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Fiona Loves CGL

Fiona loves her £91,935 salary


Tonight at Wirral Council’s People Overview and Scrutiny Committee a report will be presented which allegedly reviews the  drug and alcohol service provided by Change,Grow,Live (aka Wirral Ways To Recovery)

Click to access Enc.%201%20for%20Review%20of%20Services%20provided%20by%20Change%20Grow%20Live%20CGL.pdf

Now we thought Public Health England were being brought in  to investigate concerns about mortality rates first raised by Wirral Leaks .

But no!  as the introduction to the report on page 2  states : “The number of deaths of people in contact with the service has been increasing; we have been aware of this situation and working with the provider to ensure we have a safe and effective service. However this increase has also given rise to heightened concern and it was this that led to a member of staff from Wirral Ways to Recovery contacting both an elected member and the national BBC news team to highlight this trend. The Public Health team have responded to both expressions of concern, and have linked with the regional Public Health England team, and both the local Wirral Ways to Recovery team and officers from the national parent organisation, to examine and seek a better understanding of the cause of the continuing rise in the number of deaths. This report is focusing on the 72 reported deaths of people in contact with the service over the period, 1 st February 2015 to 31st August 2016. The 72 deaths are the result of a wide range of causes, with a significant percentage being associated with long term health conditions.”

And so it would appear that not only have we been written out of history  it would appear that Wirral Council’s own Public Health team have undertaken the review  and have merely “linked ” with the regional Public Health team and CGL/ Wirral Ways To Recovery. We had our doubts about Public Health England doing this review anyway this makes a complete mockery of external scrutiny and oversight.

As a concerned source writes to us expressing their concern about this situation :

This is PHE review into drug related deaths on the Wirral. The report was authored by Fiona Johnstone, she is Director of Public Health for Wirral I believe and was instrumental in bringing in CGL after the tendering process.

The report is just 12 pages long which shows the level of indifference the council have for this marginalized group, the report doesn’t say anything other than they were old, we don’t know how old because they haven’t said. These are just a few of the crucial questions that need asking.

1.  How many were off their prescription at the time of their deaths?.
2.   How many were on a reducing prescription?.
3.   Were any excluded from services through so called behaviour issues at the time of death?.
4.   Were there any deaths after successful completion or drop out of treatment?.
5.   How many had been released from prison?.
6.   Did any die during changes to medication?
7.   Were they attending the services needle exchange scheme without fear of being challenged?
8. How many had recently been discharged from hospital prior to their death?
9. What are communication/care pathways like between the provider and the hospital?
10. How many were homeless?
11.How many had dual diagnosis?
12.Numbers diagnosed with Hepatitis C?
13. Has the provider spoken to their bereaved relatives?
I could go on Julian I’m just shocked by such a poor report
From what we can make out the report concludes that the rise in deaths is part of a national trend and mainly involves long term drug/alcohol users with underlying health problems . Anecdotal evidence is also used from  CGL/Wirral Ways to Recovery staff comparing the new and previous service provided by NHS which suggests that a number of those that died would probably have been discharged/left the service before the point of death.
We just wonder whether the whistleblower from CGL/Wirral Ways To Recovery is satisfied with this review as there appears to be no analysis or consideration of the numerous practice/service concerns raised on this blog and we very much doubt anyone would raise their concerns about death rates without mentioning concerns they had about how the service operated.
 We also wonder whether they’re reassured by the fact that scheduled contract meetings between Wirral Council’s Public Health team and CGL/Wirral Ways to Recovery will monitor the rather vague actions included in the conclusion of the report?. A further consideration that isn’t mentioned in the report that the  CGL/Wirral Ways to Recovery contract is ,at £7 million + per annum , the largest contract the Public Health team has.
From our perspective we continue to despair that public services and health and social care services in particular are being dismantled and being subject to market forces and profit margins. Unfortunately it seems to us there are many so called public servants  who in exchange for a significantly high salary seem happy to facilitate this dismantling without evidence to suggest that there has been an improvement in services or that these services provide better value for money.

14 thoughts on “Health Cheque

  1. G’day Lordy

    Ecca could spend his day doing a health cheque on his senior people.

