Words of the Week #3


This is the place where words collide.

The first word being ‘Gaming’ :

Manipulating a set of rules, a system, an infrastructure in a manner not intended by its creators to derive (or contrive) a tangible benefit, i.e. “using an exploit” or “hacking” a system.


Apply this definition to New Concept Gaming Ltd and Wirral Council and all bets are off.

Or are they ? What exactly is “The Reno Connection”  in this sordid scenario?.

Only time will tell – but rest assured Wirral Leaks will be the first to report it.

The second word is ‘Chutzpah’

1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.
2. audacity; nerve.


Apply this definition (and indeed ‘Gaming’) to Birkenhead MP Frank Field who gets a letter published in this weeks Wirral Globe under the title ‘Taxpayers’ money wasted’ :

Frank field taxpayer.jpg

Seriously? – this ultimate game player talks about wasting tax payers money whilst supporting paying a group of unworthy arseholes after a fat pay cheque who just happened to flick the record button when his political agent Cllr George Davies used racial slurs and offered a ‘smear deal’ to them if they badmouthed Tory Councillor Jeff Green.

Which brings us finally to our third definition :  Bunging public money to protect your ‘dunderhead’ political agent is surely the definition of ‘Taxpayers money wasted’



7 thoughts on “Words of the Week #3

  1. G’day Lordy

    My favourite is Dunderhead

    Dunderhead wirral

    A person with no intelligence

    Idiot “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”,

    Plonker “Ankles”,

    Pillock “The Shyster” “Sir Git”,

    Klutz “Legweak”,

    Dunce “The Pretend Friend”,

    Numskull “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut”,

    Blockhead “Abbott”,

    Bonehead “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”,

    Lunkhead “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO”,

    Hammerhead “Hale”,

    Knucklehead “Missus Bilong The Pretend Friend”,

    Muttonhead “Aunty Jean”,

    ****head “AdderleyDadderleyDooLally,

    ****heads “The Chamber Potty” “Humpty Dumpty” and “The Garbage Lady”



    There is nothing between any of these co-conspirators Leaksville.

    They are just the crud and dross off the top.


  2. G’day Leaksville

    Manipulating a set of rules, a system, an infrastructure in a manner not intended by its creators to derive (or contrive) a tangible benefit, i.e. “using an exploit” or “hacking” a system.

    All I will say on gaming is

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”





    You can fess up now Dill Brain or let Ecca drag it out of you you fool.

    Luv yer Leaks Lordy they are always on point XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Hello again Wirral Leaks

    What has Wirral Council got to do with New Concept Gaming Ltd?

    This company were Winners of the Big Chip Awards in 2009 for jOG, ‘a ground breaking add-on controller for the Wii’, weren’t they? I loved the Wii.

    2 years later, on 25th June 2011 they ‘dissolve’ – were they bought out or something? Wouldn’t you think there would be a massive US (and probably global) market for that controller, with the popularity of the Wii?

    Didn’t they get huge grants around that time? It all seems a bit technical but am I missing something?

    They didn’t just suddenly disappear in 2011 and then suddenly materialise in Reno with Wirral Council did they?

    • G’day Tiffs

      I think its a question for “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” to answer to you and Ecca “The Blinking CEO”.



    • Tiffany, wouldn’t you have thought former Finance Director Ian Coleman would have admitted in his media statement of March 2012 and Council Leader Phil Davies would have admitted in his media statement of July 2013 that more than one company had gone under? But no … they brazened it out, insisting only one (Lockwood Engineering) perhaps expecting they could get away with lying to a watching world.

      Adderley? Gone.
      Coleman? Gone.
      Garry? Gone.
      Burgess? Gone.
      Phil Davies? …..?
      Robinson? ……..?
      Niblock? ………..?

    • G’day Paul and Tiffs

      There is no way they can get rid of “The Shyster” “Sir Git” because he knows it all (despite him telling “Highbrow” and I to our two faces that he hadn’t read the report…..lying barstard) and they would have to explain everything to a honest decent legal person unless they could find a dodgy one.

      Although looking at “Ecca’s” inertia they could possibly find another muppet.



      Hope your looking for another job “Spotty Dog” you might have to open your gob soon when “Reno” is outed.

      Merry Xmas XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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