Route 666

What is it with Wirral Council and contracts?. We understand their procurement department has been having a bit of bother with a transport tender exercise held earlier this year and a bit like a taxi queue – it seems it was rank.
Council insiders tell us there has been a simmering dispute with 4 companies who have been going through hell because they were left out a tendering exercise to provide transport routes for Childrens Services.
Apparently due to a technical glitch  on the electronic tendering system some essential documents failed to upload.  Due North – the company responsible for the system on behalf of the council-  maintain that there was no defect in the system which would explain why this happened. As there was no trigger to alert tenderers that information was missing from their bids , the first time that these 4 companies found this out was when they were told their tenders had “Gone West” and not Due North.
Wirral Council could have used their discretion under the Public Contract Regulations to request the incomplete and missing documents . They could have done this with a quick phone call. But- no . This is not how Wirral Council roll
However the result is that with 4 companies excluded from the bidding process  it’s highly likely that the cost of the transport routes will have increased and consequently there are small numbers of children being taken to school in mini-buses instead of more appropriate taxi vehicles. What’s more  we understand Wirral Council have already stated that they will use the option to extend the new contracts for another year even though in the interest of fairness they could just run the procurement exercise again next summer.
Further it is alleged that the company that got the majority of the minibus work have  a prominent new recruit who was previously a council employee and whom had access to all the prices of the contracts for the past two years . This particular company share premises with another company who also did well out of the 2016 contracts in the absence of 4 companies from the bidding process.
Now we’re not suggesting untoward – but under the circumstances and with Wirral Council’s track record there are surely legitimate questions about systems , procedures and propriety that need to be answered.
We understand those questions are with the Local Government Ombudsman – so the meter is still running on this one.
Finally we have contacted someone who’s business has been affected by this fiasco and they told us : “I think it’s shocking that they have no concern about ratepayers money but I guess this is what happens when there is no consequence to their actions .They just can’t get it right it’s shocking, if this was a private company they’d all be sacked.”

7 thoughts on “Route 666

  1. They have a history of giving work after insider knowledge, Atlas Security patrol undercut council on school security contracts after there new owners left council employment and having set the prices themselves years previously then set up gaining 40% of council contracts.
    Were the prices they set as council employees given margin to undercut for a new business?
    I think their future partner Mr Piggott setting up Wirral Community Patrol Limited months before they left was a pre warning of plans they never got to carry out after the sudden departure of their friend and confident Adderly funny Councillors,Wirral News,Wirral Globe and Mps are aware of Wirral Community Patrol being made a limited but no questions asked?

      • G’day Lordy and Wirralbizz

        I little taster from the GIAA report.

        In our view given the anomalies in client files and breaches identified in procurement both would result in a significant financial correction being applied to the BS** Project if identified during an EC audit. It is also likely that some of the procurement breaches would be considered systemic as they are borne from procurement templates provided for Delivery Partners by the Project Applicant.



        They are cheatin barstards

        They are cheatin barstards

        They are cheatin barstards

        and …… say all of us.

        Leaky are they just there to get insider information and closer to a pension pot?

        Luv you so much Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Wirral Community Patrol watched private concern Angela Eagle’s office for 4 weeks after a window was smashed. No money changed hands according to council manager Mark Camborne.

      Private concern the notorious Royal Oak pub 25 metres away was not watched after people…

      • had ears bitten off
      • were knocked out
      • had eyes gouged out with stilettos

      • cant really balme the patrol lads they are given instructions to follow each shift every building is the same to them just a job.
        The royal oak wont be getting watched as merseyside police have control over the cctv since the council passed it over after sacking their staff and the police dont have the time to monitor cctv

  2. C’mon Ecca

    Man up.

    Face it mate you acquired a group of lying, cheating, obfuscating, slimey scum bags that covered up Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00 and your ILL LEGAL DEPARTMENT did nothing even about the criminal asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac.

    Don’t JOIN the gang and be tarred forever disgracing yourself, your family and your alma mater.

    Don’t waste more of wirral’s hard earned and go down the court route with “The Shyster” and his boy barista from London in his Saville Row.

    Don’t become the wirral’s £150,000.00 plus yes man.

    Man up and show you have at least one cojone.




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