Contacts and Connections

If you wanted further confirmation of how things work round these parts look no further than the following article from today’s Daily Mail .  Here you will see the appearance of Wirral Leaks regulars Paula Basnett and Asif  Hamid.  The story itself concerns the fact that in 2014 call centre king Hamid was handed £1 million by the Local Enterprise Partnership – a board which he sits on.  However a spokesperson for The Contact Company denies anything untoward – pointing out that local councils have a final say in who get the grants. So that will be  Hamid’s friends at Wirral Council making the decision about awarding £1 million grants  – well that’s alright then isn’t it?  No rules may have been broken but that’s because these people seem to make them up to suit themselves.

And as you can see from the picture accompanying the article below – which for various reasons has to be one of the most repulsive pictures we have ever seen – if  you throw the Wirral Chamber of Commerce into this increasingly incestuous and lucrative mix we have the local nexus of nepotism.

Paula Basnett is the Chief Executive of Wirral Chamber of Commerce

Asif Hamid is the Chair of Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the owner of the Contact Company

Mark Basnett is Managing Director of Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership

Cllr Phil Davies is the leader of Wirral Council. Wirral Council have enabled  Wirral Chamber of Commerce to manage an increasing property portfolio including Egerton House , Pacific Road and The Lauries.

A call centre boss and Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)  member was handed £1million – by the LEP.

The grant to Asif Hamid’s already-successful business in Merseyside – which turns over £10million a year – amounted to a quarter of all the money handed out in the Wirral area.

Millionaire Mr Hamid, 48, who describes himself as ‘an award-winning entrepreneur and pioneer’, is a well-known businessman in the North West. He has been photographed with David Cameron and Esther McVey, the former Tory minister.

His call centre – The Contact Company – used the £1million it received in 2014 to move into a new 900-seat premises in the Wirral and take on new staff.

Connections: Asif Hamid with former prime minister David Cameron and former minister Esther McVey in 2008

Connections: Asif Hamid with former prime minister David Cameron and former minister Esther McVey in 2008* ( * Paula must be livid that even though she’s rockin’ another lovely white dress she doesn’t get a namecheck)  

The company – owned entirely by Mr Hamid – also benefited from another grant, worth £40,800. This money was given to a company which helped train his staff, and was secured thanks to a bid led by Mr Hamid.

A spokesman for The Contact Company said the firm and its owner ‘completely reject the suggestion that there is anything improper about the relationship between LEP, The Contact Company and Mr Hamid or the funding award in 2014’.

He added: ‘Mr Hamid played no part in the award of the funding.’ Liverpool City Region LEP said the £1million grant had been a success, and that while it had a role in considering if the grant recipients were suitable, local councils had the final say.

A spokesman said: ‘At no point was the LEP Board or its members, including Mr Hamid, involved in decision making as to appraisal of applications or awards of grant.’

On the £40,800 funding for training, the LEP said the process was overseen by a separate board that did not include Mr Hamid. Those funds ‘were paid to training providers, not to The Contact Company’.

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25 thoughts on “Contacts and Connections

    • I told Rotten Boroughs the other week about the Wirral Council leader’s lying media statement in 2013. Back then, he’d told us just ONE BIG Fund grant recipient had gone under – when the true figure was 10 ultimately and a lot more than one at the time of his bogus statement.

      But this drew a blank. Probably because Private Eye just haven’t got enough staff to keep up with the sheer, breakneck speed of Wirral’s runaway corruption and mendacity.

  1. It’s just a cesspit that you will do well to get the bottom of. I suppose it’s just a coincidence that the said Mr Hamid is also on a number of local boards with Ms Basnett as Directors together and that he was invited to overseas trips with Wirral Council. You can’t tell me it wasn’t discussed at anytime!

  2. We all know that money attracts money, and those who want to get on in the world will always follow the money people. We also know that sooner or later these people will come crashing down to earth and the good old Wirral tax payer will foot the bill.

  3. G’day The Leaks of Wirral

    This dude can’t be very bright.

    Raworth and Turnbull of Wirral “Funny” Bizz notoriety were as thick as shit and Basnett, Adderley and Davies et al let them get away with £2,000,000.00.

    The gang of those days Adderley, Ball, Basnett, Bradbury, Davies, Foulkes, Wilkie, Norman, Jones, Tour, Jones should be the next up for an award.

    THE P45s’



    They are untouchable Leaks so I will have to continue laughing at the CLOWNS


  4. Hello Wirral Leaks

    You know when things bother you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Well I have put my finger on it now. Why, out of all of the UK, would the Daily Mail focus on Asif Hamid, picture and all?

    There is going to be a lot more focussing on the use of public money in Wirral isn’t there? I reckon he’s in real trouble, along with some of his bessie mates. And to think it’s only Monday…

    Someone should do them all a favour, and tell them that you can actually get clothes that fit. Probably all ‘made to measure’, but for somebody else.

  5. Interesting to note their Board says it was Wirral Council who made the final decision. Would that be the InvestWirral team then headed up by Kevin Adderley of Black Adderley fame? You know the guy – the very same one who was head of InvestWirral and the one Paula Basnett worked for. Yes the very same one who took a big golden handshake from Wirral Council then the next week started as Director at Wirral Chamber of Incompetents. So all transparent and above board then. Asif. Kevin is good mates with Asif Hamid as we all know. So this trio have been very transparently looking after their own interests whilst transferring public assets into private companies of which they are Directors, then introduce a Business Levy to shaft hard working Birkenhead business owners and pay the staff at said companies. All whilst passing each one bundles of funding and moving InvestWirral (Wirral Council) staff into their new companies and threatening small business owners with prosecution for not paying their made up Levy Tax. Well that is alright then. As long as we are all clear on it.

