Get In The Sea



The New Brighton Lifeboat Station saga continues with reports of two recent alarming incidents .

The first involved a New Brighton lifeboat tractor ending up swimming with the fishes :

The second involved two people having to swim ashore when their commercial safety boat was submerged after being hit by a wave  :

Fortunately no one was injured  in either incident – but the fact that two people had to swim ashore without the aid of a lifeboat from New Brighton is particularly concerning.

As we’ve previously reported these incidents are set against the stormy seas of a long running dispute which saw 21 New Brighton lifeboat crew  being sacked or resigning in 12 months.

The Facebook  group ‘Save Our Lifeboat Station’  and have produced a short video providing the background to the dispute with management (see above).

It would appear that in the light of the video and the two recent incidents the Chairman of New Brighton Lifeboat Station , Councillor Tony Jones (aka ‘Tones’) , has a few questions to answer. However he has remained as mute as Stingray siren Aqua Marina……..




17 thoughts on “Get In The Sea

  1. Get this fella Tones, pop him in an old wooden tub, take him out upon the Mersey brine and at a distance not exceeding one nautical mile, belt a hole in the side of the vessel and invite him to swim back and test any slack that might now be in the rescue systems that he helped to create. On a more personal note and buggar all to do with anything, being a child of the fifties I have many happy memories watching this programme. Indeed, its first terrestrial transmission coincided with my testicles dropping and enabling me to sit there masturbating whenever Marina chose to swim about giving me the odd glimpse of her sultry bodily parts. The fact she didn’t add to the dialogue only increased my deep and unholy desires to meet this little beauty and physically pleasure myself over and over again knowing that unless she’d taken the trouble to learn and master ‘Sign’ it was highly unlikely she’d bother to tell Troy bloody Tempest that I was out there on the other side of the screen repeatedly ejaculating whenever the Andersons ordered Marina into the tank to swim about.

      • Your Lordship, Absolutely no trouble at all. There’s plenty more tripe where that came from.
        My regards to both you and her Ladyship.

      • Bobby and Lordy

        I bet the clowncillors and senior officers would never admit to doing it.

        They are a pack of blind liars when it suits them.



        For they’re a gang of wankers

        For they’re a gang of wankers

        You know the rest boys


  2. G’day Leaksville

    Three things that make me wonder what has happened to this county let alone country since I left for Oz 46 years ago.


    Went out for a walk at 7am yesterday and found on the doorstep a ladies handbag.

    In it a bottle of wine, Australian of course, a purse with money in it, a drivers licence, lots of credit cards, an annual bus pass, a bank internetty thing, work keys, work pass, house keys and a bag of chips and a very fancy phone locked with 103 missed calls.

    I frantically went on the hunt and knocked on the door of the address on the drivers licence and was abused for knocking at 8am in the morning.

    Found another address on the bus pass and got there at 9am.

    The lady a 33 year old married woman answered the door and said she her bag stolen and was suspicious of me of how I found her address.

    She vaguely said thank you and didn’t even offer me the bag of chips off the top.

    Her address was on the bus ticket, but you do wonder what else was in the bag, that was taken because of her offhand manner?


    This morning I went for a walk about 8am and passing a bus stop there was a kid of about 15 in a smart school uniform smoking a big fat joint of skunk. What a start to the school week.


    The most disgraceful thing that disgusts me most is that I reported a crime of Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and the director at wbc who lied to me, AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, 1964 days ago and was supported by senior officers and 65 clowncillors, promoted to super director, paid off and given another job.

    Fine example!



    They can’t even collect the garbage and clean the streets, this county stinks and so do they.

    Rant over Lordy luv your efforts XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Oh Lordy


    Their rubbish ex-propaganda sheet together with a photo of “The Chamber Potty”

    Birkenhead regeneration scheme wins national award

    If I was this person that sat and watched a whistleblower report a £2,000,000.00 knockoff by a company that I was managing and let my boss lie through his teeth and continue to pay the criminals for a further 18 months I would not dare show even my arse in public let alone do any photo shoot possible.

    She aided and abetted AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.




    Ecca Ecca Ecca you are not helping.

    Have you asked Davies about reno yet?


  4. G’day Leaks

    Ecca ask “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” whatever happened to the £700,000.00?



    When he panics Eccs me silent hero mention Reno.

