The Ugly Truth



Do you think Frank Field was forced to eat sprouts as a child ?

We ask this as he seems to have a deep aversion to greens. First it was Wirral Council Chief Officer Dave Green ,then it was the local Green Party which brought on a funny turn and now dragging every last ounce out of the ‘Sir’ Philip Green BHS scandal Fairy Godfather Frankenfield does what he does best –  being a world class hypocrite and asking for big fines for people who – legally if not morally – have done nothing wrong.

He’s big on morality is Frankenfield – as long it’s not his own and those he’s protecting. If we didn’t dislike the ugly face of capitalism ‘Sir’ Phil  so much we’d be straight on to his solicitor Schillings with the ugly truth about what Frankenfield has been up to round here.

Lest we forget this involves St. Frank of the Foodbanks trying to get council taxpayers to stump up a bung to protect his Plug ugly* political agent Cllr George Davies (see above) and prevent an highly incriminating recording ending up in the public domain.

Here’s a thought – how about the local Labour group paying the group of complainants with the Wirralgate tapes and not the long suffering local Council Taxpayers ?

We say this as apparently the Wirralgate scandal is ‘live and sensitive’. Ironically we only know this because of a Freedom of Information request on What Do They Know. Needless to say Wirral Council have denied the release of the Nick Warren investigation report that will explain fully and without undue influence what all the fuss has been about all these years – yeah , right!

What could be the possible explanation for the ongoing delay with resolving this case?.

Here’s our guess – current Council Chief Officers Eric Robinson, Joe Blott and especially Surjit Tour and David Armstrong all must know they’ll be tainted forever if they capitulate the immoral demands of the moral crusader Frankenfield. We’ll reluctantly give former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess aka Burgesski his due – he wasn’t prepared to be blackmailed by Frankenfield about a £48,000 payment to his ‘special friend’ because allegedly she was bullied and harassed by the other ugly sister in this sordid scenario – Foulkesy.

Have you ever known such a sleazepit in your entire life?

It all makes ‘Sir’ Philip Green look like Mother Theresa ( who as far as we’re concerned was no saint anyway

*The Plug uglies were of course an American street gang who were referred to as a political club. We couldn’t think of a more apt description for local politicians!

2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. G’day Leaky

    Saw Frankenstein on the telly yesterday talking all things green and starving in Birkenbloodyhead.

    Is that the best young and dynamic politician in wirral.

    God save wirral

    cos nothing will save “Phil the Very Very Very Very, Slimy and Elusive Deluded Dill”.



    A great week for whistle blowers Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Buutttt weeee have nothing to lose.

  2. I believe the Wirral Leaks version of events.
    Because I just *know* it to be waaaaaay nearer the truth than the outlandish “Wirral View” fantasy world of spin and empty bluster gushing forth from the pen of former Big Tobacco PR employee and non-smoker (It’s disgusting) Martin Liptrot.

    Watch as Marty, the former Blair Spin doctor, struggles to conjure a foolproof method of foisting yet another harmful product onto the guilty of “Beirut”, i.e. any damnfool, knuckle dragging bozo living in Birkenhead who’s either spent 37 years putting x’s next to the name of Frank Field on a ballot paper or will do soon…… and by this hideous action also putting wings on the heels of rampant poverty still spreading throughout the town, unaddressed, and leaving local media vulnerable to having its pages stuffed to bursting with Liptrot style diversionary misinformation.

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