    Talking of cheques he could find out, he probably hasn’t been told, who arranged for the hiding of the Beverley Ewards Report into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods for a very very long time?

    Who arranged, was it “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”, AdderleyDadderleyDooLally”, “The Pretend Friend” or the controller of all lies “Sir Git” “The Shyster” for Dave Garry to assist in their shenanigans by writing a croc of shit report that was not fit for purpose and the pay Dave the obedient servant off with a handsome


    Oh Ecca, do you actually go in and do anything?

    Are you proud of these actions and criminal activities?

    Get another job kid and get a man in.



    And as for the senior officers and clowncillors that are as cowardly as all the other selfish self centred barstards that have let some awful awful things happen in this country over the past 30 years and more.

    Kept their gobs shut and collected their peanuts.

    But I luv you Leaky and your courageous fight. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. What the hell has Eric changed since he has been in post? Given Phil stated you have to pay to get the best. I fail to see any real improvement!

    • G’day Ste

      I think these people are just members of a club that protect each other at all costs.

      They have power over auditors and police because they pay them.

      There is nothing nice or decent despite their cheap suits and pompous self congratulations and meaningless awards.



      I don’t know how they rise to the top of the crud like Ecca has, might be family.

      They all stink because they are in it together.

      Lower life forms than down at Hamilton Square.

  3. Hello Wirral Leaks

    It appears to me that paying around £209,000 pa to ‘get the best’, means different things to different people, but particularly Wirral Councillors.

    I wonder about Eric Robinson, not a lot, but I do here and there. Did he know what he was walking in to? Did he actually do any research into Wirral Council or just think “that’ll see my career out” – (as opposed to making him unemployable anywhere else after this showing), – “it’s just down the road, but I’m living far enough away to ignore the consequences of any decisions because they won’t affect me, except in the bank balance”.

    If paying around £209,000 pa to ‘get the best’ means employing someone who is totally ineffectual, almost invisible, totally compliant, in too deep before he noticed, and has absolutely no discipline or management impact – then Senior Wirral councillors have chosen very well, I would say. They would say it is money (not their’s) well spent.

    Suppose you are a Council leader and you think you are clever. You would never employ anyone cleverer than you, or you could be in trouble. Dumb and dumber, dumber and even dumber, as time passes.

    I wouldn’t have to think too hard about being told what to do, putting up with being well down the pecking order and suspending having any conscience for around £209,000 pa. Just think of the payoff when I stopped being ‘useful’? But why try at all when there can’t be many opportunities to become a local government millionaire in five years or less, at the public’s expense, with minimal effort?

    But that must be the payoff, for just being a puppet, the total protection of the organisation, stuff the services and the public, and let the pretend gangsters run the show.

    Eric Robinson’s fabled ‘new operating model’ shows where the power lies, who knows too much, and why WBC is desperate to exclude any external intervention or investigation.

    You can see the level of respect he commands when they allow him the weighty responsibility of ordering £66,000 worth of desks, and then let him take the flak.

    WBC Desk Monitor on around £209,000 pa. One hell of a career move.

    • It must have been self-interest. He invests in hundreds more desks – and is now never more than 5 seconds away from the nearest one – to dive beneath when the shit is airborne.

  4. G’day Leaky

    Maybe Ecca could be front page news on his new Blue “dunny” Paper with the amount of the cheque.

    You know Leaky the fine from Europe that they blew left right and Reno.

    They deserve a fine and I hope it is at least £250,000.00.

    Then they can ask AdderleyDadderleyDooLally to pay it as he says its not our money so that being the case he can cough it up with the nicotine and tar.



    Luv ya and the people at Horseguards XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day Leaks

    Lets today think about a health cheque on 65 neighing mules that are self centred, conceited couldn’t care less about openness, honesty and transparency wannabe’s.

    They don’t care about council senior officers being corrupt its all about their over inflated ego’s and being a medium sized (s)prat in their small stagnant pond that is wirral bc.

    Their selective vision and following the gang just shows how pathetic they are as individuals.

    They are all following down that road to hell like that foolish old lunatic “Hail” and his evil mate “The Pretend Friend”.

    If this shower of cowards is the best of wirral god help everyone.



