complete list. I can safeguard against this only by my pre-existent knowledge of companies in receipt of BIG, those revealed in the Authorities’ reports by accident and by your sight of the list at the start of your enquiries.

    Surely Leaky and you “Spotty Dog” they wouldn’t dare continue playing silly buggers after AdderleyDadderlyDooLally lied to me about none of them going bad when I blew the whistle on 5 July 2011?

    Not only had a number gone bad Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping occurred and was ignored by “The Shyster” and his ILL LEGAL DEPARTMENT.



    I do hope I see “The Shyster” and his boy barista from London in his Saville Row who makes “Sir Git” look even fatter than his 25 inch collar in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters again soon.


    • James,

      Although they blow hard and often in their advisory letters, threatening councils with court is done for form. It’s part of an elaborate charade and is never going to happen in reality.

      To my knowledge the ICO have never followed up on their threats – at least where local authorities are concerned – since they were set up by the crook Blair.

      Leafy Winsford HQ is populated largely by former local authority / public sector staff who are either failed, washed up, keen to get on i.e. crooked, or marking time as the gold plated wonga approaches in the form of a monthly pension remittance. So they’re not going to jeopardise that by dropping their mates in it. Supine is the word.

      But if you are a small private company with uncertain legal back up, playing fast and loose with your junk mail / personal data then expect your world to fall in very quickly.

      Because that’s what playground bullies and gangsters do … pick on the little wimpy kids and either destroy them to set an example to others or bring them to heel and under your control.

  8. G’day Lordy

    Time for Robinson (aka Ecca aka Spotty Dog aka The Blinking CEO) to show Davies (Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill), Davies (Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother wit the Comb Over from Hell), Jones (The Pretend Friend), Jones (Nurse Rat), Tour (The Shyster aka Sir Git), Armstrong (Legweak aka The Angry Lying Little Man), Ball (Humpty Dumpty), Adderley (The Football Shirt aka AdderleyDadderleyDooLally), Basnett (The Chamber Potty), Bradbury The Now Garbage Lady), Foulkes (Ankles aka The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer), in no particular order, who is actually the boss at wirral.

    Let me explain My Good Lord my name calling and insults only commenced after they treated me like a fool after I knew at the time Adderley lied to me to my face on 5 July 2011 with a complicit Basnett sitting there and then ignored my efforts to get them to save wirral £2,000,000.00 and the conspiracy of silence of 65 clowncillors and some senior officers that continued until today.

    Their conspiracy of silence followed a threatening letter from “The Shyster” which was laughed off and he and “The Pretend Friend” refused to offer me a job in line with their very own Whistle Blowing Policy.

    Asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac was ignored by “The Shyster” and his Ill Legal Department.

    A law unto themselves.

    Five and a half years later it surely must be time for “Ecca” to be the BOSS that Wilkie, and Burgess failed to be.



    Today would be a good day “Blinking CEO” to start your apologies with the long awaited list of BIG fund recipients.

    Luv ya more L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and to the moon and back.

  9. G’day Leaks

    See what I mean?

    The only thing they can do reasonably well.

    Is keep their gobs shut..



    Why do we need 65 just to keep their big fat ugly mouths shut.


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