No News is News


Don’t know about you good people but we’re still waiting for the first print edition of Wirral View to arrive.

However, in preparation for the grand arrival it seems that the lamentable Wirral News is dutifully clearing the path of least resistance in readiness for the first print run of the Wirral Council propaganda sheet.

As if by magic and a week after the Wirral View hit the internet if not the streets, the parent paper ,the Liverpool Echo , turns Wirral News into a bi-weekly newspaper. Although we have to say we use the term ‘newspaper ‘lightly as we think Wirral News gave up trying to be a proper newspaper a long time ago. It now seems to us as though it merely served as a less flashy dry run (and boy do we mean dry ) for Wirral View. 

Apparently from the end of November the current Wirral distribution of  Wirral News of 82,500 will increase to 115,000. However rather than being a weekly newspaper, it will become a bi-weekly newspaper, allegedly focusing on community news and events.


With Wirral News/Wirral View /Wirral Globe/Wirral Life/Wirral Echo/Wirral Leaks – the people of Wirral should never have to complain to nosy pollsters from Ipsos MORI that they’re suffering from an ‘information deficit’ ever again !- not that they did in the first place! However we still can’t see the number of Freedom of Information requests decreasing as a result – which probably tells us more about the quality of information from Wirral Council that’s made available by the communications control freaks at Wallasey Town Hall.

Talking of which we note that Wirral Council placed an advert in the November 5th print edition of the Liverpool Echo (obviously!) for a ‘News and Content Officer’.

We are left wondering whether the council are making yet another ‘ News and Content Officer’ appointment or has the officer that helped out with the first online edition of Wirral View saw the writing on the wall (and the local websites) and scarpered ? . If it’s the former then it’s increasingly looking like the Communications and Marketing Department is heading to be all that is left of Wirral Council. It can only be a matter of time before the council will be ‘a commissioning hub’ with a PR department attached churning out endless press statements about why they can’t provide information to the public because of commercial confidentiality or because it’s classed as personal data or because it’s subject to legal professional privilege.

However considering Wirral Council’s ‘policy advisor’ Martin Liptrotsky’s faithful assistant Kev is such a fan of our blog , perhaps one of our interns could apply for the post as long as they promise to leave their Superman pyjamas at home? A touch of Wirral Leaks would certainly liven and lighten up Wirral View dontchathink? !……

7 thoughts on “No News is News

  1. G’day Leaky

    You might not have a copy of Wirral View yet but I just saw a sneak preview of a little comic that will be here very soon.

    Ecca if I was you I would get


    The Chamber Potty

    The Garbage Lady

    Humpty Dumpty

    Sir Git

    into your office front and centre and say

    Hey COP U LATER (s) get down on to the back of that dole queue you put Griffiths on five and a half years ago you are a disgrace to this clowncil, your families and your alma maters.

    How dare you insult the intelligence of two accountants/auditors of over 60 years experience and think muppets like ewes could con them.

    GET OUT.



    Wait Lordy till you see the new Cardin Comic and the BIG links.


  2. What is Wirral council playing at , cant they get anything right?.
    It would appear not, anything they touch seems to go belly up as their organisation skills register zero despite well paid officials and councillors who could not organise a P##s up in a brewery.
    Waiting patiently to read “Old news” when it arrives from the south coast printers and delivered by the Liverpool paper boys.

    • Apparently some lucky people tell us they have had Wirral View and advise those who haven’t there’s an email address to request a copy. Considering they were quick to criticise others about their hit and miss distribution you’d have thought they’d have sorted this out if they wanted to get in the newspaper game.

  3. Hello Wirral Leaks

    It is a good job that Wirral Council isn’t responsible for anything important, the sort of thing that actually matters to local people, like delivering services.

    Now we know they couldn’t run a paper round, or even deliver a paper, which to my knowledge isn’t beyond a fifteen year old.

  4. Well I’ll never read it. Never I say! I know what I’ll read, what I won’t read and what I’ll have to read if I’m attacked, kicked,beaten and made to read it as I’m sat there screaming in the foetal position, whining and writhing in intolerable pain howling, ‘. Liptrot! MacCullam! Sneaky bastards! How did you manage to get into my house’.
    Still, even then, these two trespassers, who clearly have absolutely no regard for both the Statutes and Common Law, will not succeed in forcing me to read it. And whys that? Because I’m a man of principles. I know what I’ll read and what I won’t read and I ain’t reading that!

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