Distribution Deficit



Wirral View may not have reached us yet but news has reached us that Wirral Council Communications front man Kev is in a bit of a kerfuffle that distribution of the first edition didn’t go quite to plan.


Kev claims that 30,000 copies of Wirral View failed to reach their intended destination. However judging by our bulging inbox complaining about the non-arrival of Wirral View we’d suggest that vast swathes of Wirralians have missed out on this life-enhancing experience. Perhaps Councillors Abbey, Stapleton and Sullivan might be advised keep their own counsel about the distribution of newspapers before publicly lambasting other local publications!. Just sayin’….

Nevertheless as we already know  Kev is a veritable Little Mr.Sunshine and is ever ready to put a positive spin on a negative situation. We can almost guarantee he has  “A Smile Is A Frown Turned Upside Down” fridge magnet. Kev tells us that  : “We have had really positive feedback from communities across Wirral after the first edition of Wirral View……”

Indeed Wirral Leaks is privileged and honoured to be privy to the type of positive feedback that Kev and his team have received :

Dear Kev

I was once lost like you. I had an ” information deficit” shaped hole in my life. Then you came along and filled my hole. Thanks to you I’m purring like an Atomic Kitten. I’m “Whole Again”.

I now know that if an event is heralded on your front page it is probably best avoided. I also now know how to make Spicy Tomato and Lentil Soup!. As far as I’m concerned now that I have Wirral View in my life “Take A Break” can take a hike! and in the words of my other favourite trash mags I need to tell you I “Love it!”,  it’s a real “Pick Me Up!” . Indeed my only suggestion for improvement would be to include an exclamation mark in your title and add a catchy  strapline such as  :”Who needs Prozac when you’ve got Wirral View!”

I shall be eagerly eyeing my letterbox waiting for the next edition of Wirral View to arrive whilst chanting “come to mama” .

Yours expectantly ,  Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)




16 thoughts on “Distribution Deficit

  1. Unsurprisingly, this was only to be expected.

    Production cost is estimated at 7p per copy –

    £9,000 delivery cost
    154,575 individual deliveries
    6p per individual delivery address

    (using figures supplied by Wirral Council)

    They will not find enough people, willing to work for the hours needed, at the rate payable within the budget allocation, to deliver Wirral View to 154,575 individual destinations.

    I can’t believe it is only 30,000 (that is a very round figure isn’t it?) that haven’t been delivered, and given Wirral Council’s auditing and accounting record, who would take that figure as accurate?

    …and wouldn’t it be ironic if the undelivered copies were destined for the ‘hard to reach places’ in Wirral, that even the Globe doesn’t reach. Maybe Mr MacCallum could enlighten us all on the failed areas of distribution, and the reasons why? (Smiley face)


      • G’day Lordy

        Wirral “Funny” Bizz failed with their rubbish that they delivered all over Wirral.

        That is where they blew so much dosh.

        I wonder if they were advised by whoever the idiot is doing this wirral comic?



        Big big big fat smiley face at what “Highbrow” has found out.

        Not as fat as “The Shysters” boat race though.


    • A waste…of paper, of money, of staff time, and of reputation…or is it?

      Is Reputation Management the responsibility of someone with an enormous grudge against Wirral Council?

      All my calculations are based on Wirral Council whole year figures (being kind). Dependent upon which destinations failed, the waste cost really is a lot higher – ie the total cost of production and distribution of every edition.

      30,000 copies undelivered at 7p per copy = £2,100 wasted
      30,000 failed deliveries to 154,575 destinations = 19.4%
      Delivery charge @ £9,000 with failure rate 19.4% = £1,746 wasted

      All paid advertising market penetration value (baseline guaranteed 100% Borough of Wirral) reduced by 17.7%.

      Advertising income estimate £7,150 per edition…reduced value to advertisers £5884.45 assuming proposed rate card payments.
      (Paying private sector advertiser aka Thornton Hall Hotel, – probably Growly face, all the rest is WBC or public money).


      • G’day Doc

        Nice to meet ya.

        Growly face you say.

        Growly face is when “Ankles” “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” Foulkes is caught on John “Tarrantino” Brace’s filum signalling to the tweed jacket from the rubbish paper (how does he keep his job?) over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters to meet him out the back to give him the filth on the useless tory Green.


        The face pulled by “The Shyster” “Sir Git” when hears what “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb from Hell” Davies calls him on that tape.



        Bout time something was done about this lot Ecca.

        I can hear the ADMINISTRATION coming.

        Respect to you and Doc and Leaks XXXXXX

      • G’day Mr Griffiths


        Did you know that it will take one person at least 18, 36 hour weeks, to deliver all of the copies of Wirral View for each edition to each address, at an average of 15 seconds per delivery. I don’t think anyone could average 15 seconds per delivery across Wirral.

        As they appear to stuck for content, wouldn’t it be a generous gesture if in the next edition (assuming there is one) that Wirral Council took the front page featuring the list of all of the BIG Fund recipients, with a breakdown of all of the legal and other costs of hiding that information for many years?

        Mr Hobro, does have good reason for a Smiley face, as do you at last. P Davies & K Adderley probably don’t – and not forgetting G Burgess.


      • Oh Leaky you’re such a card

        When it comes to wirral with a small woobleU

        I call it










        Good at keeping their gobs shut.

        Luv ya XXXXXXXXXXX

    • Mr wirralbiz, aka Mr raworth lost £60,000 at least on his thinklocal project. That was the advertisers who refused to pay.
      His problems encompassed the delivery problem.
      So nothing new.

      Of course he was buttressed by the main salary being paid by working wirral funds some £33,000 per annum.

  2. G’day Lord of wirral

    In my last post for the week I would just like to ask if












    in no particular order

    Had a great anti-bullying week?

    Are you now King Rat Bully Robinson?



    You can bully me any time Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. What a fabulous waste of public dosh. I live in Tranmere and haven’t seen a copy. My colleague lives in Upton and hasn’t seen one. Friends in Prenton, Bromborough and Heswall claim likewise. Not too much of the Wirral left!

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