Christmas Bonus for Business


A source sent us the above template for the Wirral Council tender for Wirral Business Support Services  :“The costings for delivery of the Wirral Business Support Services is an astonishing £1.3m. Why can’t this be delivered by the highly paid officers already employed there?” 

To which we can only reply : because that’s not they’re paid for. The highly paid officers at Wirral Council are remunerated so handsomely to systematically dismantle our public services. Why should they care if there are no public services left?. They’d have been paid a heap of cash by then. What’s more  why should they care if the outsourced services prove to be inefficient ,poor quality  and cripplingly expensive  ? – they’ve got a pension pot to protect them from the consequences . A pension pot they can top up by sitting on the board of the companies that benefited from the fire sale of public services !

If you want to see where all this ends look at ‘Community Care . An ideologically driven and under funded government initiative that twenty years after its implementation has led to the current crisis in social care where local authorities have been given extra powers to raise money via Council Tax to cover spiralling costs of increasingly poor services………

But why should our public service potentates be concerned with jam for everyone tomorrow when they can have jam for themselves today?



13 thoughts on “Christmas Bonus for Business

  1. So the 2% increase on our Council tax is for the fat cats to piss up the wall or to gag their chums who know where the bodies are buried. WHY? When they have squandered other tax revenues are vanity projects and their ‘friends’ in very high places! Is the reason that the rozzers haven’t investigated,is that Commissioner Gordon’s sister is the same colour as the Gangsters in Brighton Street?
    And a Merry Christmas to you all-God help us everyone!

  2. G’day Leaks

    These cheating, lying, scum bags make me physically sick Leaky.

    Since blowing the whistle to Adderley and Basnett five and a half years ago on Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off £2,000,000.00, continue to pay them for 18 months and then getting senior officers, Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton and 65 clowncillors to support them I have not been able to find work.

    I have not been able to buy my kids Xmas or birthday presents and this Xmas spent £50 in total on 4 grand children.

    I would like to wish


    Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton

    In no particular Order

    Exactly what they deserve for Xmas.





    A happy holy and blessed Xmas to

    In no particular order

    John “Tarrantino” Brace

    Paul “Aye Aye” Cardin

    Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro


    Have the best Xmas ever

    Luv ewe lads XXXXXX

  3. Wirral Chamber of Commerce = WCofC
    Wirral Borough Council = WBC
    Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership = LEP
    The Contact Company = TCC

    WBC connections – WCofC CEO Paula Basnett – ex-WBC investment Manager

    WBC connections – WCofC Group Managing Director Kevin Adderley – ex-WBC Strategic Director Environment and Regeneration

    WBC/WCofC/LEP connections – WBC Councillor, WCofC & LEP Board Member – WBC Council Leader Cllr Phil Davies; Chair of Board of WCofC and LEP – Asif Hamid (owner The Contact Company)

    WCoC/TCC/LEP – Chair of Board of WCofC and LEP – Asif Hamid (owner TCC); WBC Council Leader Cllr Phil Davies board member

    WCofC/LEP connections – Liverpool Enterprise Partnership (LEP) – Executive Director Mark Basnett; WCofC CEO Paula Basnett; Board Members – WBC Council Leader Cllr Phil Davies; WCofC & LEP Chair – Asif Hamid (owner TCC)

    Could it be that this ‘Wirral Business Support Services’ suddenly matters as the financial future of Wirral Chamber of Commerce (which is underpinned by a ‘sustainable business model’ apparently, is ‘not chasing the grants’, but has up to 25 years WBC peppercorn rents on Egerton House, Pacific Road and The Lauries) depends substantially on public funding. Maybe all enterprises and businesses would do better with substantial ‘draw-down’ grants for refurbs, and rent-free/reduced or rate free, premises for all?.

    Brexit and EU funding – Liverpool Enterprise Partnership/Wirral Chamber of Commerce

    WCofC/Egerton House/The Lauries employs a minimum of 28 staff (at the last count) at an average wage say of £30k pa = £840k (is it possible that this is WBC/EU funding?)

    Maybe someone could provide some clarification that Wirral Council taxpayers will not be providing an even greater subsidy in 3 years, replacing lost EU funding due to Brexit, to an organisation already supported by the Wirral public purse through minimal rents, minimal rates, and ‘draw-down’ and other public funding?

    Why would it be worth anyone else applying for this contract?