    Luv all ya family Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Better still Ecca

      Instead of asking “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” Ecca you could ask Jean Stapleton about New Gaming Concept Limited?

      Is she just “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” dogsbody as “The Chamber Potty” is “AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s”?

      Did she know what she was approving?

      Can she explain the £700,000.00.

      What’s your guess Leaky?



      Can you imagine the recipient list of the non limited companies Leaksville?

      “The Spotty Blue Teapot” is probably one of the more successful.

      Keep up the great work L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • James, word has it that even £700,000 falls short of the true figure.

        As more details trickle in and are swiftly gathered and collated, it appears Councillor Davies will have even more explaining to do if he wishes to continue grimly clinging to his influential public position.

        The outrageous events preceding the demise of New Concept Gaming may be the final nail in the coffin. This may be driven home as pin-striped Special (measures) Forces stream down ropes from a hovering helo onto the roof of CH44 8ED … before bursting in and kicking down doors on the upper floor.

  5. G’day Paul and The Lordsville

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” and the gang didn’t hide this lot for five and a half years for posterity.

    Me thinks the Information Commissioner might have seen even more.

    I bet Aunty Jean wasn’t told what she was signing and if she did know she should go down with the shit er I mean ship to the bottom of Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters with the rest of the crud and dross at wirral.



    Respect boys XXXXXXXX

  6. Leaks Sir

    Can you imagine the “Chamber Pots” Xmas party.

    Adderley and Basnett will be up there kissing each others arses under the mistletoe and in his Xmas message to the cowardly cowering downtrodden staff he will be saying we are the best Chamber Pot in the country.

    There must be another award coming our way and a photo opportunity for my dogsbody.

    We take no prisoners or shit.

    Fuck a stupid golf resort.

    We will get Stella to build a casino and then we can go back to RENO.

    Look at what we did together together together to that pseudo Australian prick and his Oxford don mate.

    We showed them.

    Five and a half years ago.

    How dare they expect me, and her, who will do anything for me, even let me lie to whistle blowers and go on to lie to the public in general.

    That’s my girl, her husband must love me for employing her even after Wirral “Funny” Bizz and her giving the game away to that Aussie barstard with her facial expressions as I was telling him massive porkies.

    Did you see my performance on John “Tarrantino” Brace’s blockbuster of a Oscar winning filum


    Sponsored by that great spin doctor “Fartin Lobsterpot”, “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” mate and next door neighbour and newspaper baron.

    Even the great “Fartin” can’t save “the Dill” this time.

    Merry Xmas



    Tis the season to be merry and don’t forget to send “Sir Git” “The Shyster” some Xmas cards err I mean FOI’s.


  7. G’day Leaky

    A bit of reading for Ecca

    Ecc me mate you were probably still at school when wirral with a small woobleU thought they were big shot business people.

    Ask “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” about these two little gems.

    MSIF provides a wide range of funding to businesses across the North West, predominantly in the Liverpool City Region and surrounding areas. Funding is available from as little as £500 right up to £2 million+ for a variety of business needs including start-ups, expansions, acquisitions and management buy outs/buy ins.

    Established in 1994, we are a local, independent organisation which is not bound by national policy – all lending decisions are made here in Liverpool


    Merseyside Special Investment Fund will tomorrow officially launch the Liverpool Seed Fund, a £27m investment pot for start-ups backed by the European Union, Barclays and the Co-operative Bank. The fund, managed by Alliance Fund Managers, is described as one of the biggest of its kind in Europe and is to help entrepreneurs with proof of concept, commercialisation and early stage development capital.

    Oh Aunty Jean did you have any idea what you were putting your autograph on?



    Amateurs trying to play big league.

    They are just like their favourite football team……..try hards with no ability.


  8. G’day Leaks

    The laugh of the day regarding new Gaming Concept Limited.

    Highbrow sent off an FOI and the answer, get this “Sir Git” you loser, it was replied to the same morning.

    The answer was just so smug

    Thank you for your email below.

    AFM/MSIF are both private companies and therefore not covered by the Freedom of Information Act.


    It could only have been smugger if she had put a ps on it using AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s immortal words

    “Ps It’s not our money anyway”.

    Guess My Lord were the dosh came from it certainly wasn’t worked for?


    Do you ever wonder Leaksville why they set up these private companies?

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