This Gun (Ain’t) For Hire



Our attention has been drawn to a number of interesting Facebook posts this week. This includes one posted yesterday by Conservative councillor Chris Blakeley which read :

Earlier this evening I was at Wallasey Town Hall for a special scrutiny meeting requisitioned by the Conservatives to look into the activity of Wirral Community Patrol and try to find out why it provides free security checks to private business and individuals.

The debate was interesting, with former Leader of the Council, Labour’s Steve Foulkes accusing the conservatives of trying to make political gain, and referring to me as ‘A hired Gun’. I must have done something right then!

Anyway at the end of the meeting and to try to be helpful i moved a motion that read:

‘Committee resolves to set up a Task and Finish group to carry out a full review of Wirral’s Community Patrol service and on completion of the review the findings be reported back to the Environment Committee.’

Now I thought, being an innocuous and non political motion that it would get all party support. How wrong was I with the Labour Councillors and the Lib Dem voting against. Just what have they got to hide?

First of all we see that the long running Blakeley v Foulkesy feud continues. Oh how Blakeley must’ve loved being at the Standards Panel earlier this year where Foulkesy’s serial mendacity was discussed ad nauseum. However the satisfaction must’ve been purely personal as Foulkesy staggeringly continues to be a councillor and therefore able to bait Bulldog Blakeley with his old standby about Conservatives trying to make ‘political gain’ by requisitioning pointless political point scoring meetings. As for ‘political gain’ how does Foulkesy reconcile this statement with asking his badly bequiffed bestie Cllr George Davies asking for a document smearing the Conservative group leader Jeff Green in exchange for cold, hard cash?.

However let’s get back to the political pantomime that is Blakeley v Foulkesy.  The respective Rottweilers of Wirral’s leading (and constantly) feuding political parties. Shame the pair of them were neutered a long time ago and this is purely for entertainment purposes with Blakeley keeping his powder dry and Foulkesy firing blanks.

Witness as Foulkesy  refers to Blakeley as a ” A hired Gun” (sic) – so tell us Foulkesy who is Blakeley hired by?. Meanwhile Blakeley asks the question about Labour and Lib Dem councillors :“Just what have they got to hide?” . So tell us Blakeley what exactly have they got to hide?

The fact is you’ve all got something to hide. As this missive to Leaky Towers seems to testify :

Councillor Blakeley posted on Facebook today that the conservative party has lodged an investigation into Wirral community patrol to the councils scrutiny committee.

The reason believed to be community patrol officers security checks on Angela Eagle’s headquarters in Liscard is just not a big deal at all.
They should be investigating how the Wirral Community Patrol Limited came about and what was the reasons for Atlas Fire and Security owner Mr Piggott branding this council service – illegal by the way.
Also ex – Wirral Community patrol manager John Kenny and his ex -Assistant manager Mike Collins setting up Atlas Security Patrol and then plundering over 40% of Wirral Community Patrols business using insider knowledge of their pricing structure.
This is well known by the head of the Wirral Conservative Party and Mr Blakeley but inspection of Facebook sites shows they are both friends with Mike Collins who is also a Conservative Party member who only last year ran in the Bromborough ward.They always protect their friends no matter what party.
Atlas Patrol are now part of the Wirral Chamber elite with their best mate Adderley – head honcho.  Watch this space…… 
We note that the former Conservative councillor Leah Fraser , who was the most prominent champion of the Community Patrol guys, is no longer a Conservative councillor. She follows on from Simon Mountney – the Conservative councillor who championed the notorious Martin Morton whistleblowing case. Seems to us that if you speak up for those treated unfairly by Wirral Council – you have no future with the local Conservative Party.

All this does from our perspective is to reiterate our clarion call to all the talented , intelligent , ambitious young people of personal integrity on Wirral and that is to get out of this incestuous, pernicious peninsula as fast as you can………..

Oh , and finally we don’t expect Cllr Blakeley to retweet or like this blog post on Facebook because we don’t and never will be seeking his or any other Wirral councillor’s approval. We ain’t for hire. EVER.


