Better to reign in Hell,than to serve in Heaven ……


We are proud to publish the latest instalment of the BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods saga written by Nigel ” Highbrow” Hobro  which may answer a few questions raised by our readers and explain why we continue to follow this story.

We follow it because it’s everything that’s wrong. The incompetence, the ineptitude, the total disregard of what’s right and wrong.

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven:

“So spake th’apostate Angel, vaunting aloud

But inward rack’d with pain”

Satan is the Father of Lies whose feeble imitation of God is Gehenna, or Hell. Rather than serve Truth he will concoct a monstrous imitation, rather like Macbeth who preferred to be a false King than a faithful Thane.

We read much vaunting from Councillor P Davies and from his faithless band, that Wirral Borough Council is ever “open and transparent”. We read glossy brochures from Merseyside Special Investment Fund about its manifold successes and yet all are silent on their failures?

My Lord Leaky in the preface to “The Big Lie” worried about the muteness of regulatory authorities. He did not elaborate but they are worth reciting here. A forensic investigator given access to the Beverley Edwards report signally fails to report of the warnings from that lady about the phoenixing of Lockwood Engineering Ltd’s assets into Harbac UK ltd. Remarkable it is, considering the discussions held with Andrew Walker, the Government Internal Audit Agent, that Grant Thornton can report of no wrong-doing by Council officers. Long before I and James (Griffiths) made our complaints GIAA was investigating the perversion of the tender process for the £3m Business Start up 2 (ISUS) project, and the intimidation by council officers of the most qualified candidate to run it who had an assessment of 88% compared to wirralbiz’s 36%! Yet still the 88% candidate did not secure the contract. Turning to the liquidators of Lockwood Engineering Ltd they found nothing unusual in an engineering company stating on oath that the engineering firm had no machinery whatsoever. When confronted with this anomaly and the starkly clear evidence of the BIG file their response was the liquidation was over. The liquidators of Harbac UK Ltd when presented with same evidence by devilish equivocation asked by what right did I question them, was I a creditor of Harbac UK Ltd? Finally they finished with a “well we have lost a lot of money!” (some £10k on their £395 per hour fees). At this time after a prolonged liquidation, due to there being no accounting records given to them, they propose to close the company in January 2017,without reporting any need for detailed investigation despite having had copious correspondence between myself and themselves (

I have only started emptying the bucket but the above should be enough to persuade the reader that we should all share Lord Leaky’s concerns.

The Devil rules the world and he does so with coin!

What of Merseyside Special Investment Fund (MSIF) and connexions with the Big Lie article?
I don’t intend to befuddle the Reader but these matters are not a clear as the springs in Paradise. Pandemonium is a phrase well coined.

Unlike Councillor Davies in the press release referred to in the Ministry of Truth article

I will warn the Reader that there is some speculation in what I am going to write. I feel entitled to speculate when my adversaries plainly lie. Councillor P Davies undoubtedly is a clever man ( really? – Wirral Leaks) and with fingers in many pies as can be seen from his personal website :

I represent the Learning Partnership on the Wirral Local Strategic Partnership and the Wirral Waterfront Board. 
I am a non-executive director of the following organisations: The Mersey Partnership; Greater Merseyside Enterprise; the PSL Group (Pentra); The Lauries; Wirral Multi-cultural Organisation; and the Laird Foundation.
I also represent Wirral Borough Council on the Merseyside Objective 1 Programme Monitoring Committee and chair a post-2006 European funding lobbying group as well as the Wirral Pathways (Priority 4) Board .

The key words are THE Mersey Partnership, Wirral Waterfront Board and Merseyside Objective 1 Programme Monitoring Committee and chair a post-2006 European funding lobbying group. I believe these posts extend in substance back to the beginnings of wirralbiz and of the strange case of New Concept Gaming Limited. Speculation coming…Councillor Davies would associate closely with Mark Basnett, Director of the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership, for, after all he had also been a member of the LEP and has many photo opportunities with Mrs Paula Basnett, ex Head of Invest Wirral , and now Head of Wirral Chamber of Commerce. Invest Wirral was in charge of the BIG fund and Mrs Basnett was charged from early 2011 with supervision of the renegade Directors of wirralbiz. If myself, Lord Leaky or Paul Cardin were the three witches on the blasted heath cackling before Macbeth, a picture can be conjured up. These people were and are an elite, an Eurocracy, who run Roman triumphs through the media hailing their achievements with our money, European money, and who would recoil at having their failures equally trumpeted.

New Gaming Concept Ltd

The following is neither lie, nor speculation.

In October 2009 Councillor Jean Stapleton signed off a BIG grant to the company who had already received public funding of £845,000 via Subsidiaries of MSIF and via the NWDA.

In March 2010 the same company filed for Liquidation with an accumulated net loss of £905K. All the European, BIG money and NWDA money was declared lost at the final Liquidators report in ( except for £5,000!

