A Dim View


Despite the publication of the third issue of Wirral View we have yet to see a copy of Wirral Council’s limp organ at Leaky Towers – and from correspondence we’ve been receiving we’re not the only ones.

Meanwhile we’ve had to content ourselves with reading the online version. As it remains a particularly dreary read we ended up quickly clicking through the pages to count the number of Santa hats that appeared in the latest edition. Sadly whilst we anticipated that Wirral View would present us with endless opportunities for satire  , each issue has proved to be so anodyne we’ve been given nothing to work with.

Although for quite different reasons  , also taking a dim view of Wirral View is Marcus Jones , the Minister for Local Government. A sabre-rattling warning letter from the MP to Council leader Cllr Phil  ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies about non-compliance with the Publicity Code for councils apparently went unread for 9 days , allegedly because of ‘a post-room mix up’.   


So do we believe that boys and girls ? Remember this is an organisation that has dishonesty running through it like a stick of rock . As former council leader and ex- Mayor Foulkesy proves persistent lying is no hindrance to high office. Indeed a series of council scandals have over the years proven that this culture of mendacity extends to senior officers and indeed was once endorsed by a veteran senior councillor with the words : ” We pay our Chief Officers to be slippery”.

The Wirral Globe article provided us with moments of both comedy and tragedy. The former inevitably is provided by class clown Kev aka Wirral Council’s supposed head of communications or more accurately ‘Policy Advisor’ Martin Liptrotsky’s patsy. The Globe  reports Mr McCallum ‘remained defiant’ or more accurately was shoved into the firing line to defend the indefensible . Having said that we feel he is a bit harsh on himself and his team when he says  : “It was clear from the research we have completed and the feedback we get on an ongoing basis, that the communications tools we were using were not getting this job done….”

The tragedy is provided by one of the the comments made by Paddy Cleary who declares himself UNISON branch secretary as if this gives his post some kind of extra credibility. Talk about deluded! Cleary suggested that the solution to the post room mix up would be to address staff cuts. It’s a comment which for us not only characterised either his naivete or complicity but explains why the local branch has an ever diminishing number of members.

Memo to Mr Cleary from Leaky Towers : believe us you could have had a flock of pigeonholers in that post-room and the Marcus Jones missive still wouldn’t have been answered promptly ! Might we suggest you might serve your remaining members better if you turn your attention to the continuing outsourcing of their jobs….


9 thoughts on “A Dim View

  1. I am unreliably informed that there will be 4 American style cheerleaders outside the town hall on Monday night greeting arrivals for the Council meeting. I look forward to reading a report about this in Wirral View….. I am told that each of the girls will have a large letter on their uniform….it will spell R E N O…. I will have my camera phone at the ready……and no doubt John Brace will also brace himself Ha ha

  2. G’day Lordy

    They replied to “Highbrow’s” FOI about New Concept Gaming early L to show how effluent they are err efficient.

    104 pages of crud and dross that no one in their RIGHT MIND would give to a company not even in wirral let alone to move to wirral to go bust.

    I forgot Leaksy “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” is not in his right mind or fit for public service.

    He is just like all those old try hards at my swimming pool trying to scheme and plot to get their mitts on the next tranche of lucre except he goes down the golf club.

    I see his dogsbody from Tranmeirdre signed it off saying it was fine………for a couple of months anyway. He probably told her it was.



    Can’t wait to see the cheerleaders on Monday evening word on the street it is Basnett, “Nurse Rat” Jones, Bradbury and Williamson.


  3. G’day Leaky

    Just one more sleep before Santa comes to Brighton street in the form of the gift giver to anyone who will take him to Reno or China.

    I hope you will be there tomorrow night L just to laugh at the deluded fool when he speaks I am just going to sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Doesn’t matter what he says if he opens his gob you will know he is lying.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    Can’t wait.

    Luv ya LI hope the real Santa who I do believe in is very kind to you for your wonderful work.


  4. G’day Leaks

    You say you haven’t received your wirral View comic yet and so have lots of others.

    Just because their ex-local rubbish propaganda sheet said

    Post room mix-up caused Minister’s crucial warning letter about Wirral Council’s newspaper to go unread

    I might ask “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” the fearful leader if I can check out the mail room tomorrow night.

    I have this theory that the people in the mail room could possibly be half wits called Davies, that like him, only have the intellect to do half a job and they haven’t yet realised that it is not just their job to lose incoming when told but they have to send stuff out like their monthly comic.

    I bet they are stashed with some of the bodies.

    Just sayin.



    “Phil” just fess up about Wirral “Funny” Bizz tomorrow night I am fed up with writing this crud and dross.

    Luv ya Lordsville to the clownhall and back. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. Hello Wirral leaks

    I’m in a bit of a rush, but just before I go out, I noticed your Dim View, of the Wirral View, peddled by the dim-witted.

    Is this an Eric Robinson & Phil Davies Christmas present to not-so-distant friends, called “Wirral Business Support Services Contract”…maybe it will be gift-wrapped with a pretty bow.

    I’ll bet this document doesn’t get ‘lost’ in Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s, or any other post-room. It will probably be hand delivered by Cllr Phil Davies, to ex-WBC regeneration head and WCofC Group Managing Director Kevin Adderley, who will check with Asif Hamid (winner of his own Wirral Business Award courtesy of sponsorship by Peel) and Paula Basnett (one of the 4 judges for Asif Hamid’s ‘Investment of the Year – the Contact Company award), who may check with Executive Director Mark Basnett at the Liverpool Local Enterprise Partnership, to see if they need help applying for the contract. ? Maybe Phil will collect it, just to be sure for security’s sake.

    Do you think that when all the ‘Wirral Business Support Services’ tenders are submitted, that probably all of the other applicants submissions will be ‘lost’ in a poorly-organised and understaffed council post-room…

    Paddy Cleary may want to check that the application forms aren’t already pre-printed with Wirral Chamber of Commerce featuring in all the appropriate places. They’ll probably need another free-to-use Council (Wirral publicly owned) building, in addition to Egerton House, Pacific Road and the Lauries Centre…all at peppercorn rents for up to 25 years.

    WCofC may as well move into Wallasey Town Hall as WBC are farming everything out and delivering very little properly, including the council’s own rag. And everyone will be pleased to see Kevin (Mr £250k) Adderley return to the golden goose, won’t they?

    I don’t want to say “I told you so” when it’s awarded, but t’s all only going to get worse.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    • G’day Tiffs

      Compliments of the season to you and yours.

      You seem to know what scum bags this crud and dross around “The Chamber Pot” is and what it is all about.

      Tread carefully Tiff you could get contaminated.

      Do people actually do anything for Basnett, Basnett, Adderley, Davies, and all at “The Pot” or are they just receivers, leaches and parasites?

      Do they just pretend they like these arseholes in that pretend way that people say they respect the Jones’s the other Davies and the Tours who really are orrible, vile specimens of human things.

      Their families must be so proud.



      See you at the clowncil chamber tonight to watch Davies not answer “Highbrow’s” questions. X

      I am working on some bigger more improved insults for 2017 going into the seventh year of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off saga and their lies and obfuscations.


  6. I think WBC has got its legal defence sorted. Although they are publishing this rag 12 times a year, the likelihood of any household actually receiving a copy more frequently than quarterly is exceedingly slim.

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