OH NO IT’S THE ICO (Revisited)

Just to update you on a story that we published in autumn concerning a breach of data protection by Wirral Council.
The story clearly upset someone who goes by the pseudonym of R.Sole . Well we presume it’s a pseudonym  , either that or they were an unwanted child. The only thing we haven’t printed from their email to Leaky Towers is who they addressed their delightful missive to – because  a) they’re out of order and b)  way off  target.
It was interesting to see your recent story regarding noise logs being “dumped” in the street by Council officials.
You really do embellish the truth don’t you!!  It is quite obvious that they weren’t dumped, dickhead.  This was obviously a genuine mistake by a Council officer who either dropped them by accident or had them stolen.
I admit that he or she was very careless but to say that they were deliberately dumped is ludicrous.
Get your facts straight before you publish.  You fucking idiot.
R. Sole

Dear R. Sole

We didn’t say the documents were “deliberately dumped”.
You say dropped , we say dumped. However they ended up on the pavement it’s still a breach of the Data Protection Act
What we’re left wondering is why you choose to provide such positive feedback on a Saturday night  7 weeks after we published the story ? 
You also ask us to get our facts straight (by the way it wasn’t just information about noise logs). Do you know more about the incident than our source ?- if so would you care to share that information so we can set the record straight?
Thankfully we are able to go back to our original source who provides us with an update on the story  having received a more polite response from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) than we did from R.Sole.
It is interesting to note that the ICO tell us that Wirral Borough Council ‘self reported’ the breach of the Data Protection Act. Was this before or after we’d reported the matter on Wirral Leaks ?  No prizes for guessing !
Nevertheless we’ll be checking out the ICO website to see what action – if any- they publicly (rather than publically) choose to take .  Needless to say censure by the ICO is very much a case of deja vu when it comes to Wirral Council :

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your email of 14 October 2016 concerning papers you found belonging to Wirral Borough Council relating to noise complaints.
We want to know how organisations are doing when they are handling information rights issues. We also want to improve the way they deal with the personal information they are responsible for. Reporting your concerns to us will help us do that.
Our role is not to investigate or adjudicate on individual concerns but we will consider whether there is an opportunity to improve the practice of the organisations we regulate. We do this by taking an overview of all concerns that are raised about an organisation with a view to improving their compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
I can confirm that Wirral Borough Council has self-reported this matter to us and we are investigating this incident. As part of our investigation we will take steps to ensure that the council has addressed all foreseeable weaknesses in its organisational and technical controls, with a view to reducing the potential for a recurrence.
Although I cannot confirm what action, if any, we will take, in common with all such cases I can advise that there are four options available to us:
 We may issue advice. This may take the form of a letter, or an undertaking. The latter is a publically available document signed by both the ICO and the organisation to which it is issued;

  • We may mandate the steps required to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence by way of a formal Enforcement Notice;
  • In the most serious cases, we may issue a Civil Monetary Penalty. This acts as a deterrent against future incidents;
  • Finally, we may offer an audit or advisory visit. These allow the ICO to review specific areas of a data controller’s compliance and to make tailored recommendations for improvement.

Further details of all our regulatory powers can be found in our Regulatory Action Policy, which can be found on our website.
The above steps are not mutually exclusive and in common with all such cases we will use a combination of our powers to ensure that both the incident and any improvements required are appropriately addressed. 
At this stage we are unable to confirm what the outcome of that investigation will be. We will not write to you again in this matter but any formal regulatory action will be published on the ICO’s website.
I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

11 thoughts on “OH NO IT’S THE ICO (Revisited)

  1. Do you know what Lord Leaky I cannot recall you ever traducing anyone in the way that r sole or the council press officer have you.

    Calling persons dickhead is next move ,physical violence ,and my advice would be to report that communication to the police to track down the culprit.

  2. G’day Leaks

    Message to R Soles in the ex-local rubbish propaganda sheet.

    Post room mix-up caused Minister’s crucial warning letter about Wirral Council’s newspaper to go unread.

    Was this Arse?

    Dumped or dropped in the mail room?

    Doesn’t matter with the bungling incompetents, they lie, they cheat they obfuscate.

    Also Arse, if you want to see a real dickhead come along to the clowncil meeting and watch the deluded leader lie through his teeth again or just avoid honesty, openness and transparency five and a half years on.




  3. Speaking of shit, a subject I major in, with absolutely nothing to do with this thread or anything else, to’ther day me and the lads gathered at The Ring ‘o’ Bells to perform our Ale House Christmas Nativity where, once again for the seventh year running I played the Son Of Man in the Manger.
    We’d got down there early, supped about twenty pints and began the preparation for the performance which normally ends in a bit of a ruck and, whoever gets cast as King Herod, takes a bloody good proper Ring ‘o’ Bells kicking.
    Anyways, after the swaddling, which went on for far to long for my liking, and I was swaddled up to the chin in swaddling clothes, Nora, who alas again was cast as me Mam, cozy’s up to me, exposes her breasts and invites me to suckle. Course, I refused telling her, ‘Nora I’ll be damned if I do it again. You’re barren old woman and it’s been decades since you last lactated’, when, all of a sudden there was a strange tap, tap, tapping on the Manger door. I thought, strange! Tap, tap, tapping on the Manger door. Strange!
    Anyways, seeing as the cast were all a thronged around me Crib, we’d got the gifts, namely a platter of clams, a kilo of seasoned pork rind and a handful of psilocybin mushrooms and nobody else was expected to come tapping, I got Nora to release her grip on me and from the holy Crib I shouted, ‘who comes tapping’.
    And it happened. It was only Liptrot and young, loyal, subservient, desperate to please Kevin from the bloody Council, and both were dressed up as first century Roman Centurians. Unable to release myself from the swaddling. Bloody yards and yards of the horrible stuff. I bloody shouted, ‘Liptrot. Macullum. Clear off. Go visit some other biblical celebration. This here is the Nativity. Check your historical documents. Read the bloody New Testament and the Dead Sea Coptic writings. Two Roman Centurians were not present during the Nativity. Had they been there Matthew, Mark, Luke or bloody John would have mentioned it. What you’ve bloody done here is confused two historical events. That’s what’s happened here. You’ve tipped up at the birth rather than the Crucifixtion and me bloody death. That’s what’s happened here’.
    Then Liptrot pipes bloody up doesn’t he, ‘we’ve followed the Sat Nav and it lead us here. We must have popped in the wrong postcode. We were expecting to find the leader of the Council on his bed dressed up as Herod and renenact an obscure and long forgotten biblical story of two Roman Centurians buggering Herod on the very same night as the birth of Jesus. Can we leave you with a gift. The latest edition of Wirral View?’
    Happy Christmas to everyone including His Lordship, Her Ladyship, Cardin, Brace, Hobro, the Leaks Doctor, the Leaks posters and my friend James Griffiths.

    • Oh Bobster

      If anything good came out of this revolting battle with these horrible horrible vile specimens it is you calling me your friend.

      When I read you, I think “Good job, God!”

      All the best to you and yours Bobbly and I hope you inspire me to up my game against these evil lying shower of shit into next year.

      They should be shamed and removed from public office, they are not fit for any purpose.




    • Season’s Greetings to you Bobby47, all at Leaky Towers, and everyone else in Bobby’s Christmas greetings list; also good wishes for 2017 to all.

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