No accounts submitted to Companies House in the lead up to the investment of £845,000 of public money on 30th January 2008 were endorsed by professional accountants. Indeed the 30th April 2008 accounts did not even allude to the floating charge nor the debenture created on 30th January 2008.

Speculation follows:

Shoddy indeed was this for a recipient of £845,000 of public money, even dishonest. I wonder whether the accounts filed for 30th April 2009 on 8th December 2009 were truthful in outlining £461,494 of debtors when three months later the Statement of Assets

At liquidation the Debtors are described as £90,000 of which the liquidator by June 2011 has collected just and precisely £NIL. With Invest Wirral running the show given the revelations in the Grant Thornton BIG investigation one can imagine the BIG panel being duped.

This case has not been followed by any detailed investigation for like wirralbiz it does not suit the Eurocracy, among whom I count Cllr P Davies, to rake over the ashes. Certainly I doubt if Joe Public would ever have heard of this monumental waste if it had not been for the determination of the whistle-blowers to nail the LIE.

I have asked MSIF under FOI for their file on New Concept Gaming Ltd and received the fastest ever response to any FOI, that they were not subject to FOI. I have asked NWDA and its successor, DCLG, and WBC, for their files who of course are subject to FOI.

I conclude that Readers should be aware of just how little protection we are afforded from deception by Councillors or downright robbery by some private companies, by any organ of the state or duly appointed agent of the same. CAVEAT EMPTOR and respect to WIRRAL IN IT TOGETHER and WIRRALLEAKS who do the next best thing which is to put travesties on RECORD.


12 thoughts on “Better to reign in Hell,than to serve in Heaven ……

  1. G’day Leaky

    Doesn’t my mate “Highbrow” have a way with words?

    He is definitely one of the two cleverest accountants I have had the pleasure to work with.

    He mentions “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” in glowing terms don’t you think?

    In “Highbrows” lingo “The Dill”




    In my lingo

    You lying, cheating, conniving, barstard.

    I think I saw the leader and his gang of cronies when visiting the Xmas decorations in Hamilton Square today.

    Or was it the Xmas decorations created in their form.

    If you go down there Lordy the only baubles to be seen are big red bellends wrapped around 30 odd lamposts.

    It looks like the left side of the council chamber.



    Then went to Arrowe Park and saw nobody playing golf or soccer golf…….boy do we need a golf resort or some



  2. G’day Leaky

    Ah Sunday morning and “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” will be off to church with his neighbour “Fartin Lobsterpot” to press the flesh and tell his fellow parishioners about the resort he is going to build for them so their grandchildren will get massive inheritances on the back of “Jack (Niclaus) and the Beanstalks” super duper golf resort were he will allow the North Enders in to clean the dunnies and earn £4 per hour for the honour.

    Did I say PRESS the flesh.

    They will be outside the kirk till after lunch gossiping to the wealthy in the village asking them if they would like to say how great he is in his media empire’s blue paper.

    The blue (touch) paper should be ignited next issue with an article about all things new gaming concepts and doctors from Cambridge and Reno and on the back page his RESIGNATION




    If Ecca he is not forced by you to resign and not go quietly you should grow a pair and have him sacked.


    • I have recently had cause to go for a coffee with “Highbrow”…..I can confirm that he is indeed highbrow. (He ordered a Russian tea and spoke French to the waitress) What around here? Yep…..

      • I once met Nigel Hobro, through a mutual friend, about 30 years ago. At the friend’s house, as he was sitting chatting, I (to my shame) sneaked up behind him and farted on his head. He berated me….in Latin!

  3. G’day Lordy

    C’mon you fan club of “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”.

    The “Dill Brains” as they are called amongst us whistle blowers defend the man who has no morals or principles and is an absolute disgrace to himself his family and his alma mater.

    As for Burgess and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally who the *uck do you think you are with




    65 absolute and complete arseholes for letting them get away with it.

    God Bless Stuart Kelly for his effort.


  4. G’day Leaksville and “Eccles Cake Face” the Invisible Man who is the Blinking CEO

    On this winters Sunday what would be the icing on the Liar (layer) Cake is

    “Sir Git” “The Shyster” their ill legal advisor PROBABLY lied to “Highbrow” and myself when he said excitedly that he hadn’t read that report


    what would be a whopper of a porky and the Royal Icing on the cake is if he lied to “Highbrow” when he said that “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” was NOT RELATED to that other shyster Paul Davies who was responsible for some of the Big applications and boasted in his lectures at Wirral “Funny” Bizz that he wasn’t a qualified accountant and was making a fortune.



    Please drop a line anyone if you know if the two Davies muppets are related.


    They could be related Lordy they have similar suspect intellect.

  5. Reveal yourself DaveH cos I can’t remember and, to the pretentious comment, the lady was serving Belgian waffles. In Lidl st John’s market a cashier was French and enjoyed a chat in French.

    Harmless unlike the toxic lies in my write ups

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