The Morton ‘Incident’ – Revisited


Whilst our focus was on the Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro question raised at the Wirral Council meeting on 19th December – and to which we presume he is still awaiting an answer from council leader Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies – we missed this seemingly innocuous little question from Tory leader  Cllr Jeff Green.

As you can see he , all other councillors and the Strategic Leadership Team  were given an answer to his question about ‘overcharging for care services’ which was directed at the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care Cllr Chris Jones earlier today.

Now we don’t know – yet anyway – what was behind Cllr Green’s question but we suspect he’ll be making a media statement shortly about how ‘outraged’ he is about a case of ‘overcharging for care services’ that has been brought to his attention.

We know he certainly knows of one already – as do many councillors and council officers who have chosen to cover up a quite scandalous case of overcharging.

We know this because we forwarded this email to Wirral Council whistleblower Martin Morton himself (and we were quite amused to hear he’d already received a copy !)

Morton must be so relieved that as he rots on the dole unable to find a job and with very little prospect of ever getting another job again his experience has now been redefined as an ‘incident’. That’s if you can call systemic bullying and harassment , cover ups , lies , £1 million pay offs,  £31 million toxic debts, the council  doing business with drugs money launderers, turning a blind eye to the abuse of vulnerable people , covering up of a death and the paying back of £736,000 to disabled people as an ‘incident’.

Morton maintains there is an outstanding case of over charging and that money was not paid back ‘as soon as possible’ as Cllr Jones claims or indeed at all. This allegation   follows the publication of the ‘Independent Review of Allegations Made by Martin Morton ( & Others)’ cobbled together by compromised consultant Anna Klonowski in 2012. Now we don’t know whether this is what Cllr Green is hinting at (and frankly we’re not that interested in his political point scoring) but we do have a mountain of material from Morton evidencing this further allegation of overcharging and which was not reported on his now sadly defunct blog.

We are currently working through this simply astonishing archive and will be bringing you all the tawdry details of this long running and ongoing cover up and the names of all those involved. From what we’ve seen already it makes a monumental lie of the claim that ‘lessons following the Martin Morton incident were learned and implemented’.

We will also be reflecting on the fact that almost exactly 5 years after its publication that the  so-called shockwave of Klonowski’s Independent Review can now be more accurately described as a slight tremor and failed miserably to drain the poison from the body politic on Wirral.

5 thoughts on “The Morton ‘Incident’ – Revisited

  1. Very nice to receive New Year Greetings from the 4 Labour ‘puppets’in the local paper,it would be more appropriate if they kicked the backsides of their ‘ party unfaithful’ on the Council!

  2. G’day Leaks

    Maybe “Nurse Rat” could also reply to “Highbrow” for her gutless Leader “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill”.

    She has first hand knowledge of Wirral “Funny” Bizz as it was her and her pathetic weasel of a Pretend Santa of a husband that were the first to hear of the £2,000,000,00 knock off and being appalled by it.

    That was before he got together with the other Regurgitation Rats, Adderley, Davies and Tour.

    You can bet “The Pretend Friend and Santa organises “Nurse Rats audit trail cos he thinks his vileness and cheating is clever.



    No Leaker “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” has not replied to “Highbrow” yet he’s probably meeting with Big Jack in Reno


  3. I sent “Nurse Rat” scurrying from my front door with her tail between her legs and her bottom lip quivering a couple of elections ago.

    I wasn’t threatening or unpleasant or misogynistic or anything. She was happily knocking on doors, cheesily grinning, lording it over “the plebs”, with the opening gambit, “I trust we can rely upon your…………” and most likely wasn’t expecting some oaf living within her domain i.e. a “deadbeat”, neglected for decades, downtrodden shithole to open the door to her…………. then listt in a firm, steady voice a comprehensive bullet-point list of every abusive move her and her husband had made for the last 5 years… in detail… steadily delivered… one after the other… and how they’d been rewarded £50,000 plus annually in public money allowances and expenses …without permitting her to get a word in edgeways.

    It was a genuine shock to her comfortable majority. She turned on her heels, face the colour of boiled poo… and fled.

    Wouldn’t you think they’d check their maps beforehand, pinpoint the enlightened, the disgruntled and the naysayers and place a skull and crossbones with the message “Abandon all hope, ye who enter”?

  4. G’day Leaks

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” has not replied to “Highbrow” yet me old mate.

    It was 19 December, what has the peanut been doing?

    I didn’t see him in a Santa costume just saw his mate the old simpleton with an audit trail.

    I bet that’s a “Pretend Beard” as well he is a complete phoney and welsh numpty.

    I presume he’s been down the golf club making a nuisance of himself talking of all things Big Jack (and his beanstalk) golf resort.

    If you can’t answer a question on your feet “Philly the Dilly” in the chamber why are you even there let alone leader of the parasites?



    Hang on “Phil” looking at your “Kitchen Cabinet” it is no wonder you are the clown of a leader.


    Can you tell Leaks I am back on the booze?

  5. Here’s a link to the recently released minutes of the 19th December 2016 council meeting:

    Andrew Mossop states in the above email that a question was asked of Councillor C. Jones at this meeting. But nowhere within these minutes could I find any reference to the question asked by Councillor Jeff Green on the subject of the council “overcharging for care services”.

    I did come up with the following corker though….

    “This Council is appalled at the government’s failure to address the crisis in social care”

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