    Lordy, just listening to Eric Bristow telling people to go and tell someone.

    ha ha ha ha ha

    I did.


    God Bless Stuart Kelly.

    Get rid of Ecca the Invisible Man unless he mans up.

  6. G’day Leaky

    Health cheque on me and the main man, “Spotty Dog”, “Eccles Cake Face”, “The Invisible Man” “The Blinking CEO”, “Him of no Cojones”.

    Who you might ask?

    Oh Leaksville would I stay unemployed or do his job of keeping their dirty filthy secrets for £200,000.00+ per year?

    No contest.

    I just couldn’t do it.

    I have morals, ethics and principles.

    It is becoming more and more apparent by the day he was employed for the purpose of playing hide and seek.

    Green and Gilchrist are no better.

    What do their families think?


    “Highbrow” saw “The Pretend Friend” lets not talk politics….old, lying, cheatin goat.

    Sorry not cheatin he always has an audit trail………. scum bag.

  7. News just coming in that the lying, deceiving, fabricating, prestidigitating, conning council leader Councillor Davies was lavished with quite a sum of public money to keep him travelling in the custom to which he is accustomed when he accompanied that thief who stole £89,000 of the people of Liverpool’s public money to cover his own personal employment case over many, many months, protected on occasion it seems, allegedly, by Robin Baker of Grant Thornton, an allegedly ‘external’ and ‘impartial’ auditor who must have had an interest in the news not getting out …when they recently flew to China and the bill to you and I, the ignorant, romantic public, ballooned further when they made additional, sumptiously appointed internal flights to destinations unknown ! (Deep breath)

    • I’m impressed brother. It takes time and practice to stop using the full stop but you seem to have done it very quickly.
      And its flow is all the better for it as far as I’m concerned. Gives the reader the clear impression that here’s a fella angry, ranting and in no mood to follow the rules of punctuation.
      Well done lad.

  8. G’day Leaksy

    Fartin Lobsterpot must be earning some of his money with teaching them media reading (training).

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” was on Roger Phillips on Radio Merseyside and I was going to pop in and jeer but it was like the interview last month with “Clowncillor Kid Patrick”.

    They obviously learnt from Graham Burgess of 25 mistakes in 7 seconds fame and now just read their comments and pretend it is an interview.

    It fools everybody, the interview, that is a pretend just like “The Pretend Friend”.

    “The Dill” is big on sharing and caring with the greater clowncil system and really wants to do more business with the “Chamber Potty’s” dear beloved like giving money to help support his disasters like New Gaming Concepts for example who they gave oodles and oodles of dosh up to nearly £1million big ones, I think, to blow and then “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” very kindly donated about £30k BIG monies as Royal Icing on the cake.

    The are also starting up private companies in Regurgitation he went on to read.

    I wonder if AdderleyDadderleyDooLally will be the boss with dogsbody “The Chamber Potty” as his able lying scum bag underling?

    Only using private companies to try and stop Cardin, Brace and “Highbrow” with those pesky FOI’s.




    The funniest thing was listening to Roger before “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” did his reading giving an old man a right royal lambasting when he suggested that things were covered up.

    If “The Dill” had been in the studio I would have asked Roger to ask “The Dill” if Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods was an attempted cover up or whether he just misplaced reports and shit for five and a half years.

    He didn’t mention his 20/20 Vision of the worlds best golf/soccer resort!.

    • I hear Roger is a popular guest of all our local Chamber Potties and very much in demand – from Southport to St Helens – and all points in between, the mammoth Merseymedia persona whose “impartial”, devil’s advocate image everybody loves and admires, and who attends to give of his valuable time and to bestow shiny trinkets upon bright-eyed young business people with waxen, shiny, innocent faces, and not one iota of suspicion or cynicism as they watch Roger preach and proselytise from his lectern, because they’re here to network and through a misguided desire to henceforth charm and dominate the planet, and make a few honest quid in the process and with no clue whatsoever that public servant by day and professional gladhander and partaker of free hospitality by night – our Roger – will be extremely generous of his time and effort in return for a fat, concealed fee that won’t ever be the subject of any Radio Merseyside phone-in 😂

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