Panto Season

Fairy Godmother Frank.jpg

The Fairy Godfather

Some might say it’s always panto season at Wirral Council but we think it officially kicks off at tonight’s full council meeting which features a special guest appearance from whistleblower Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro.

To join in the festive fun Wirral Leaks have been working on a pantomime production of our very own . Coming soon is ‘ Pipperella’  which is our unique take on the Cinderella story starring the following :

Pipperella – Cllr  Phil Davies aka Power Boy Pip. Will Pipperella be asked to attend the Queen’s Ball to pick up an OBE or even better a knighthood for services to the BS industry and the business community?

The Ugly Sisters –  Cllr Steve Foulkes / Cllr George Davies aka Foulkesy and Georgie . Typecasting we know  !. Will Foulkesyetta and Georgetta De Combova spoil Pipperella’s plans by their bungling incompetence and inability to tell the truth?

Wicked Stepmother – Cllr Moira McLaughlin aka Matron. Will the bossy old trout continue with her unquestioning devotion to the unworthy?

Baron Hardup – Asif Hamid aka  Massive. Will struggling millionaire get another grant of public money and bail everyone out of trouble?

Dandini – Paula Basnett aka Pouting Paula . Will the dandy highwaywoman break the budget with awards ceremonies and costume changes?.

Prince Charm Offensive   – Martin Liptrot aka Liptrotsky .  Will  Wirral Council ‘cheerleader’  ensure that Pipperella has a happy ending ?

Buttons –  Wirral Council  Chief Executive Eric Robinson aka Eric Feeble/Stressed Eric. Will the one who doesn’t get paid ‘buttons’ get out from under his desk and do the right thing?

and finally

The Fairy Godfather – Frank Field aka Frankenfield  . Will all troubles disappear with one swish of his magic wand? –  be it hunger , poverty or protecting your political agent with public money !………

8 thoughts on “Panto Season

  1. I hope they leave that heart-rending scene in where Frank goes all faint, swoons and – quick as a flash – the local media are there to catch him as he topples backwards.

    The “happily ever after” denouement being the reams of wonderful, happy-clappy, diversionary copy that continues to pour forth from the brow of the Arch-Tory as his career scales new heights and Birkenhead plunges into the deepest and most abject poverty.

  2. Oh Lordy

    What a pantomime?

    The only decency I saw at the Clownhall was the two nice doorman who sadly have to work for these pricks but at least get the pleasure of reading my insults.

    The panto started with everyone in the chamber turning their phones off except for the dimwitted Mayor and the Labourite that phoned him to put “Highbrow” off.

    It didn’t.

    Oh no it didn’t.

    But to make poor old “Phil the Very Very Deluded, Slimey and Elusive Dill” shit his big man pants “Highbrow” changed his question.

    And he did.

    Oh yes he did.

    I thought he was going to cry to “His Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” who sits on his left making a pigeon pair.

    Just prior to this “Phil the Very Very Deluded, Slimey and Elusive Dill” and his sibling went through the motions of pretending his microphone wasn’t working.

    Then it happened Lordsville he did what Burgess and Adderley did.

    He lied in public.

    Liar liar pants on fire.



    Got to go now Leaky to watch his team get beat ……………. again.

    “Highbrow” said he will be back ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    To make the lying barstard squirm.


    I wish them all at the Clownhall exactly what they deserve for Xmas especially the two nice doormen.

  3. So nice to see that in the Goebbels paper aka Wirral View,the most improved Council is claiming the Wirral Scout Post as their own-Dib Dib Pip!

  4. G’day Leaks

    Up early at 4.30am looking for work.

    You don’t know anyone who would employ a pseudo Australian whistle blower with a very poor sense of humour after five and a half years do you Leaky?

    Can’t wait to see John “Tarrantino” Brace’s epic panto filum.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 Knock Off


    Rhett Davies

    Thinking about “Phil the Very Very, Slimey and Elusive Dill” and his performance last night the galah is just like a pink cheeked fat face and arse spoilt brat from Caldy.

    I wanna golf resort named after me and Big Jack and the Beanstalk.

    When he gets to court and no one can write his lines, not that he would want that fat-arsed buffon “The Shyster”, “Sir Git” to defend or help him, I reckon his big fatty puffy cheeks will go that scarlet colour like his favourite footy teams shirts and he will cry.

    That day will no doubt come L.

    You shouldn’t lie in public Philly boy, didn’t your mummy tell you that when she was wiping your enormous snotty nose…last week.

    You should have seen him and I hope the filum shows what a little prig he is when “Highbrow” changed his question.

    He nearly had to have an original thought.

    He is not good at thinking Lordy good job he is is in the old boys network.



    Didn’t see Ecca there Leaksville do you think they locked him in Burgess’s gold plated Dunny.

    He is probably on his way to his new £250,000.00 job in Leicestershire or Warwickshire.

    Luv ya L, will you give me a reference, whistle blowers are like “Ankles” “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer…not popular.


    Just thought of what else was funny last night Leaky I stood outside the members mail room, should members be in capitals, whilst a few collected their mail, didn’t see any heavy weight labor scum, but I did ask them whether they should be collecting their mail as there might be something from the government.

    They were all the same Leaks, silent STUNNED MULLETS!

    They can’t talk unless their leader writes it down for them.

  5. G’day leaky

    You know what I find amazing.

    “Highbrow” and I say that Adderley lied in public, Burgess lied in public and now finally last night Davies lied in public.

    Why do 65 muppets at wirral with a tiny wubbleU tolerate this?

    Do they want to be associated as public ha ha ha ha servants with these low lives?

    Obviously yes My Lord.

    Ecca you can come out of hiding now you feeble pretender you should be ashamed of your wirral career.



    Do you think Lordy that they are allowed to think without permission from their leaders.


    What an absolute disgrace you are to any decent member you might have.


    Lordy got there early last night to watch the cheerleaders and all I saw was an awful lot of oversized mutton dressed as lamb

  6. The Tennessee Titan’s Cheerleaders could have made an appearance. Martin Liptrot could have sorted that out after the calendar shoot he was on with them. And their team colours are blue and white. How fitting.

    • Hello Doctor

      Martin Liptrot is not known for his photography, is he? Maybe he was giving the Titans cheerleaders some ‘guidance’?

  7. G’day Leaky

    I call him “Phil the Very Very, Slimy and Elusive Dill” (because he is) but me old china plate how deluded is he?

    I think a sentence in his press release of 1 July 2013 about sums it up.

    Off the top of me noggin I think the one sentence included

    only one company went bust

    the companies are still trading

    the companies are creating jobs

    the companies are contributing to the local economy

    Oh Lordy

    Also off the top of my shiny noggin

    Corrin Kenny Ltd

    TTH Laundry Services Ltd

    Lockwood Engineering ltd

    Its My Claim Ltd

    Hallwell Industrial & Marine Silencers Ltd

    TTH Laundry Services (Project 2)

    New Concept Gaming Ltd

    I think his 4 untruths in one sentence makes the idiotic dim-witted, slimy and elusive leader of labor

    “Phil the VERY VERY VERY VERY Slimy and Elusive Dill”

    Toss it in “Dill” you are not fit for any purpose and up there with “Ankles” “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer”..



    Oh Ecca they make you look like a half witted clowncil.


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