The Bonfire of the Vanities


Artist’s impression : River of Light  (nb : we got the same crew who did the ‘Wirral Waters’ artist’s impression)

‘Bonny Night’ always leaves us feeling more frazzled than dazzled, especially as we consider that the Gunpowder Plot was a missed opportunity!.

Therefore it seems inevitable that Wirral Leaks was going to piss on the bonfire but when the front page of the first edition of Wirral View screams : “WIRRAL SET TO DAZZLE IN FREE FAMILY SHOW” and reports of the  November  5th ‘River of Light’  suggested it ended with more of a whimper than a bang we consider it our solemn duty.

Our ire for the fireworks was irked by the fact that Wirral Council’s contribution to the display apparently cost council taxpayers £56,000 so was hardly ‘free’ and the cancellation of traditional bonfire displays elsewhere on Wirral seemed a cynical ploy to herd the masses down by the river for ‘ The Pip and Joe Show’. Although we understand there was such a local outcry in Bebington that the Mayer Park display  was reinstated at the last minute.

As we predicted ,  for Wirral Council and Liverpool Council leaders Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies  and Joe “No – Metro Mayor” Anderson respectively , this was always going to be a bread and circuses vanity show – a dazzling distraction for the masses. A few “oohs” , a few “aahs” and cries of  ” has it started yet ?” , a trudge back to the car and home for sparklers with the kiddiewinks to make up for the disappointment.

And so yet again more public money goes up in smoke in the name of  our vainglorious leaders . As always promising more than they can deliver – Pip and Joe are the very definition of hubris. Foolish pride and dangerous over confidence ending in ignominious failure (see also the  Pip endorsement for Joe’s failed Metro Mayor nomination).

Responding to the criticism from local resident Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)  that the #riverofshite event was “all my arse” Pip and Joe have already promised that they will personally ensure that next year’s event will be a more accurate reflection of economic circumstances.



13 thoughts on “The Bonfire of the Vanities

  1. Great photo no doubt it will be hailed a huge success but excuses already from Liverpool council; phone app didn’t work, The Mersey is a big river but the support drums and air show were good.
    The fireworks for that amount of money were really poor with huge amounts of people leaving after 5-10 minutes actually heard one mum apologize to her kids.
    Suppose it was nice for Liverpool to let the Wirral public see their firework display maybe next year just get it back to what worked so well for years and years Community bonfires and firework displays and WBC don’t treat the Wirral public like morons releasing stupid statements saying there is not enough first aid cover it is once again embarrassing.

    • Absolutely right. Why lie about it when this partnership with Liverpool must have been arranged months ago. Don’t they ever learn. I once told Steve Maddox that when you get it wrong put your hand up and put it right. That was about 7 years ago. Still haven’t learned anything.

      • Oh Ste

        AdderleyDadderleyDooLally lied to my face in front of Basnett on 5 July 2011 and then got senior officers to support him and then 65 clowncillors in a conspiracy of silence. God Bless Stuart Kelly.

        Then they promoted him to super Duper Director then they gave him a whopper pay off and relegated him to the Chamber Pot.She must have a link to?????



        Ecca wake up to yourself you galah these people are not nice.

        Luv ya L XXXXX

  2. The fireworks and drummers on the dock were apparantly good and it’s being used as anexample of what was great about the display, but that only benefitted the people directly around the liver buildings. What did the people of Wirral get for their 60k?

  3. Didn’t see the ‘display’ so can’t comment on that side of things. However, in the interview with the culture woman from Liverpool afterwards she tried to tell us that private enterprise paid for the fireworks! Are we really expected to believe that one?

    • Liverpool City Council senior people tend to have a loose take on issues where large sums of money are involved.

      The Mayor, Joe Anderson, will tell you until he’s blue in the face that he didn’t raid £89,000 of public money to defend his own private employment case. The truth is he did plunder the cash … and he got away with it because the mythical creature known as ‘accountability’ is seen less often in Liverpool than unicorns, yetis and rocking horse droppings.

      The Director of Finance Becky Hellard will insist that she can safely back out of millions upon millions of pounds’ worth of LOBO loans without penalty, when in reality she’d find she’s locked into bailing out city based foreign bankers for the foreseeable future, and the uncomfortable truth is she’d need to cough up millions upon millions to settle the debts before being free to look elsewhere.

      But why let the truth get in the way of the rampant PR spin?

      • Well, far be it from me to set myself against Danny Blake, but a lot of the costs for the bonfire, namely the pallets, unwanted wooden offcuts, the worn out tyres and three hundred gallon of petrol accelerant were funded by the successful trade mission to the Orient.
        That’s right! Credit where it’s due. The lads, Phil and Joe, sold the Chinese three hundred and twenty tea towels all hand made by the Wirral Weaving Housewives Ltd, a bin bag full of Dusters and a dozen Betamax video recorders.
        According to reports, during their trading, along several points upon the Great Wall they’d drum up a crowd by singing China’s current number one record, Lennon and Mccartneys, ‘Love me Do’ and sell, sell, sell!
        Whatsmore, and it’s due in part to their entrepreneurial spirit, they took the trouble to adapt the lyrics to ensure they held the attention of the peasant throng who initially and mistakingly believed they were being treated to Phil playing Simple Jack off Tropic Thunder and Joe playing Mungo off Blazing Saddles.
        Thereafter,Ruv, Ruv me do, you know I Ruv you, I’ll always be true, so Preeeeeze, Ruv me do, these two modern day Marco bloody Polo’s performed a touching and moving cover of Freddie Mercury’s masterpiece, ‘Love Of My Life’.

      • I agree that Fat Joe acted disgracefully by taking this money. However, the difference between Liverpool and Wirral is that Fat Joe lost out in the Metro Mayor bid and going by the stink it caused I am sure this is the reason why.

  4. G’day Lordy


    They issued the list of BIG fund recipients mate and it is no wonder they kept it hidden for over five years.

    Roll up roll up roll up free cash free cash free cash.

    Oh “Ecca” oh “Sir Git” what the fuck are you running there?

    Shame shame shame.



    C’mon “Ecca” time to speak up and not lie like your predecessor.

    He ganged up with AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and “Humpty Dumpty” and lied publicly on 8 October 2014 in his public farce.

    Liars liars pants on fire.

    Luv ya more Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    “Eccles Cake Face” you can start your apologies for your scum bag senior officers and 65 clowncillors with

    Dear Mr Hobro and Mr Griffiths

    There was never an excuse……………………………………

      • G’day Paul

        You cheeky little monkey.

        You took off the names of the authorising officers on a few files didn’t you…..didn’t you….didn’t you

        Lockwood Engineering

        ML Engineering

        Atlantic Engineering

        Just kidding Paul they just don’t want to be open, honest and transparent about the asset stripping affair with all the criminal implications.



        You wouldn’t be aware Paul but I do believe councillors should have been involved in them all.

        Could be the reason they all kept their big fat ridiculous gobs shut and sided with the scum bags.

        Thanks Leaks luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        No doubt you will be hearing from Eric Robinson oh shit no I mean “Highbrow” Ecca’s like the invisible man at £150,000.00 a year.

        As for AdderleyDadderleyDooLally telling me no BIG recipient had gone bad when I blew the whistle on 5 July 2011.

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        No wonder “The Shyster” and “The Pretend Friend” wouldn’t offer me a job in line with their whistle blowing policy.

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