13 thoughts on “This Gun (Ain’t) For Hire

  1. G’day Leaky

    How did these bullies get through the door at Brighton Street, wannabe gangsters with a dopey figurehead “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”, and his ridiculous, Jack in the Beanstalk golf/soccer resort all painted in blue?

    These bullies were probably the kind of kids your mum would have told you to keep away from at school.

    C’mon Uncle G you racist barstard give me a copy of that tape.



    Can you just imagine what they would do if they liked each other?

    Bullies don’t like or respect anyone, hey “Ankles”?


  2. In the interests of openess and transparancy you should let your eager readers know that Martin Mortons Brother works for Community Patrol.
    “We ain’t for hire” Really?

    • G’day Lordy and Bill

      In the interests of openness, honesty and transparency “Sir Git”, “The Shyster” should clear up why he lied when he couldn’t spit out quickly enough in a meeting with “Highbrow”, Myself, “The Pretend Friend” and the rent an auditor with the alphabet after his name when he said he hadn’t read “that report”.

      He could also openly and honestly explain why he sat back as “MONITORING OFFICER” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      at Burgess’s farce of his public meeting 8 October 2014, as seen on “Tarrantino Brace’s filum, and not interrupt AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, Burgess, and “Humpty Dumpty” when he MUST have known they were lying publicly.



      Martin’s brother has to earn a living Bill, I can’t since I blew the whistle almost five and a half years ago.


      • Can you explain how you blowing the whistle has prevented you from getting a job?

        Just interested in your experience.


      • G’day Lordy and Bob

        I studied accounting and worked in Oz for 34 years the last 15 as a small business tax auditor.

        That is why I could establish that Wirral “Funny” Bizz was rotten to the core in a matter of weeks.

        Returned to Merseyside 2004 and did contract work with Audit Commission, Wales Audit, University of Liverpool, a solicitor in Liverpool, a major retailer and the Inland Revenue.

        I was sacked from Wirral “Funny” Bizz the afternoon the female director overheard me asking on the phone to speak to Paula Basnett and she stormed off crying.

        When I called Basnett back she was talking to me about what I might do at Invest Wirral.

        To be honest that was the furthest thing from my mind I wanted something done about serious crimes.

        So to cut it short Bob if you are really interested I obviously didn’t get a reference from the crooks who knocked off about £2,000,000.00, “Sir Git” and “The Pretend Friend” from the clowncil said they wouldn’t employ me I am 64 with no real network in this country.



        I James Griffiths, unemployed.

        Would I do it again?

        Fucking Oath there are some rats in Brighton Street.

        Still luv ya though Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • G’day Lordy and C

        This is relevant because they all have filth on each other and the fat, thick, “Shyster” with the 25 inch collar and boy barista from London that gets him out of the doo doo only keeps his job because he knows it all.

        When he is told what the word malfeasance means he might choose to look for another job.



        No disrespect to you at all C as long as you are not one of them in disguise.

    • Just to clear up your confusion, William G, members of the public have no onus upon them to be open and transparent.

      No, those are requirements placed upon dangerous, crooked, secretive employers such as Wirral Council … whose top liars insultingly claim on a regular basis that they’re all things to all men.

      However, that’s not possible. It’s a diseased body, stuffed at the senior end with public servants desperate to feast and fatten themselves on large gobbets of our cash, and who…

      o place us under threat of imprisonment if we don’t cough up

      o give 11.5% (many £millions) of our money every year to foreign banks based in the city in interest payments on long term loans

      o habitually waste huge chunks of it on wacky, defensive legal crusades, brought about as a direct result of an ongoing addiction to power abuse, dishonesty and trampling over anyone who gets in their way

      o ignore FOI requests, sometimes for many years

      o fall down on their statutory obligations to provide for and protect vulnerable people, through sheer incompetence, laziness or negligence, etc. etc. etc.

      So is that clear? Individual members of the public, toiling away in a job of work, have no such requirement placed on them. Neither do blogs who provide an excellent public service that puts the council to shame. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO WIDESPREAD CONSEQUENCES OR SUFFERING IF THEY COCK UP.

      Whereas out of control corporate abusers and bullies, more and more determined to pull a fast one, obviously DO.

  3. The relevant post wasn’t aimed at you Griffo it was the post by William’lord of the flies’goldings post about Morton’s brother

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