The Sorry Story of The Lauries


As you know we’ve long thought that the Wirral Council/ Wirral Chamber of Commerce/ The Contact Centre hook up was way dodgy.

And we’re gratified to find that we’re not the only ones!. As we’ve previously reported the Wirral Chamber of Commerce seems to have been set up to support pulchritudinous Paula Basnett and her family, friends , pets and ex- Wirral Council reprobates.

However our focus of attention on this particular occasion is ‘The Lauries Centre’ which has received funding from all over the place including Wirral Council.We understand this funding runs into hundreds of thousands. We also understand it was a place for many a Labour Party gathering and a favourite place for Matron McLaughlin to meet. However as one of our sources comments :

“Cafe closed, no front entrance open anymore and trust me it’s grim around the back which a notice on the door says you can use.”

The Wirral Network seem to have picked up on ‘The Lauries’ situation  on their Facebook page with this status :

So, from the available information, it appears that the Lauries Centre is still a public asset, owned by the Council.  However, the resignation in May 2015 of Cllrs Kenny and Stapleton as directors, means that there is no longer any direct political accountability for the way the building is run.  Was enough done to investigate whether a different form of public control would work before deciding to hand over control of the companies to private individuals over whom the public has no direct political oversight at all?  Would it have been possible for a coalition of community and voluntary groups to take over the running of the building on the same generous terms (i.e. a “nominal peppercorn rent”) now enjoyed by Paula Basnett and Asif Hamid?  How are the charitable objects of the company being delivered now?  According to the memorandum of association of the company (also a charity, apparently), the objects are: “to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the community within Birkenhead and areas surrounding (the area of benefit) and in particular the advancement of education, the promotion of good health and providing focus for development and regeneration”. The ways in which this object would be delivered include: “To promote and assist in the creation of [sic] continuing operation of new enterprises which are owned and controlled by employees or which are operated by and for the benefit of particular communities which suffer from economic disadvantage…To provide a means whereby the business community can contribute to the wellbeing of areas in need of regeneration…To promote the interests of those living or working in such areas…To develop, market and deliver community services including services of an educational, leisure, sporting, artistic, community safety, childcare or for the creation of employment services…To procure grants and funding from third parties and to assist others to do the same…”  

Further to this observation a deeply valued commentator adds :
“Funds/Grants to Contact Centre….interesting that Paula’s husband is a board member of the above…cosy night time chats maybe? “

Apparently Mark Basnett is  :  “A Guarantor Director for Liverpool LEP, Mark was formerly the Director of Investment at the Mersey Partnership which has now transitioned into the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (Liverpool LEP) where he is Executive Director for key Growth Sectors.

Mark’s role here is to drive forward the economy’s key growth sectors working closely with businesses, education and government.”

Ain’t that impressive?. Especially the transitioned bit which makes the Liverpool LEP sound like the Caitlyn Jenner of regional grant funding – a confused travesty of what they they used to be and desperately seeking approval. Roughly translated that means Mark Basnett is a richly rewarded bullshit merchant on the public payroll.To which Wirral Leaks would like to comment  : Enough already of this jiggerypokery  with Euro-money and being prepared to kiss the arse of Brussels bureaucrats and name a bus station in a town dying on it’s arse  ‘Europa Boulevard’! .

Finally , as we’ve already noted, the cafe in The Lauries is closed.
As somebody else commented to us : ” CAFE !…now isn’t that right up someone’s street?”
Could they be referring to the proprietor of the failed enterprise that was the recipient of various grants – ‘The Spotty Blue Teapot’?.
Although we have  to say we do have our reservations as to how twee teashops would work in downtown Birkenhead. Perhaps a rebranding to ‘Smack and Snack’ is the way to go?. Just sayin’!

11 thoughts on “The Sorry Story of The Lauries

  1. G’day Leaky

    The main reason I knew that AdderleyDadderleyDooLally with his scent of an ashtray and ridiculously childish football shirt on the wall with his name on the back was lying to me when I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00 of not his money wasn’t the fact I had seen Lockwood on the Companies House web site.

    It was the look on his dogsbody’s face, pulchritudinous Paula Basnett.

    “The Chamber Potty” had the look of non-belief on her dial and no cojones to be honest just like Tour, Ball and Grant (Chocolate (Teapot) Thornton at Burgesse’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods 8 October 2014 when Adderley and Burgess told BIG FAT PORKIES.

    It might be considered alright for politicians like Donald Trump and “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” to tell bare faced lies about what they are going to do but NOT My Good Lord SENIOR PUBLIC SERVANTS.



    Why Lordy does she collude?

    Why are they still there?


    Nothing better than listening to a lie when you know the truth

  2. In accounts to may 2008 an entry of £19900 for grants from WBC.

    Could be the euphemistic Community Enterprise Initiative where council gave 32 plus community organisations occupying council properties were given some £1m in grants,the last tranche of Objective One Euro money.

    Wirralbiz was involved in over 30. I had to correct the mish mash of incompetent cash flows but learnt from a cocksure worralbiz Director, Mr Raworth, that WBC paid for the cock ups on top of my correction time.

    The exercise resulted in the exposure of the ramshackle accounting of wbc as it withdrew its support, enforced the tenant_repairing leases, and related inaccurately the costs of each site. The community organisations could vouch for that.

    To misquote the poet Robert Frost


    • G’day Wirralbizz and of course Your Good Lord

      As all the muppets in Brighton Street are banned from talking about, not the war, ………… Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

      Please allow me to trump your Robert Frost

      Owning a great golf course gives you great power

      Donald Trump

      See what I did there “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”?


      It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

      Bill Gates

      “Ecca” me old invisible man only seen by the size of your pay packet that one is for you.



      Luv you so much Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      C’mon someone there must have the cojones to speak up idiots at wirral “Funny” Bizz knocked off about £2,000,000.00 and the bill for protecting them must now be over £200,000.00 or there abouts and rising daily with FOI’s etc.

      Is AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his dogsbody worth it?

  3. The public could request to become guarantors of £1 swamp the membership remove the directors and replace them. That is perfectly possible and to start it off I will apply how-to?

  4. No list of Members has been provided for 10 years.

    Anyone could go there and ask to see the Register of Members which by law must be kept and which is described in each and every Annual reurn to be held at 68 Argyll Street.

    Next time anyone is passing there pop in to ask and tell us who are the current members of the registered charity and company limited by guarantee

  5. There is £27k owing from the registered charity to a wholly owned subsidiary, named Laurie Events Ltd.

    One wonders whether this is a barely legal device to trade but still keep some advantages of charitable status. Quite clearly this amount represents trading of Laurie events Ltd that can never be paid by the charity which has banked the money belonging to its subsidiary

    Some research needed into whether it has VAT implications or implications for corporation tax.

    It looks like a tax evasion to me just saying

      • effectively Lauries events ltd can donate money whilst it has distributable reserves and avoid all corporation tax.

        Having the charity take the sales earned by its trading subsidiary is a back-door means of supporting the charity skipping the rules and regulations. This is a semi-permanent loan which is extinguished by donations from Lauries events ltd as and when it has distributable reserves.

        This makes a nonsense of charity rules forbidding the charity to engage in trade where there is a significant risk to its assets since effectively by holding the turnover the charity is in fact engaging in the trade of running events.

        Were the charity to have incorporated the trade of entertainments and events into its turnover it would of course likely exceed the 25% rule protecting it itself from Corporation tax.

        It certainly is a facade straining the envelope of legality.

        I refer the reader to

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