    WBC –
    WCofC –
    LEP –

    • Robert, you make some excellent “community connectors” here!

      Many third sector organisations in Wirral would give their high teeth to have all these buildings given to them on these peppercorn rates. This allows an organisation to become self-sufficient in rental income without really lifting a finger. It also gives them an unfair advantage over other organisations when applying for tenders as they will not have to include these usual overheads into their bids, making them more attractive to the funder.

      The monetary value of these contract will mean full OJEU procurement procedures should apply. I would suspect the interest would be national and that the Council will get a great number of applicants.

      I know I am repeating myself here but I just don’t understand why this money has to be spent. The only answer I can come up with is that there is no-one capable inside the Council to deliver it. But why write a strategy that you can’t deliver? It’s because Phil Davies relies upon certain Council policy officers to write this 20/20 garbage. The problem is these officers have never actually delivered anything on the ground and the “strategies” they do write are mostly plagiarised from other Councils.

      £1.3m to pay consultants to deliver something that Council officers should already be delivering! Only in Wirral where the abnormal is normal!

      • I would not disagree with anything you say Ste. There is so much that remains unsaid (but not unknown).
        At least, that is unsaid at the moment.

        Just to comment on the “community connectors”. Most interested bidding parties will be blissfully unaware of the ‘Wirral-wide Web’, and I am not talking about fibre-driven internet.

        Egerton House for example now has only two directors, Paula Basnett and Asif Hamid – check out the previous list of directors and the company name makes some kind of sense.
        Why does a broad-based ‘Community Interest Company’ become a 2-Director very small ‘Community OF Interest Company’?

        Because of deliberate changes last year to Wirral Council’s constitution, Cllr Phil Davies is able to drive through any single decision he wishes due to the en-bloc voting and abstention regime he oversees. and also replacing opposition councillors as chairs of all ‘scrutiny committees’, ensures a casting vote, if required, achieves his desired result.

        If you refer to this report FROM WIRRAL GLOBE HEADLINE & ARTICLE – 4 November 2015
        “NEW powers are to be given to members of Wirral Council’s ruling Labour cabinet as part of sweeping changes in the way the authority operates.” –
        Amongst others, the new powers include:-
        Cabinet councillors can appoint external consultants up to the value of £50,000.
        They can authorise tenders for contracts relating to their “portfolio” up to the value of £5m.

        Which means that Cllr Phil Davies can dictate to the Labour group, the voting/abstention outcome of any decision he chooses, in any set of circumstances, ignore any public outcry, and can argue that he is at least ‘one-step-removed’ from direct involvement, and/or conflicts of interest in the decision-making process.

        Merry Christmas Ste

  4. This procurement exercise is everything that is wrong with Wirral Council in a nutshell. It pays its senior officers huge amounts of money each year yet between them they are not capable of implementing the Councils own improvement strategy. Add this to the recent failings in Children’s Services and Public Health and you can see it is clear that the senior management at Wirral is just not up to the job. So what does Phil Davies do? He authorises a further spend of £1.3m to be spent on external consultants. Why doesn’t he just employ people who can do the job? Break down the 20 tasks and make sure each responsible department delivers. What do some of these people do to earn their money for pity’s sake? It’s an absolute joke. If I was working there then I wouldn’t want my duties farmed out as it would be a slant on my ability. I just don’t understand how this can be justified in today’s financial climate.

  5. G’day Leaks

    What is wrong with this country or is it me?

    Top football manager caught out cheating and lying and gets sack.

    Gets first top job that comes up.


    He could work at wirral.



    What has happened to Great ha ha Britain?

  6. Dear Lord Julian & your Ladyship I am not going to comment on the above but instead I would like to wish you both a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Also all your wonderful contributors who keep me entertained through the year all with one common cause keeping Wirral council on their toes and on the edge of their seats wondering what you will reveal next. Keep up your brilliant blog.

  7. G’day Leaks

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy and Elusive, Deluded Dill” announced publicly at the clowncil meeting on Monday 19 that he would reply to “Highbrow’s” question in the mail.

    Has he?

    I bet you Leaky he doesn’t.

    Just another lie to add to the list.




    • G’day Paul

      Sorry mate.

      That is not only a

      “Pretend Santa”

      “Pretend Friend”

      but also a

      “Pretend Excuse for a Decent Human Being”

      in my humble opinion.



      All the best mate.


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