      • Hopefully the truth will out and as one of your readers wonders why the “Daily Mail” should highlight Wirral council its officers and the Chamber of commerce, all will be revealed what if any scull doggery will be exposed. Watch this space.

  6. Why does a company with a turnover of £10 million a year need a £1 million grant ?
    £40,800 for training new staff as well this is criminal what date is Chief Executive Gormless Eric starting the investigation into the misuse of public funds?

    • Because ‘turnover’ does not equal profit! There’s an old accountancy phrase – ” turnover vanity, profit sanity” – which goes to explain a lot, especially when dealing with Wirral Council. I’ll bet they are investing in something that does the big turnover, but the actual bottom line end-of-year is a minus figure or something stupid like a £500 profit, but with projections of solvency in say, 3 years time, dependent on wait for it……grants. I’ll bet the ‘turnover’ is a qualifying part of the criteria for receiving a grant (and of course knowing the right people to ask).

  7. See Paula has been cropped from the paper edition of the Mail. She must be seething, her chance for a photo next to the (X) PM. But then again……

  8. G’day Lordsville


    I have waited five and a half years for people to speak up about Adderley and Basnett.

    The start of the end……………………finally.



    PaulW I got all the paper copies of “The Chamber Potty” to cover my dunny wall.


    • As much as I would like to think you are right James, I would get ahead of yourself my friend. These people will have all the boxes ticked and the fingerprints will not be anywhere to be seen. We all know they are thick as thieves but proving it is another thing. Just look at the Adderley job swap. Walked out of one highly paid job straight into another and yet no one knew? The problem is they all have each other’s back and unless someone breaks ranks it will continue.

      • G’day Ste

        If the people of wirral accept this crud and dross they deserve it.

        Have you met these two nobody’s?

        One of chanel and one of stinking ashtray.



        Respect Leaks and Ste XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  9. G’day Leaks

    I originally thought they were keeping Wirral “Funny” Bizz quiet because of Stella and Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    It now appears the reason that Adderley and Basnett kept on paying Wirral “Funny” Bizz for 18 months after me and “Highbrow” blew the whistle was probably because Raworth and Turnbull knew about their new favourite CONTACT.

    When I say Raworth and Turnbull knew Ecca…….. Ecca, Ecca are you there, Ecca, Ecca is there anyone home I mean that Jones, Davies, Garry, Norman, Tour, Armstrong, Ball, Bradbury, Foulkes, Green, Gilchrist, Davies, Jones and the rest of “The Kitchen Cabinet” and assorted others all knew.

    Ecca wake up and smell the golf course ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    Or Ecca, is Davies and Jack’s (and the beanstalk) worlds biggest golf resort just smoke and mirrors or is Burgess already there in Hoylake to build houses and houses and houses.


    I presume Lordy the Hoylake referendum nonsense is Davies retirement plan.

  10. I see from the daily mail today that Peel holdings obtained £60 million from the same funding source one for a rail link to the airport & the other for work on the port extension. Whilst I see that infrastructure is being improved it is the secrecy involved and the fact that Peel directors on the board who distribute the funds.
    Peel holdings are owned by a billionaire who resides in the Isle of Man and was chairman of the LEP board John Whittaker and a Saudi consortium Olayan Group and one would have thought that between them they had enough capital to fund the projects without LEP funds which could have gone to other deserving causes. It is the secrecy behind the LEP grant funding that is sickening and I hope the daily mail investigations will eventually uncover the secretive grants.

    • Jonathan Good Evening,

      The matter that struck me in the Mail’s article where it wrote of The Contact Company , was the response of the Company, that it had nothing to do with the decision to award it the money, but the Wirral Borough Council had the deciding vote.

      Surely given the performance of WBC ‘re the BIG fund nobody would trust it with any parish collection box, let alone millions.

      The whole matter is tragic from the abolition of one incompetent organization North West Development Agency, to its replacement by self selecting self serving Local Enterprise Partnerships.

      Surely the answer is to reduce tax leaving money in the hands of those who earn it. At least to forbid the monopolisation of seats on the Boards of public funded bodies.It is crazy that one couple ,the Basnetts, draw salaries from public bodies on both sides of the Mersey, and yet we only possess evidence that they are not skilled in managing such money. What success can they point to? As regards them my only exposure is to New Concept Gaming Ltd and Asiaeurope, both flops, and the latter known to be a con. The losses amount to over £800k and £50k of our money.

      Secrecy is their weapon and, only when that veil of secrecy is torn away as with the wirralbiz affair. do we see the failures and the deceit.

  11. Wirral Council policy with all its EU funding was to literally cream 20/25% off the top in management fees and use that to pays its regeneration teams. The same will be happening here with Invest Wirral and The Chamber etc. I am very disappointed that The Lauries has been taken over by the Chamber. My strategy would have been to lease it to the local infrastructure organisation Community Action Wirral, so allowing them to become further self-sufficient.

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