Christmas Day in the Control Room


Inspired by  Christmas Day in the Call Centre one of our many aggrieved contributors has kindly provided us with a seasonal , if dark , insight into the Wirral Council control room that is worthy of The Brothers Grimm. Read it and weep ( yet again).

It serves to reinforce our belief that Wirral Leaks serves a repository for all those people who said “NO”. The good people of the world who know the difference between right and wrong , refuse to be chess pieces and can’t be bought like chattels:

After your report on Massive Asif call centre Christmas this is a little insight into the councils still fully operational control room after the supposed closure of 2014.

5 cover staff on the same pay band as former staff doing 40% less duties as you can imagine the mood is quite festive and cheery with staff enjoying many shifts on overtime rate as the new year approaches and the rustling of sweet wrappers at the bottom of the office Quality street mix with the clunking of shoes discarded as feet are placed onto the once hectic work stations as the click of the kettle breaks the silence from the once over used telephones.
We all know those workstations have been overused on various weekends but even that was brought to a halt when the chauffeur was called back onto the road and Cindereaden wasn’t allowed there after 12.
The madness of the Christmas and New Year has gone replaced by nose picking,ball scratching and working out how much more overtime can be fitted in before the end of March.
The 40% eye in the sky is now embedded in the far away land of Bootle never to return, a ghost of Christmas past.
Happy Christmas all at Wirral Leaks
JKs Happy Elf



3 thoughts on “Christmas Day in the Control Room

  1. G’day Lordy

    I hope you will be with us in the control room on Monday 19 to witness “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” continue his charade, lies and obfuscations, and, in public five and a half years later.

    Phil “Wirral “Funny” Bizz did steal £2,000,000.00 and contrary to AdderleyDaderleyDooLally saying no Big recipients went bad, one did, two did, three did, four did, five did, six did, seven did liars liars pants on fire.

    I told them, “Highbrow” told them, Beverley Edwards told them, Grant Thornton told them BIS told them but no….

    Just like his new monthly comic they think they can do and say what they want.

    Watch him Monday night, just like his team taking a battering at home, the deluded idiot will still carry on as though he is God Almighty and a winner.




    C’mon Ecca put them out of their misery writing this shit about this shit is shit.


    • James, the leader of Bolton Council is in massive lumber for using “Emergency Powers” to secretly give £300,000 in public dosh to a private firm of solicitors so they could renovate their new offices… and some might say possibly to help the firm’s award-winning CEO buy his 7th lime green Lamborghini in 4 years. With it being an “emergency” the opposition members were hamstrung and could not even call it in.

      I say the people of Bolton are lucky barstards because they could be living in Bobsville47 country, in North Korea or even here.

      • I sieve the money was given to increase footfall in the Town centre. … the trouble was it was given after the fact. The solicitors were already committed to Town centre offices

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